lake dillon: A safer way is coming! - 08/20/06 07:52 AM
The Swan Mountain Recpath is to be a reality.  Many years in the planning, much of that is gathering funding, the first phase will have its ground breaking this week.  Swan Mountain Road traverses the south side of Lake Dillon, the only portion of the Lake currently without a pedestrian or bike path.  Now, the funding is in place for the first phase, which will help recreationalists on foot or bicycles avoid 2.2 miles of the Road.  The road can be dangerous, plus the elevation gain is daunting for many.  At a cost of just over $2 million, this first phase … (1 comments)

lake dillon: The View From My Window - 08/14/06 03:25 AM
Gary Lindstrom is a good friend of mine. He is also  our  State Representative for  Summit and adjoining  counties.  He posts  regular observations and encourages  their distribution.  This is his most recent, and one I like, because it  gives a look at the types of issues shared by so many of us who live here.  Thanks, Gary.
There is a small town near where I grew up in Iowa named Lake City.  As you drive into Lake City there is a sign welcoming you with the greeting, “Welcome to Lake City.  We have everything but a lake.” 
Such is evolution.  … (0 comments)

lake dillon: Lake Dillon knows a winner! - 08/07/06 02:52 PM
We live in ski country.  Everybody knows that.  Shushing down the hill is what it's all about.  It doesn't get any better than that.  Or does it?  Actually, here in Summit County, we are a four season resort.  And we are lucky enough to have within our boundaries the highest fresh water sailing lake in the country (some say the Northern Hemisphere).  And I am told that if you learn to sail on Lake Dillon, you can sail anywhere in the world.  The winds - and the weather - can change on a dime.  But consider - the lake is surrounded … (0 comments)

lake dillon: Check your home from the sky. - 07/30/06 05:24 PM
If you haven't seen your home, your city, your market, from the sky, you should.  It's an illuminating experience.  Didn't go up in a plane today, but we did climb from Copper Mountain (9300 feet) over the Ten Mile Range (where we crossed over at 12300 feet) and down into Frisco.  Seven hours - really pushed my limits (I have to get in shape!).  Got views on the west side down to the complete Copper Mountain Ski Resort and on the East Side from Breckenridge to Lake Dillon and the Town of Dillon (13 mile panorama).  Wonderful.  Ecstatic. 
I encourage you … (1 comments)

lake dillon: What makes Summit County so hot? - 07/26/06 01:18 PM
We have lots to offer visitors and investors:
I've been interviewed a bit lately, reporters wanting to know "why Summit County?" or "why are so many people buying there?"  So, I thought I'd share my thoughts - how best to answer the question - what makes Summit County so hot?  Well, no place else on earth offers the same mix of features, amenities and attractions that we do.  Consider:
We offer 4 ski resorts with 3 different owners on 9 peaks.  The owners of the Breckenridge, Keystone, Copper Mountain and Arapahoe Basin ski resorts will generously support hosting the Symposium here.  Our skiing … (2 comments)

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