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Where I live in Rancho Haven Nevada, which is only 40 mins from downtown Reno, and is a community that has 10 acre homesites with over 1000 acres of greenbelts which include horseback riding trails, creeks, waterfowl, and a fishing pond, that are owned by our Home Owner's Association.  On those g...
Well the Fed has once again lowered the short term rate to 4.5%.  My guess is we won't see much of this being passed on to the consumers as these banks might find ways to re-coup their losses.  The only benefit will be to those on Home Equity Lines and Auto Loans, but for me it hursts my savings ...
Or so you would think from most real estate agents' pictures....that is until you meet them in person?On all the brochures, business cards, net pages, and magazines, real estate agents have pictures.  Little do we know.....that most of those pictures are from 10, 15 , some even 20 years ago.  I h...
Went fishing at Eagle Lake, CA last weekend to re-group and re-boot after I had 8 BPO's last week and one new REO lisitng.  The fish were definately slow to bite.....huh, sounds like our buyers today doesn't it?  I persisted from 9AM until at 11:45 bam!  Figures when I was reeling in this one.......
Ok, so the dog that I found at my recent REO listing (read story in previous blog) was never claimed at Washoe County Regional Animal Services.  They have to make sure the owner has time to claim her.....why though I ask as there is no reason since she didn't have any food or water when I found h...
This dog might need a home, please contact me if you can adopt her!Ok, so last Friday I get a new REO listing.  I asked my wife if should would come with me, and in exchange I will buy her lunch.  So after a nice lunch, we are off to investigate the occupancy status of my new REO.  It amazes me o...
Went out to my foreclosure listing yesterday.  The former owner must have received the notices I posted all over the front of his house!  But he hasn't called for cash for keys and is still living there.  I guess he thinks it is ok that he kept re-fing with variable rate HELOC's and coulnd't keep...
Here are some new articles on Reno, one from the Economist and the other from Esquire:
This is from an email from my friend BJ Perez of Monarch Mortgage:ok, you know its getting slow when the DirtyBird & Guapo are in the clients chairs pretending to be clients, and keep me company so I dont go nuts!   thought you'd get a kick out of this.  Dirtyman says he's fully trained now and c...
Ok, so if you are always looking for different ways to succeed in this market, you sometimes take a step into selling REO's right?  Well you figure they will be the lowest priced home in the area and you aren't dealing with emotional sellers, but rather a large coporation that is writing off asse...

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