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When many people think about building a home today, they naturally think about what they have seen in the past. The old, traditional way of home building. This means working with a home builder to develop a home plan, sign a contract, create allowances for items such as tile, flooring, cabinets, ...
In the past, you may have heard that a home can be “too tight”… that a home needs to breathe. The issue isn’t that a home can be too tight. A home doesn’t need to breathe but people do! Over the past several years we have seen new building codes come into place that requires higher home energy ef...
Over the past several years we have seen new home buyers make many of the same or similar decisions when selecting colors and options for their home. It is almost uncanny how, when watching the DIY channel or HGTV’s new home and remodeling shows that, you can almost tell what the coming year’s ch...
The way we currently build homes in the U.S. isn’t the way we will continue to build homes in the U.S. Too many things are changing. In the most recent unemployment figures, there are more jobs available than there are people looking for work. We have a housing shortage in the U.S. By many accoun...
With the Advanced Modular Off Site Solution, a typical day starts with a foundation and ends with a home up to 65 - 85% complete. Get the Day One Difference with the most complete off site building system available.Even with all of the rain in the northeast, this home in Rhode Island shows what c...
The term “modular home” is really a misnomer. Modular actually describes a method of construction, not a type of home. Some may think the difference is trivial, but it’s not. A home built using modular construction is built to the same building code as a home that is built onsite, however it is b...
Modular Means MoreWhen it comes to building a new home, modular construction offers the most advanced off site building method. In just a matter of hours, a home can go from a foundation to a home up to 75-85% complete. It's time to learn more about the Advanced Modular Off Site Solution. See the...
dis·rup·tion/disˈrəpSH(ə)n/noun: disruption; plural noun: disruptions1. disturbance or problems that interrupt an event, activity, or process.The term “disruption” gained wide usage when it was introduced in a 1997 book, The Innovator’s Dilemma. The author introduced the idea of “disruptive innov...
When you build a new home using traditional construction, the final cost actually paid for the home typically exceeds the original contract by 10 to 30%. That’s a big difference! That means if you agree to a contract for $250,000 for your home, you will end up actually paying your builder $275,00...
Most homes purchased are used/existing homes. What you see is what you get. You don’t get to have any input into the design of the home, the construction of the home, or the way the home is built. When building a new custom home that all changes. There are hundreds of decisions to make and hundre...

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