breckenridge: Snow Place Like Home - 09/21/06 11:31 AM
At no time does this slogan of ours make more sense than at the first snow of the season.  So, as we near the end of this day of our first snow of 2006, it’s a good time to reflect.  Avid skiers and snowboarders are salivating.  Golfers and mountain climbers are groaning.  But, regardless, everyone knows that we live high in the Colorado mountains, that our ski resorts of Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Keystone and Arapahoe Basin are the real reason that the majority of us live here.  If not for the skiing itself, then to support those who hang on for … (3 comments)

breckenridge: Paving Paradise? - 08/20/06 07:18 AM
This is for those of you who live in metro areas, cities, places where you expect to transport yourself, your kids and friends, over roads made of bituminous materials known as pavement, where you aren't bothered by dust (or at least its effects are minimal).  Because you may not understand this story.  Then again, this is not where you live.  You see, there is a small community just south of Breckenridge a few miles.  It's made up of a mish-mash of irregular lots ranging from a third of an acre to about three acres.  Mostly single family homes with a few … (0 comments)

breckenridge: The View From My Window - 08/14/06 03:25 AM
Gary Lindstrom is a good friend of mine. He is also  our  State Representative for  Summit and adjoining  counties.  He posts  regular observations and encourages  their distribution.  This is his most recent, and one I like, because it  gives a look at the types of issues shared by so many of us who live here.  Thanks, Gary.
There is a small town near where I grew up in Iowa named Lake City.  As you drive into Lake City there is a sign welcoming you with the greeting, “Welcome to Lake City.  We have everything but a lake.” 
Such is evolution.  … (0 comments)

breckenridge: New home for Colorado Mountain College? - 08/09/06 02:49 AM
Higher education takes on new meaning when it occurs in the - um - high country.  Colorado Mountain College has several campuses in the Colorado Mountains, two in Summit County.  These are located in Dillon and Breckenridge.  But, there has been a long-held desire to combine the campuses into one large campus, to make it modern and efficient, and to allow for future growth into the middle of this century.  So, it's no wonder that the board has been looking for land to make that a reality.  It has not been an easy search.  There is very little land to be … (1 comments)

breckenridge: Ski area competition is growing - 08/06/06 11:48 AM
How many ski areas are in Colorado?  Well, that depends - on whether you are asking about open resorts or if you want to include all those that used to operate but are now closed - what are known as ghost resorts. 
To answer the first is easy.  There are 23 resorts and areas currently operating.  More than you thought, perhaps?  But, there are over 140 additional resorts that have been in operation since Colorado became a state.  These are Colorado's Lost Resorts. 
Two or three of them are being resurrected, including St. Mary's Glacier, about 8 miles northwest of Idaho … (0 comments)

breckenridge: It's a Seller's market! - 08/04/06 02:46 AM
The real estate market may be cooling off nationally.  The Denver Metro area may still be flat.  But, none of that has affected sales in Summit County, Colorado.  Our sales are hot, our inventory is down, and prices are climbing.  Difficult to control.  Everyone wants a piece of this affluence.  Even deed-restricted homes designed for locals have reached over $230,000 for those who qualify at median income or less. 
Look at some statistics.  Sales volume just for June this year were up more than 45 percent over the June of 2005.  Incredible!  But, the number of transactions were up only 11 … (2 comments)

breckenridge: Performing miracles is all in a day's work for JoAnn Falletta - 08/03/06 04:18 PM
One of my favorite conductors is JoAnn Falletta.  Of course, she is the favorite of others, as well.  The New York Times, for example, called her ". . . one of the finest conductors of her generation."  So, why am I enthralled?  Well, for one, she has performed here in Summit County the last two years as guest conductor of the National Repertory Orchestra.  And she keeps you alive, you audience members.  For some of us, you actually have her to thank for being alive days after her concerts are over. 
She is sharp, excitingly knowledgeable, animated, and in control.  Her … (0 comments)

breckenridge: Riding the wind - 08/02/06 11:18 AM
Vail Resorts became the second largest corporate buyer of wind energy on Tuesday when it announced it would offet 100 percent of its total electricity use by purchasing wind energy.  That amounts to 152,000 megawatt hours of wind energ per year.  This will (according to the EPA) avoid more than 211 million poinds of cargbon dioxide emissions a year, the equivalent of taking 18,000 cars off the road or planting 27,000 trees. 
While their energy costs will increase, but the Resort says their commitment to clean energy is more important.  It may also have a ripple effect, encouraging other large energy … (2 comments)

breckenridge: Check your home from the sky. - 07/30/06 05:24 PM
If you haven't seen your home, your city, your market, from the sky, you should.  It's an illuminating experience.  Didn't go up in a plane today, but we did climb from Copper Mountain (9300 feet) over the Ten Mile Range (where we crossed over at 12300 feet) and down into Frisco.  Seven hours - really pushed my limits (I have to get in shape!).  Got views on the west side down to the complete Copper Mountain Ski Resort and on the East Side from Breckenridge to Lake Dillon and the Town of Dillon (13 mile panorama).  Wonderful.  Ecstatic. 
I encourage you … (1 comments)

breckenridge: What is the National Repertory Orchestra? - 07/28/06 04:25 PM
Founded in 1960 by the late Walter Charles, the National Repertory Orchestra (NRO) performs in residence at the Riverwalk Center in the heart of Breckenridge, a Victorian town high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.The NRO, a non-profit organization, has as its primary mission the training of talented young musicians for seats in symphonic orchestras in the United States and abroad. Alumni currently play in virtually every major and regional orchestra in the U. S. and in orchestras world-wide. Each summer, approximately 86 musicians are chosen in a nationwide audition tour to participate in an intense symphonic orchestral experience.The NRO performs two … (0 comments)

breckenridge: Breckenridge Backs Affordable Housing Initiative - 07/28/06 04:10 PM
Affordable housing is crucial.  We are a resort.  We attract people who love to recreate here and who can afford second (or third or fourth) homes.  And in the process, we are squeezing our workforce, people who make all those recreational systems work, because they cannot afford to live here. 
In the other corner, we have the Summit County Housing Authority, an organization responsible for providing down payment assistance, housing classes, counseling for first time homebuyers, and works closely with our various communities to help bring some cohesion to the process.  And it has fought diligently to obtain regular funding.  Our … (3 comments)

breckenridge: What makes Summit County so hot? - 07/26/06 01:18 PM
We have lots to offer visitors and investors:
I've been interviewed a bit lately, reporters wanting to know "why Summit County?" or "why are so many people buying there?"  So, I thought I'd share my thoughts - how best to answer the question - what makes Summit County so hot?  Well, no place else on earth offers the same mix of features, amenities and attractions that we do.  Consider:
We offer 4 ski resorts with 3 different owners on 9 peaks.  The owners of the Breckenridge, Keystone, Copper Mountain and Arapahoe Basin ski resorts will generously support hosting the Symposium here.  Our skiing … (2 comments)

breckenridge: Chasing little white balls in the high country. - 07/18/06 01:34 PM
Summit County, Colorado has some of the best golf courses in the country.  I know.  I’ve played them all.  They are all championship courses, and will challenge even the best golfers.  Yet, depending on the hole, the weather, the day, some of the holes can also be forgiving. 
First, there is Copper Creek at Copper Mountain.  A mix of links and mountain style holes designed by the venerable Pete and Perry Dye, Copper Creek accommodates the novice golfer from the forward tees while still providing a great test for the accomplished golfer.  Spellbinding views of the 10 Mile Range provide the perfect … (3 comments)

breckenridge: - 07/17/06 10:45 AM
So, where is our high-end market?  When we compare sales of homes that actually sold for $1 million or more in the first six months of 2006 to the same period in 2005, here is what we find:  
In 2006, we have had a total of 63 sales over $1 million in the County, with 45 in Breckenridge, 2 in Copper Mountain, 1 in Dillon, 5 in Frisco, 7 in Keystone, and 3 in Silverthorne.  Of those, 6 were over $2 million, with $2.3 million being the high sale.   
In 2005, we had a total of 43 sales over $1 million in … (3 comments)

breckenridge: Second homes can dominate the economy - 07/09/06 03:18 AM
Second homeowners bring lots of money, some worries, to Summit County Some second homes are huge mansions on vast acreage, castles that are perhaps smaller than their first homes, but with all the amenities.  These tend to get most of the attention, being inhabited, albeit sporadically, by shieks and stars and othe luminaries.   
But second homes can also be very modest, not much more than a decent hotel room.  In either case, they are increasingly popular, the preferred place for baby boomers, investors, and others interested in protecting (and increasing) their wealth to put their money. The upside is that second homes … (4 comments)

breckenridge: Are Deed Restricted Units Second Homes? - 07/09/06 03:10 AM
Kirk and Pam Alter thought they had the cat's meow - a low-priced home in Breckenridge where they could vacation (live?).  New construction as well.  The problem was that the property was deed restricted to locals only. 
You see, as prices rise in resorts, locals increasingly get priced out of real estate.  The privilege of living and working here has a decreasing ability to actually live here.  So, to counter the problem and increase the ability for locals to actually purchase homes, nearly every resort establishes some rules. 
Sometimes it means that each new development have a few "locals dedicated" units.  … (1 comments)

breckenridge: Where are the primary homes? - 07/08/06 05:47 PM
Where will the working class live? So, we have 2 out of 3 homeowners in Summit County who do not live here. They are second homeowners, investors, vacationers. They can afford to have at least one second home (some have 2-3 more), and often, they have found that putting their money in real estate is much safer, and provides a much greater return, than the stock market.  
The transient population of a market like Breckenridge has almost doubled in the past 10 years, but the local, year-round, population hasn't exactly remained stagnant. More second homeowners creates a need for more services, and … (0 comments)

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