the temple team: Fall Can Be One Of The Best Times Of Year To Sell Your Home - 09/10/18 08:22 PM
Did You Know That Fall Is One of The BEST Times To Sell Your Home?
Bet you didn't know that!  
Most people tend to think of Summer as being the number one time to sell your home but it's not the "Be All End All" time to sell!
The Fall is actually a better time because people are usually finished with vacations and the kiddos are back in school so the house stays cleaner and you don't have to worry about prying your children out of bed for early morning showings ... they will be off at school!
So if you're thinking of listing … (1 comments)

the temple team: Making An Emergency Preparedness Kit - 09/09/18 07:44 PM
The website has produced a list of items that they suggest you keep in a container for when and if an emergency may arrise.
Basic Disaster Supplies KitTo assemble your kit, store items in airtight plastic bags and put your entire disaster supplies kit in one or two easy-to-carry containers such as plastic bins or a duffel bag.
A basic emergency supply kit could include the following recommended items:
Water - one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days, for drinking and sanitation Food  - at least a three day supply of non-perishable food Battery-powered or hand … (2 comments)

the temple team: We Are Doing It Again! - 09/07/18 11:20 AM
The first time was such a HUGE SUCCESS .... we decided to DO IT AGAIN!
Whether you are Buying a New Home or Listing your current Home for Sale ... The Temple Team is able to help you with all of your Real Estate Needs! Give us a call at 704-235-3000 and check out our website at

the temple team: Options For Coming Up With Your Down Payment - 09/05/18 08:07 PM
Calculate how much and how quickly you want to save   Consider the price of the house you can afford and determine 20% of the value. That’s your target. Let’s say it’s $50,000. Divide that number by your time horizon. If you want to buy in five years, divide by five — you’ll need to save $10,000 per year. Divide that number by 12, and you’ll get your target monthly savings goal: $834.
Perhaps you want to buy a home sooner. You can shorten your time horizon by saving more each month if your budget allows.
People get money for a down payment … (0 comments)

the temple team: Should I Sell Or Not? - 09/04/18 07:45 PM
Whether you are Buying a New Home or Listing your current Home for Sale ... The Temple Team is able to help you with all of your Real Estate Needs! Give us a call at 704-235-3000 and check out our website at

the temple team: "Happy Labor Day" from ... The Temple Team - 09/03/18 01:23 PM
Happy Labor Day
from ...
The Temple Team
The Temple Team is ready to help you with all of your Real Estate Needs.  
Give us a call anytime at 704-235-3000 and visit our website at

the temple team: Fourth Annual Biketoberfest Coming To Charlotte - 08/30/18 07:25 PM
Discover how easy it is to get around Charlotte without driving at Sustain Charlotte’s Fourth Annual Biketoberfest presented by The Charlotte Knights happening Sunday, October 14. This unique event will take you along a bike route with stops at fun destinations along the way and will culminate with an after-party at Triple C Brewing Co.
Date & Time: 
Sunday, October 14 from 11:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. Rain date will be Saturday, October 27.
SCHEDULE OF EVENTS:11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Event check in at Lenny Boy Brewing Co. (3000 S. Tryon St.) 12:00 – 4:30 p.m. – Explore the city by bike4:30 – 6:30 p.m. – After-party at Triple C … (0 comments)

the temple team: Open House This Weekend in Statesville NC - 08/29/18 07:29 PM
Do you have a HOME TO SELL?  Are you looking for the HOME OF YOUR DREAMS?  
The Experienced Team of Real Estate Agents at The Temple Team can help you with all of your Real Estate Needs!  
Give us a call anytime at 704-235-3000 and visit our website at 

the temple team: How Do You Know If Your Home Is Priced Right? - 08/28/18 07:36 PM
How do you know if you've priced a home right?
It's a delicate situation for sure!   You do everything you know is right ... get your comps and review them with the sellers and based on that information along with the condition of the home, you come up with a price you both agree upon. Not always so easy, but nonetheless it's how it's done. 
It's not Fool Proof!  An experienced agent usually can nail it pretty good, but there are many variables, the most influential being the seller themselves not wanting to hear the truth. Therefore, there may be little or no showings until … (0 comments)

the temple team: Do You Know How The Labor Day Holiday Began? - 08/27/18 07:25 PM
We all celebrate the un-official end of Summer with the Labor Day Holiday. It is always celebrated on the first Monday in September and it usually marks the beginning of the school year, and the onset of bonfires, cooler days and cooler nights as well as football games and of course Backyard cookouts and  BBQ's!
But .. do you know how it all began?  
The official first "Labor Day" was celebrated in 1882 and became an official National Holiday in 1894 and was designed to give the American work force and much needed and guaranteed day off of rest. 
It is usually celebrated with backyard fun, … (2 comments)

the temple team: Think Twice Before You Paint Your House! - 08/26/18 07:35 PM
Unless you are planning on staying in your home FOREVER, it's not a good idea to do anything to the EXTREME!
It's best to stay in the neutral color shades and not get too WILD & CRAZY! Although you and your family might just LOVE things that are different, that is just not what sells when it comes to the Real Estate Market.  
A lot of times you might think it's an easy thing to fix and just paint over, but it's not that easy for a lot of people to "visualize" it differently or to see their things and themselves living … (1 comments)

the temple team: Kitchen Renovation "Do's & Don't's" - 08/25/18 08:14 PM
Kitchen Renovations Q&A and “Do’s & Don’t’s”
What should you expect to pay?
Kitchen renovations can be quite pricey but if you do your homework you can be well prepared and not “shocked” in the end. Better yet ... you won’t run out of money before the project is completed! 
A basic kitchen renovation can expect to cost you around $55,000 and that is including appliances, lighting, cabinetry, etc... but does NOT include such luxuries as a granite counter top or “commercial grade” appliances.
If you choose the more elaborate and upscale options, you can expect to spend around $107,000 for the update/renovations. 
Renovating on a … (2 comments)

the temple team: Best Way To Clean Your Kitchen Cutting Board - 08/23/18 07:24 PM
Here are a few tips for keeping your cutting board in Tip Top Shape!
Clean ...
Clean using HOT WATER and soap. The volume of water is just as important as anything as it helps to flush the bacteria away.
Disinfect ...
Use either "white vinegar" or a mixture of "2 tablespoons of chlorine bleach mixed with one gallon of water". Put mixture into a spray bottle and let it sit for a few minutes or apply with a clean cloth and rinse with hot water. 
You can also add baking powder or lemon wedges to the process which will help to remove stains and smells.
Condition … (5 comments)

the temple team: Why A "Final Walk Through" Is So Important - 08/23/18 07:03 PM
The Importance of a Final Walk Through ...
A final walk through of your new home is a way to confirm that the condition of the home is the same or even better as it was on the day that the offer to purchase was signed. The final walk through is always scheduled after the seller has moved out of the property and immediately prior to closing on the home.
Things to consider during this "Walk Through" are ...
Have all of your requested repairs been completed?  Have any areas of the home been damaged when the seller moved out? Are appliances in working condition?  Are … (0 comments)

the temple team: Are You Ready For Hurricane Season? - 08/22/18 07:58 PM
As Summer is slowly coming to an end, it's time to get your family and your home prepared for the peak Hurricane Season.  It's best to be completely prepared and NOT need it then to be in a situation where you are need of necessities and find yourself un-prepared.  
Here are a few tips for what to do ahead of time around the house to make a possible clean-up and destruction much less ...
Survey Your Property:
• Be sure the grading of your land does not trap water.
• Dig a deep hole at the bottom of a slope far away from any structure (including … (2 comments)

the temple team: Amazon Coming To The Triad Area of North Carolina - 08/21/18 06:52 AM
Amazon Coming To The Triad Area
Amazon is eyeing Kernersville for a new 1 million square foot facility that would be located in the Triad Business Park and is expected to employ 953 full-time and full-time equivalent workers. 

The site is in Guilford County, near the FedEx Ground operations on Old Greensboro Road in Kernersville and it is within 10 miles of the FedEx sorting hub at Piedmont Triad International Airport.

The Temple Team can help you with all of your Real Estate … (0 comments)

the temple team: What Will Charlotte Look Like In 2025? - 08/19/18 07:23 PM
By the year 2025, it is projected that the Charlotte area will be home to over 2.8 million residents .... 18% more than current population estimates.
Are you looking to buy the home of your dreams?  
The Temple Team is ready and waiting to help you find that perfect home!
Give us a call at 704-235-3000 and visit our website at
* Excerpts taken from article published in Charlote Stories

the temple team: More Jobs Coming To The Charlotte Region! - 08/18/18 08:19 PM
A global pharmaceutical company - Glenmark Pharmaceuticals is building a massive new manufacturing facility in Monroe, North Carolina. 
The new Monroe facility is Glenmark’s first manufacturing site in the U.S., designed to manufacture a variety of fixed dose pharmaceutical formulations. Glenmark has invested more than $100 million into the facility with plans for further expansion in the coming years.
Eventually when the plant is at it's peak capacity, they are anticipating production of 300-400 million tablets and capsules, 20-25 million vials and pre-filled syringes and 25-30 million ampoules for inhaled formulations.
* Excerpts taken from article published in Charlotte Stories
Are you looking to buy the … (3 comments)

the temple team: Do You Know What A "CMA" Is? - 08/15/18 07:42 PM
A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is a report prepared by a real estate agent comparing your property to similar properties on the market.  Included in the report are homes currently for sale and homes recently sold through the local listings database typically within the past 6 months.  Although it is NOT an appraisal and merely an estimate of value based on features and condition of your home compared to other homes in your area it is still a great way to determine whether now is a good time for you to list your home.
The Temple Team offers a free Comparative Market Analysis so you can find out how … (1 comments)

the temple team: Have You Heard About Burying St. Joseph? - 08/14/18 07:59 PM
EVERYONE is CATHOLIC when it's time to sell your home!
According to tradition if you really want to sell your home quickly you should bury a statue of St. Joseph upside down in the yard of your home.  Praying to St. Joseph for a quick sale and burying a statue of him is said to always bring a fast offer on the home. 
The tradition of burying a statue of St. Joseph in the yard of a home that you’re trying to sell goes back thousands of years. 
It is believed that because St. Joseph is the patron saint of home and family if you pray … (3 comments)

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