Yesterday was a bit of a nail biting morning behind the scenes.  Armed with Grande lattes we had visuals of our set-up, diagrams, headphones, extra help, all hands on deck, twitter a buzzing, and fingers crossed that nothing would crash.  And 3 1/2 hours later we said our last goodbyes to over 1,...
Gold...this is gold!  Anyone who is new, doesn't "get it" yet or needs a helping hand is urged to sign up.  I promise to do everything in my power to make sure you are taken care of and informed about all the good AR has to offer.  Not only me but I've called upon some Ambassadors to help mentor ...
If you hear strange noises coming from deep inside your basement and as you attempt to tiptoe down the stairs you discover the light switch is busted....turn back.  For the love of God turn around! Continuing on your path will not be good news I promise you!  Freddy, Jason and Chucky will get you...
It's Spring MeetUp time and the Seattle area MeetUp is moving across the water to the beautiful city of Kirkland.  I'd like to invite all our local AR members and then some to attend!   WHEN      Thursday, April 19th at 4pm WHERE    Wilde Rover, 111 Central Way, Kirkland, WA  98033 WHO        Any...
Have you guys heard about these new Cash Mobs?  I remember witnessing a Flash Mob a couple years back before the Lady GaGa show but what the heck is a Cash Mob? A Cash Mob is a group of people armed with their wallets and assembled at a local business, a mom and pop sort of shop, to purchase item...
I've been very patient all year while you hockey, football and basketball fans cheer on.  And now my friends, the day has come.....All I can say is Gooooooo Yankees!!!!  I'm so excited to start the season with a few new players.  First game starts at 3:10 Eastern and we're up against the Rays.  T...
Are you new to AR?  Been around awhile but just not getting this blogging thing?  Need help with videos or listing appointments?  Are Market Reports something you've wanted to try but not sure how to go about it?  Jump on this opportunity to grab a mentor.  Everyone should be doing this! Thank yo...
My newest nephew George, who just turned one month yesterday. 
The list is here, mark your calendars and MeetUp with other ActiveRain members in your neighborhood!  RainCamp is happening April 19th and what goes better with RainCamp than MeetUps!?!?  Everyone who's experienced getting together with other 'Rainers can attest to the fun.  We have quite the lis...

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