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Along with owning a home, comes the landscaping. I had a pretty green thumb at our old home in N. Nevada, problem there was only 9 inches of precipitation a year and winter. I am excited to see how my thumb does here with 45 inches of precipitation a year and warm year round! As you already may k...
Everyone from stateside tells me I have moved to paradise. Yes, we have moved to paradise, but no place one lives is perfect. Owning a home here has its challenges with regards to maintenance. The humid environment with salt water sea breezes can takes its toll on a home here, and after some year...
One of the reasons for moving here was to spend time boating. We had a boat and RV on our land at Eagle Lake, CA for some years and some of my best down time was being on the water. Well being on the water is really only a 4 month window. Here in the Virgin Islands it is a year round window. In t...
The day has come, officially we have been here for two weeks! The weather has been a mixed bag with many cloudy and muggy days with no breeze, which has been ok for unpacking. Our first few days were busy with various errands. The 4Runner which was already down here, started with no problems. Cis...
After spending a nice 4 day break from our drive across country at my father's in Cedar Point, NC where we got the dogs their health certificate and of course our yellow lab got a hot spot from swimming. Good thing we have a vet right down the street there! We spent our days with the "hoodies", t...

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