selling: Do I have to have a Lockbox on the property? - 04/29/13 02:26 PM
By the seller questioning the agents advice and knowledge on how to best show and market the property for sale, it is like scheduling surgery for yourself and then trying to tell the surgeon how to perform the procedure and how to do their job! If they think enough to hire you, they should listen and heed the advice of the agent and know that they are acting in the best interest of the client to market and sell the home as best as possible.
Do I have to have a Lockbox on the property?
After the listing … (1 comments)

selling: It's Time to PACK UP THE KIDS & PUT THEM IN STORAGE! - 04/29/13 01:36 PM
When preparing your home to sell it's important to "De-Personalize" your home and take advantage of some "pre-move packing"!  
By doing this it will help potential buyers feel more comfortable with the idea of purchasing your home, and in the long run will make you feel better about selling your home.
The idea is to create a "neutral space" so to speak.  It also creates an environment that allows potential buyers to visualize themselves living in your home with their pictures and favorite things around them easier. And in turn making your home appeal to a wider … (4 comments)

selling: "Pocket Listings" ... Good or Bad??? - 04/22/13 03:25 AM
Good or Bad Idea??? In recent years, "Pocket Listings" have gained in popularity. The reason some choose to be a pocket listing varies .. it could be for privacy reasons, to save $$$ or they don't really need to sell but if the right offer comes along they'll surely consider it or to sort of "test the waters" before jumping in! 
Although they can seem to be a benefit to the prospective seller, they don't really do any good in the long run for the area in which they're located in because it could essentially effect comps in … (3 comments)

selling: The Famous Question ... "How's The Market"?" - 03/22/13 02:04 AM
 “How’s the Market?” 
One of the best things about being in the real estate business is that people always want to talk to you and the number one questions is always “How’s the market?” Well ... I'm sure much to their surprise ... the answer is "The market has shifted"! Compared to the market in 2004 when anyone that could fog a mirror could buy a house. The market shifted toward the end of 2007, and the real estate business became much more complicated. Mortgages became much tougher to obtain, property values decreased, and distressed properties became a big part of the … (2 comments)

selling: First Impression! - 03/03/13 07:50 PM
You've probably heard the old saying ... "You don't get a second chance to make a first impression"!
Well .. the same holds true for your home ... especially your FRONT DOOR!

Well, this applies to selling your home as well.  You may not agree that color will make a difference on your home but it sure does!  If prospective clients are seeing five, ten or even 15 homes in any given day ... why not give them something to remember you by (in a good way)!   A freshly painted front door can add an instant ‘pop’ of … (0 comments)

selling: Oooooops! Don't Hide it THERE!!! - 02/25/13 11:31 AM
When Getting the House Ready to Sell .... Kitchen Clutter is a GREAT place to start!

But ... Don't just stash and hide things in the kitchen cabinets! Prospective buyers will want to look through all cabinets, closets, pantry, etc... to see what kind of room there is for their things. So ...if you're clearning the clutter, make sure you're "behind the scenes" is just as neat and tiddy as what's out in the open!  
Of course this is a good practice for EVERY ROOM in your home .. it's good to start with the Kitchen.
If you don't … (2 comments)

selling: 10 Tips to Consider when Purchasing a Home ... - 02/20/13 10:59 AM
1. Don't buy if you can't stay put.
When purchasing a home, plan on ideally staying in that particular location at least a few years to make the move more worthwhile financially.
2. Make sure your Credit is in order
Prior to your house hunting adventure, get copies of your credit report. Make sure the facts are correct, and fix any problems you discover.
3. Stay within your Realistic Price Range
The rule of thumb is that you can buy housing that runs about two-and-one-half times your annual salary. It's best to not be too strapped in case something crazy comes … (4 comments)

selling: Silence is Golden! - 02/14/13 04:06 AM
This is very good advice and wisdom that she's shared. It's important to "Listen" and just not "hear" .... there really is a difference and it will set you apart from the competition and you'll be someone who genuinely cares.

Silence is golden when selling your house.
God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason.  When we are selling a house, we must talk less, and listen more.
Negotiating is an art and to succeed, you must not only hear what is said, you must listen with the intent to understand and then create a WINNING strategy.  (Seek … (2 comments)

selling: Bang For The Buck is NOT Only In Kitchens and Baths! - 02/03/13 11:01 PM
Bang For The Buck Is Not Only In Kitchens And Baths ...

  We all have known for awhile that kitchen and bath remodels are where it's at, right?    While kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects still provide high return on investment however, exterior projects have become some of the most valuable improvements.   Think about it ... when selling your home curb appeal matters! It's not only the manicured landscape or a clean front porch, that buyers are looking at. Curb appeal is the whole package! Windows, siding, and doors are all part of the first impression.   As … (1 comments)

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