Every morning I drive along Lake Washington Blvd before hitting the floating bridge to get to my awesome job.  LW Blvd is always crowded with early morning runners, new moms strolling along Starbucks-in-hand and lots of groups of walkers.  This morning I saw a very old man bend down to pick up so...
Each of us has our own interpretation on what success is and if you read the stories below you'll agree.  Taking on new clients, increasing exposure and helping get your story out are just a few. Always believe in yourself and your words; don't be afraid to show the world what you got baby!  Spic...
There's a beautiful place on Earth they call Venice.  I've never seen anything like it in my life and probably never will again.  What a fantastic day we had.  Porting into Venice was a treat all in itself as we were able to see the city from above, (our ship was quite massive....I don't think Ki...
Sign up NOW!  This class is sure to fill up and let me tell you, you wanna get in on the knowledge Rich so freely shares with us all.  I promise you'll learn a ton.  Oh....and there will be a test later.Back by popular demand, the highly acclaimed Live ActiveRain University webinar: "How to Win F...
This week has been one filled with new lessons inside and outside of work.  It's important for us all to constantly grow as humans.  Staying stagnant is for the weak and new projects and goals are sure to ignite a fire within.  Try taking your careers to new levels by exploring paths you've yet t...
While I'm super jealous that I'm not going to be in Vegas this weekend I still want to make sure all of you who are knows about this.  Oh and put $50 on black for black....Everyone, I will be in Las Vegas this Friday July 15th and I would LOVE to meet any Rainers in Las Vegas for...
Inman News is holding their annual voting poll for the 2011 People's Choice Innovator Award.  "The People's Choice award is intended to recognize a standout real estate-related technology".   Hmmmm.....which Community do I know that standouts from the rest?  Ok, so it has to be real-estate relate...
It's that time again folks....time to dive in and read some fabulous stories from this week's highlighted members.  I've been chipping away at some home projects that have been hanging over my head.  I've put them off too long but finally tackling these projects has visible benefits as well as a ...
Ko-tuhhh, like a kitten purring, is how I pronounce Kotor.  It's a beautiful name for a beautiful place.  The city lives on the hills and the water is part of the Adriatic sea which is as blue as can be.  We tendered again into port as our ship was much too big.  Much of the city of Kotor is behi...

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