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Hello subscribers.  Thank you.I started writing actively on this site on February 15th.  Since then, I have taken on 16 subscribers (17 if you count me:)).  I don't even really know what it means to be a "subscriber".  But I know it means a lot to me when you subscribe to my blog.I don't know why...
Ah, the rain continues to fall.  My wife's "real estate indicator" almost achieved a negative rating this morning on our way to the YMCA in downtown Naperville...I actually love thunderstorms.  I love weather.  I love seasons.  These are all benefits of living in the midwest. Oh sure, I like the ...
Yesterday, I wrote how it was a great day to buy a house here in Naperville, Illinois.  It was cool by late March standards, but sunny with no wind.  I don't think temperature matters too much, but I feel the sun really buts people in a real estate mood.  And I had a good real estate day yesteday...
O.K.  This will sound like a commercial, but I want you to know that I do not get paid for it.  I just love the product so much, I had to share...THANK YOU DANSKO!Are you looking for a shoe, that is comfortable, fashionable, and very easy to flip on and off when you are doing showings?  Then I ha...
OK, OK, I know this is not a political website, but what the heck.  This is an election year after all.  "Barack is my guy", says Ken.As a guy who has always considered himself a moderate republican, I find myself ready to vote for a democrat for the first time.  This will happen if...Sorry for t...
I need proof Active Rain.  I need your help.  I have recently become addicted to this site.  I turn to it even before the sports page in the morning.  My problem is...That my wife is, how do I say, somewhat skeptical of the, how do I say, financial benefit of blogging.Sure, she is impressed with ...
Just curious.  Do you have a "uniform"?  Personally, as an agent, I feel most comfortable in khakis/cords and a golf shirt/mock turtleneck.  I also have a cool RE/MAX windbreaker type sweatshirt for cooler weather.  I never wear a name tag anymore.Most of my business comes in every day living.  I...
It's a lovely Saturday morning here in Naperville, Illinois.  I am sitting here, playing a little bit on the Rain (thanks Active Rain).  My daughter, Erin, and I are watching a fishing show on TV.  I am trying to get her interested in one of the coolest sports, fishing, before her second birthday...
So in a desperate effort to stay productive, I hung another 155 door hangers on one of my farm areas.  I call it my Carrolwood Market Update.  I put a little marketing of me above a chart of the active homes in the neighborhood.  I think it's pretty nice.  My wife creates it on Microsoft Publishe...
Hello world.  I would like to talk of something that seems taboo in our industry.  I am sure I will be catching a whole bunch of flak for this but...Why can't we talk about listing commissions a little bit more openly?For those of you who have visited my profile or my website, http://www.kensfeat...

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