mooresville: HUGE Window of Opportunity for Sellers! - 03/04/13 10:24 PM
Huge Window of Opportunity for Sellers
  A recent report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Existing Home Sales Report is that there is a shortage of housing inventory being reported throughout much of the country. At the same time, buyer demand is dramatically up over last year.
Here are some key points noted by NAR:
Total housing inventory at the end of January fell 4.9 percent to 1.74 million existing homes available for sale. This is the lowest housing supply since April 2005 when it was also 4.2 months. Listed inventory is 25.3 percent below a year … (1 comments)

mooresville: New to ActiveRain, This is for YOU. - 03/04/13 05:11 AM
If you are a "newbie" or been a little involved but not really engaged yet or signed up but afraid to "jump in" .. this is a GREAT POST and so true!! Everyone is super nice, encouraging, helpful, etc... Can't really say enough nice about it! Jump right in and ENJOY!!
New to ActiveRain, This is for YOU. I remember being new to ActiveRain. I signed up because someone told me I should and it would help my business. Beyond that I had no idea what I was doing. The memories are still really fresh of not knowing and what … (1 comments)

mooresville: Insurance Companies Not Issuing Policies based on Dog Breed you Own - 03/04/13 05:00 AM
This is certanly VERY interesting and valuable information to pass along. Not only can it effect where you might live, your insurance policy but it can also come into play when renting a vacation home as well. Definitely worth thinking about when adding a furry family member!
Insurance Companies Not Issuing Policies based on Dog Breed you Own!
Insurance companies are getting pickier about what breed of dog you have before issuing a homeowners policy based on the carriers new restrictive rules. Now when a potential homeowner contacts a company, one of the first questions they ask is do you … (0 comments)

mooresville: First Impression! - 03/03/13 07:50 PM
You've probably heard the old saying ... "You don't get a second chance to make a first impression"!
Well .. the same holds true for your home ... especially your FRONT DOOR!

Well, this applies to selling your home as well.  You may not agree that color will make a difference on your home but it sure does!  If prospective clients are seeing five, ten or even 15 homes in any given day ... why not give them something to remember you by (in a good way)!   A freshly painted front door can add an instant ‘pop’ of … (0 comments)

mooresville: Give Those Reblogs a Kick-Getting the Most Out of a Reblog - 03/03/13 11:51 AM
I loved this post ... thanks so much for sharing! I learn so much here on Active Rain and this post is certainly a GREAT ONE and VERY INFORMATIVE!! AWESOME ADVICE!
Give Those Reblogs a Kick-Getting the Most Out of a Reblog

There are many reasons why someone would want to Reblog a post.  Sometimes you see something that inspires you and you feel it needs to be shared with those who follow you.  Sometimes a post will really speak to something in your particular market and you can Reblog and let your Real Estate Market area get this helpful … (2 comments)

mooresville: We are "SPRINGING FORWARD" BUT .... Do you know WHY??? - 03/03/13 10:27 AM
You know that we changed our clocks twice a year, but do you know why??? How Daylight Saving Time Works ...
During the late part of Winter just before Spring we move our clocks one hour ahead and "lose" an hour during the night and each Fall we move our clocks back one hour to the original time and "gain" an extra hour. But Daylight Saving Time wasn't just created for fun or to confuse our schedules.
The phrases "Spring forward, Fall back" were created to help people remember how Daylight Saving Time affects their clocks. At 2 a.m. on the … (1 comments)

mooresville: "BLOGGING" TRUMPS THEM ALL!!! - 03/02/13 02:58 AM
The importance of Social Media has immensly grown in recent years with Facbook and Twitter being Top Dogs and now Pinterest being in 3rd place.
But, what many fail to realize is that a "BLOG" is forever!
A good article will continue to be read every week by lots of folks. It is like having marketing on auto pilot. I equate it's similarities as "Residual Income" from a well run MLM ... you do the work once and it continues to pay and pay and pay for years to come! A Blog is much the same in that you write it … (1 comments)

mooresville: Don't miss this "Niche"! - 02/26/13 10:53 AM
Foreclosed Home Owners Looking for a 2nd Chance ...   

A recent study conducted by ... a website that helps borrowers in strategic default showed that nearly 80 percent of defaulters say they would like to buy a home again within the next 12 months. 
The potential for the would be homeowners is HUGE!  According to studies conducted by Moody's analytics, the number of eligible potential buyers will reach 1.5 million by the beginning of 2014.
Though some may have to wait longer than others due to guidelines set forth by individual institutions such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac … (2 comments)

mooresville: Flood Insurance Update - 02/26/13 10:05 AM
Flood Insurance Update by: The Temple Team     (Summarized from a post by Julie Woodson, Director of Political Communications, NCAR)    
Property owners affected by flood insurance or clients interested in purchasing flood insurance take particular note of this recent article:   The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) started Jan. 1 phasing out the rate subsidies for the majority of older properties.   The 2012 Biggert-Waters law (which extended the NFIP for 5 years) requires that subsidized rates increase in steps of 25% per year until the affected homeowners are paying  full costs for flood insurance.   This law was essential to ensure that … (0 comments)

mooresville: Oooooops! Don't Hide it THERE!!! - 02/25/13 11:31 AM
When Getting the House Ready to Sell .... Kitchen Clutter is a GREAT place to start!

But ... Don't just stash and hide things in the kitchen cabinets! Prospective buyers will want to look through all cabinets, closets, pantry, etc... to see what kind of room there is for their things. So ...if you're clearning the clutter, make sure you're "behind the scenes" is just as neat and tiddy as what's out in the open!  
Of course this is a good practice for EVERY ROOM in your home .. it's good to start with the Kitchen.
If you don't … (2 comments)

mooresville: GET RID OF THE KIDS & GRANDMA! - 02/25/13 02:01 AM
TIPS & SECRETS ...   Here are a few tips and secrets from Professional Home Stagers that help to not only SELL your home FASTER, but to also BRING TOP DOLLAR!


The goal is to make your home clean, organized and welcoming so potential buyers can picture themselves living there.
In addition to removing family pictures, it's also important to de-clutter the kitchen and bathroom countertops.
This not only makes the space appear bigger but it also allows the potential new homeowners to see THEMSELVES living there and to … (2 comments)

mooresville: It's a CRIME!! - 02/21/13 04:29 AM
There is a common list of questions every buyer asks. Such as ...

Square Footage How many Bedrooms How many Bathrooms Lot Size HOA Dues School District  
BUT ... One VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION a lot of time left out is "What's the Crime like in this neighborhood ?" You've heard the old phrase "Safety 1st!" and it holds true here as well.
Remember to educate yourself and do your homework and Remember ... LOCATION!!!
Here’s a short list of the right questions to ask about crime before you buy a home.
1.  Are your neighbors famous??? But not … (1 comments)

mooresville: Pay it Forward! - 02/19/13 10:48 PM
I just LOVE this and it's never a bad idea to "Pay it Forward"! I think it's GREAT to do the extra "little things" because it's those "little things" that really matter the most in the whole grand scheme of things!! Thanks for reminding us!
Sometimes you just need a little way to say "Atta Girl" either to yourself or to someone in your life.  Here are some things that cost almost nothing but may make a huge difference in your and some else's life today:
A new tube of chapstick - your lips will be ready to utter a thank … (2 comments)

mooresville: Favorites! - 02/17/13 01:29 PM
GREAT List of articles to check out from last week (week of February 10th - February 16th) here on Active Rain! Make sure you haven't missed anything important and/or re-visit things you thought were GREAT!
Last week we saw Valentine's Day, the Russian meteorite and the asteroid that missed us by a few thousand miles.  And we are still alive and well.  And with all of that going on, there was still time to blog.  So the drum roll please:
Whitney Pannell: God Made a Realtor Video- A Parody  There is a lot of really bad video out there.  This one is … (0 comments)

mooresville: Silence is Golden! - 02/14/13 04:06 AM
This is very good advice and wisdom that she's shared. It's important to "Listen" and just not "hear" .... there really is a difference and it will set you apart from the competition and you'll be someone who genuinely cares.

Silence is golden when selling your house.
God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason.  When we are selling a house, we must talk less, and listen more.
Negotiating is an art and to succeed, you must not only hear what is said, you must listen with the intent to understand and then create a WINNING strategy.  (Seek … (2 comments)

mooresville: Blogging pays... And pays... And pays... - 02/12/13 08:45 PM
"Blogging" is like the "Residual Income" to Social Media much like residual income is to Multi-Level  Marketing. It is leveraging the power of doing it once and having it pay you back over and over and over again!
Yes, blogging pays!  Even when you're not blogging, your old blog posts are still generating new consumer contacts and agent referrals.
Go to the gym or walk the mall? This is my first decision most mornings, these days, and walking Annapolis Mall usually wins. They open at 7 a.m. for walkers and I enjoy seeing the evolving store windows more than I enjoy … (2 comments)

mooresville: Why you want to be on ActiveRain - 02/12/13 08:42 PM
GREAT ARTICLE and a "MUST READ" if you've been considering the value of possibility of joining Active Rain. It's like the "Facebook" of Real Estate and well worth it! I am new to Active Rain myself and only have been on here about one month but can already see what I have been missing out on and my only regret is that I didn't jump in sooner!
Just a little over two years ago, I wasn't really sure what it meant to be a blogger. It certainly wasn't something that I aspired to. I was way too busy with my work … (2 comments)

mooresville: Spring Cleaning Tips & Checklist! - 02/12/13 11:23 AM

Check all Home Safety Devices (smoke and carbon monoxide detectors) and replace with new batteries   Clean Ceiling Fans   Clean our Refrigerator and Freezer   Deep Clean Carpets   Guard Against Pests   Refresh Bedding (replace heaving winter bedding with lighter fabrics) and Rotate Mattresses   Replace Storm Windows with Screens   Wash glassware and dishes that have been store in Open Shelves     OUTSIDE:   Bring Patio Furniture out of Storage   Clean and Refresh Window Boxes, Planters, Hanging Baskets and Beds   Clean, Sharpen and Oil Garden Tools   Clean Winter Debris … (1 comments)

mooresville: Opportunity!!! - 02/11/13 11:47 PM
Inventory Levels are very low. January in the Mooresville and Lake Norman  - Iredell County market for homes priced between $150,000-$350,000 reflect positive news.  Properties available for sale (or inventory) is down by 5.3% from the previous month and 30% since January 2011.   And the number of properties under contract waiting to close has increased by 74%.   Properties that sold has increased by a whopping 83.5% from same time 2011. 

So why the decline in inventory?

Some reasons for low inventory are:
Sellers hesitant to sell: It’s estimated that 22% of homeowners owe more than their home is currently worth. Unless a life-changing … (2 comments)

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