The Friday before Halloween weekend and it's scary how much success is happening out there in AR land.  It is spooky how referrals roll in and out of this place.  You may think it's eerily quiet and then BAM...your phone is ringing with a new lead.  Don't be afraid to frighten yourself out of you...
I'm super excited to be attending this year's NAR event in Anaheim.  Last year we had a blast in New Orleans so I'm hoping for a repeat.  If anyone is on the fence about attending...GO!  I want to see you there! Anthony, Nick and I will be in sunny California for the whole event.  Goodbye gray Se...
I took this pic earlier this year when we visited SF.  Going again this weekend and hoping to catch the spooky Alcatraz tour....seems appropriate for this time of year.  Anyone done it?
"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us" ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson So what lies inside you?  What are you capable of?  Do you have that restless feeling inside of knowing you're capable of doing more?  As we all know, life it short...too damn shor...
My nephew, Alex, was baptised this past Sunday.  Here's a picture of him just after.  He's such a good boy, didn't cry or fuss once!!! 
Get 'em while they're hot!  It's Friday afternoon and the success stories are fresh off the presses.  Are you planning on winning big on your next scratch ticket?  How about that one lucky pull on a slot machine in Vegas?  If you're head is back on this planet you'll know you need a realistic app...
Henry's Halloween costume came yesterday.  As you can see he absolutely LOVES it!!!   Check out Hot Dog Collars for fun dog stuff.  Great prices and if you sign up for their specials you can usually get free shipping or 20% off.
Whether you care of not I am anxiously waiting for Monday morning to come along.  If you have any questions you'd like to ask Glenn, please let me know and I'll be sure to pass them on. Let's get the discussion going and hopefully we can all learn something. Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman to be intervie...
Well hello Rainers!  It's Friday afternoon so we all know what time it is....Success time baby!  I'm really digging this week's highlighted members stories and hope you can get some inspiration from them to never, ever give up! The faces below may or may not be familiar to you but their messages ...
I was happy to receive the following email from Pandora today. Before today, you were allowed only 40 hours of listening pleasure.  If you wanted to pay $0.99 you could keep listening for the rest of the month.  No longer is there a cap, thanks Pandora!  We all need a little music throughout the ...

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