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We were all anticipating the Fed lowering the rates.  When they did, I jumped for joy!  Well that joy elated to about 4 buyer calls.Then.....the 30 yr fixed rate on Mortgages went up!  Wells Fargo went from 6.25% the next day and ended on Friday with 6.35%.  The calls have gone dead again.  I kno...
The Federal Reserve lowers the target on a key short-term interest rate for the first time in four years from 5.25% to 4.75%Well, it is about time the Fed woke up!  In the past the Fed just kept hitting the snooze button, but now has lowered its key rate 50 basis points.  Many were speculating on...
Here are the market stats for Reno Sparks, NV for August 2007.  Median sold price is up $3000 from July 2007.Number Sold is up 7 homes from July 2007.Inventory is down 67 from July 2007. My opinion:  No real change from July 2007, although the 3 factors are showing slight improvement = slow marke...
WELLS!had a well test done on a piece of vacant land last week that has no electricity to the property.  The well company asked me certain questions such as is there a pump and box.  Well, I knew the answers to his questions, and I even requested a piece of equipment to do the test.  Can you imag...

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