Last night was my nephew's high school band concert.  They performed a few numbers and one of them was a patriotic piece.  It included a slide-show of all the different military branches and if you were a veteran or currently serving you were urged to stand when your branch showed up on the slide...
Round 2 'Rainers!  This is a fabulous chance to get on the front page of and give you some major bragging rights.  You're all so talented showcasing your photos on AR each day why not share them with the world?!?!Real Estate Photo Contest: Round II On behalf of, I ju...
This past weekend's activites included a very beautiful hike up Tiger Mountain.  Most of the people on the mountain decided to go one trail but my bro-in-law insisted we go another.  Halfway up I realized why the other, let's call them the smarter hikers went the other route; ours was pretty toug...
Oh Friday, how I love thee!  You romance me from the morning light, keep me motivated throughout the day with thoughts of the weekend and I'd just like to kiss you right now!  Anybody ever just need a weekend? unplug and relax?  Very hard for most of you to do but this weekend I shall conquer suc...

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