Hey everyone!  I wanted to check-in and show you the new crew I've been hanging out with lately. Roman just turned 7 months, (oh my where did that go?) and I've been very lucky to be surrounded by a great group of women all with boys within 2 months of Roman's age.  Our days have been filled with...
We were down in Oregon this past weekend and my wife had the brilliant idea to visit the Roloff Farm on our way home.  Some of you might watch the show Little People, Big World on TLC.  This is their farm and it was so cool.  We even got a pic with Amy holding Roman! 
Hey everyone, sorry it's been so long since I've been on.  I miss you guys and hope you are all doing amazing!!  I've been a little busy as I'm sure you can understand. My baby boy is now 3 months and the light of my life. He is so much fun. We start each morning with happiness; lots of smiles an...
Next week I will be leaving on maternity leave.  The excitement of becoming a mom feels like the biggest gift in the world.  I feel like I did just before my wedding was about to happen 2 years ago, such an elated state.  I live my life by a "something great is about to happen" mantra and oh boy ...
Last month brought me to my my sixth year working for ActiveRain.  I use the word "working" loosely because you all feel more like family than work these days.  So much has happened in those six years I don't even know where to begin.I was first brought on as a sales rep selling IDX sites to Rain...
 Congrats to the ActiveRain Community as you were picked up by the Washington Post today!  I love seeing major publications quote your valuable insights.  Tammy Lankford, wrote a post,  Does Your Agent Look at Your Housing Needs or Their Commission First? which currently has over 100 comments.  M...
Mother's Day was a fabulous one.  We hosted brunch at our place for my Mother-in-law before heading to my sisters for dinner to celebrate my Mom.  After brunch we all went on a walk to the beach to soak up a bit of the sun, which then decided to hide behind a few clouds.  Oh Seattle, gotta love it!
George and Henry enjoyed some blueberries yesterday.  Can you say cute or what?  I melt every time I see them! 
Ginny Gorman comes from North Kingstown, Rhode Island.  Her informative posts, sweet personalty and contagious smile makes her a lovable member of the 'Rain.   
Get ready Rainers, MeetUps are happening!!  Come one, come all.  A MeetUp is an informal gathering between ActiveRain members and anyone else in the real estate world that would like to attend.  No agenda but usually stories about ActiveRain, Rainers, business and more come up.I'd like to thank t...

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