relocating to mooresville nc: 367 New Jobs Coming To Mooresville, NC! - 03/27/18 03:46 PM
A company that was granted $2 million in tax incentives if it located here has chosen Mooresville to be the home of its new headquarters, saying it will create 367 jobs.
Corvid Technologies LLC was recently granted a $2 million tax incentive if they were to re-locate to Mooresville so they will do so and will build their 100,000-square foot headquarters  on a 10-acre tract of land near Langtree Road, just east of I-77.
The investment is expected to be $28.9 million. Previously, economic development officials had said the company, which had not been identified, would create jobs with salaries averaging about $100,000 … (2 comments)

relocating to mooresville nc: Where Americans Moved In 2017 - 01/22/18 06:32 PM
Where Did American's Move In 2017?
Are you moving to the Mooresville/Lake Norman/Charlotte or the Asheville Area? Do you have a HOME TO SELL?  
The Temple Team can help you with all of your Real Estate Needs! 
Give us a call at 704-235-3000 and also visit our website at 
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relocating to mooresville nc: Costco Coming To Mooresville! - 01/21/18 09:01 AM
New Costco Coming To Mooresville NC!
Preperations are under way at the New Costco that's coming to Mooresville NC.  Land preparations for the new store should begin sometime this Spring at the intersection of Brawley School Road and Talbert Road just off of I77.
The new site will be home to five outparcels including Academy Sports and Outdoors, a gas station as well as Costco.
These projects are expected to result in 400 new jobs.
Are you moving to the Mooresville/Lake Norman/Charlotte Area? Do you have a HOME TO SELL?  
The Temple Team can help you with all of … (4 comments)

relocating to mooresville nc: Be More Informed About The I-77 Widening Project in Lake Norman - 08/23/17 04:55 AM
Have you ever wished you  knew more about the I-77 Widening Project?  
Now's your chance!
A public town hall-style meeting regarding the toll lane project on Interstate 77 will be held Thursday evening August 24th in Mooresville from 6:30 - 7:30 at the Charles Mack Citizen Center on Main Street in Downtown Mooresville. 
The study is a draft report from Mercator Advisors that was commissioned by the NCDOT to review the toll lanes contract and the project’s viability.
The 49-page study can be read at:
More information on Facebook can be found at:

relocating to mooresville nc: Mooresville Ranked #6 Among "10 Best Cities For Young Families in NC" - 08/28/16 01:41 PM
Lake Norman is one of the greatest lakes in the country, but now one of it’s major towns is getting recognition as well.
The city of Mooresville was recently ranked #6 on the “10 Best Cities for Young Families in North Carolina list”.
The study based on affordability, income, projected growth, quality of education as well as  family-friendliness.
Five out of the top 10 cities are in the Charlotte Metro Area
1. Waxhaw
2. Marvin
3. Holly Springs
4. Stallings
5. Indian Trail
6. Mooresville
7. Apex
8. Stokesdale
9. Morrisville
10. Etowah
Are you LOOKING FOR THE HOME OF YOUR DREAMS in the Mooresville, Lake Norman or Charlotte, NC Area?  Do you have a HOME TO SELL?
The … (2 comments)

relocating to mooresville nc: It's Time For The August Mooresville Food Truck Festival - 08/16/16 01:16 PM
Are you LOOKING FOR THE HOME OF YOUR DREAMS in the Charlotte, NC Area?  Do you have a HOME TO SELL?
The Temple Team is ready to help you with all of your Real Estate Needs.  
Give us a call anytime at 704-235-3000 and visit our website at

relocating to mooresville nc: Are You Ready To Sell Your Home? - 04/24/16 11:52 AM
Are you ready to list your home?  
The Temple Team is the only call you need to make!
The Temple Team is ready to help you with all of your Real Estate Needs.  
Give us a call anytime at 704-235-3000 and visit our website at

relocating to mooresville nc: What "Boomers" Are Looking For In Housing - 10/18/15 05:40 AM
Baby Boomers are those born between 1946 and 1964 and they are a HUGE chunk of the population.  In fast according to the U.S. Census Bureau there are 75.4 Million Baby Boomers in the US!  They are second in size to the "Millenials" or also known as "Generation Y". 
So ... what are they looking for in new homes?  
Here are a few key things that are important ...
Little or No Mortgage Low Home Maintenance Smaller or "Right Size" House One Story Home or at least ... Master and Laundry on Lower Level Convenience ... Daily errands close by (ie: grocery, post … (3 comments)

relocating to mooresville nc: 10 Tips for Home Buying - 09/26/15 07:16 AM
Here are a few tips to help when buying a home ...
1. Don't buy if you can't stay put.
When purchasing a home, plan on ideally staying in that particular location at least a few years to make the move more worthwhile financially.
2. Make sure your Credit is in order
Prior to your house hunting adventure, get copies of your credit report. Make sure the facts are correct, and fix any problems you discover.
3. Stay within your Realistic Price Range
The rule of thumb is that you can buy housing that runs about two-and-one-half times your annual salary. It's best to not be too strapped … (0 comments)

relocating to mooresville nc: Best Time & Places to View Fall Foliage in North Carolina - 09/21/15 11:05 AM
Want to take a drive to see the BEAUTIFUL FALL COLORS?
Check out this map along with a few helpful links to help you plan your trip ...  
*Click on the map for more information
Best Fall Foliage Web Cams (  This website is devoted specifically to those web cams that show excellent fall foliage color.
Fall Color Forecaster Map ( Slide the leaf along the dates at the bottom. As you move through the dates, the map will highlight those parts of the state coming into peak color, followed by a browning, which indicates they are past their peak.
Fall Color Guy on(Facebook).  This is my facebook … (4 comments)

relocating to mooresville nc: Fall Home Maintenance Tips - 09/20/15 05:00 AM
Fall is a great time to get some much need things done around the house before it's too chilly to go outside. 
Here's a helpful list of things to do in and around the house before you settle in for the Winter!
Clean air filtersClean windows and window sillsClean curtains, shades, shutters, blinds and baseboardsChange out screens for storm windows if necessaryClean guttersGrease and lubricate door hinges and garage door mechanismClean dryer ventClean and store outdoor furnitureClean and Inspect fireplacePaint interior of home while it's still nice enough to have windows and doors open for ventilationPaint outdoor areas that need touched upFertilize and … (18 comments)

relocating to mooresville nc: Three Things That Will NOT Bring a Big Return on Investment - 09/18/15 02:37 PM
Most renovations, additions and general home improvements add value to your home. Especially bathroom and kitchen and room additions. But there are a few things that do NOT necessarily bring added value to your home so you should do them for YOU and YOUR enjoyment period and not for the sole purpose of adding additional value to your home. At least not dollar for dollar value!
#1  Swimming Pool
Swimming pools can be GREAT and a whole lot of FUN! But some people view them as a waste of time, a lot of mainteance and money pit and just all around not worth … (6 comments)

relocating to mooresville nc: You're Leaving Your Home For The Last Time ... What Should You Do? - 09/16/15 03:20 AM
The movers are gone and you're wondering where to start ... dirt you haven't seen in months or maybe years like behind the refrigerator and behind the washer and dryer ... YIKES!  What is comman and customary practice in how you should leave your home?  In general I think it's nice to leave your home the way you would like to find a home yourself upon arrival.  Here's a list of things that are good to do as you leave ...
If you're leaving your refrigerator, make sure it's sparkly clean If you're leaving the washer and dryer, make sure all … (7 comments)

relocating to mooresville nc: Important Stats for Mooresville NC - 08/29/15 04:24 AM
Looking to move to Mooresville NC?  
Here's a bit of statistical information ...
Population in 2013: 34,887 (100% urban, 0% rural). 
Population change since 2000: +85.3%
Males:  17,926
Females: 16,961
Median Resident Age for Mooresville:  34.9 years
Median Resident Age for North Carolina:  37.9 years
Estimated median household income in 2013: $59,984 (it was $42,943 in 2000)
Mooresville:  $59,984
North Carolina:  $45,906
Estimated per capita income in 2013: $26,644 (it was $20,549 in 2000)

Estimated median house or condo value in 2013: $188,738 (it was $134,000 in 2000)
Mooresville:  $188,738
North Carolina:  $154,300
Median gross rent in 2013: $908.
Looking for a home in the Mooresville/Lake Norman Area?  The Temple Team can help you find the home of your dreams!  Give us a call at 704-235-3000 and visit … (0 comments)

relocating to mooresville nc: Planning a Move? Consider a "Clean Sweep"! - 08/15/15 08:32 AM
Are you planning a move to a new home and you are finding the job of packing and moving a daunting job?
Are you having difficulty imagining your current things in your new home and setting?  You may want to consider a "Clean Sweep"!  
This option allows you to sell, donate or gift the things you currently have and free up money to purchase things that are "Perfect" for your new home instead of trying to make what you currently have work where it really won't fit in as nicely as you may have hoped.  
Of course you will want to hold on … (11 comments)

relocating to mooresville nc: Looking For a New Safer Way to Sell Your Things On Line? - 08/05/15 11:05 AM
Are you looking for a NEW and Safer way to sell your things on line?  You can list your clothes, household items, electronics, baby toys and clothes, cribs, stollers, accessories, etc... 
Sign up with your e-mail address or for an even better experience, use your Facebook account. Just download the App right to your iPhone and you're all set!  It's a super easy and safe way to sell your things and to also buy new things right in your own area!
Just download the App right to your smartphone or check out their website by clicking on this link ...
* Information obtained … (3 comments)

relocating to mooresville nc: Today We Celebrate BLOG #700!!! - 05/11/15 12:35 AM
Today is the Day!!  
Celebrating Our 700th Blog Post here on Active Rain!!!
When we started just two years ago knowing nothing at all about Blogging, I never imagined we would be at Number 700 and never this quickly!
We have learned so much during that time thanks to Active Rain and their endless support and on-going training but also from fellow "Rainer's" who have paved the way and who have generously shared their expertise with all of us.
Thanks Active Rain!

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