To all those newbies out there that took the Orientation class...way to go!  You've jumped in, well maybe just your toes are slowly entering but hey, you're here and you're ready to write your first blog post.  Congratulations on doing it, many are too timid of the unknown to do so.  I promise yo...
  This week's Keeping it Fresh is brought to you by Jane Peters.   How long have you been in business?                                                       I have been in business 8 years. Describe your style. My style is generally smart casual.  I like plain and fitting rather than frilly and ...
Well I'd call it a success for sure!  Bob Stewart and myself from AR teamed up with Eric Proulx from for the first of (hopefully) many more 3 for 3 shows.  3 people discussing 3 different topics in a live Google+ Hangout.  Today's show had Bob teaching a bit about Facebook ads, a ...
What a game it turned out to be!  Just hours before the Bronx Bombers took the field at Safeco last night, it was announced that Seattle's prized player, Ichiro Suzuki was traded to the Yankees.  Well if you don't know by now, I am a SUPERFAN of the NY Yankees and already had my tickets in hand. ...
Catch the inaugural (and highly experimental) 3 for 3 Show being hosted this Thursday, July 26th at 11am Pacific.  Bob Stewart and myself from ActiveRain and Eric Proulx of will be your hosts. This live show will be available to you via 2 avenues:'s Youtube Channel o...
Baby George is growing up so fast and loves his tummy time!
  This week's Keeping it Fresh is brough to you by Ed Silva. Describe your style.                                                                         My style is casual, I do not like to pressure my clients but give them all the information that I can so that they make wise decisions. What o...
My brother-in-law got me involved with Be the Match recently.  Be the Match is dedicated to matching up patients with available donors.  One of the programs they run in providing bone marrow to patients in need.  Their Mission Statement: Every year, thousands of people of all ages are diagnosed w...
  This week's Keeping it Fresh is brought to you by Kristine Ginsberg. Describe your style.                                                                                Classic with a little edge. What outfit do you own that makes you feel invincible? I have a black Ralph Lauren taffeta skirt ...
From the second we landed to the last sunset I was in total appreciation and love.  Beautiful little plumera flowers dusted the roads and the water was teal, warm and inviting.  First stop was Lanikai in Oahu where we rented a little vrbo from a nice old lady named Dottie.  The Moke Islands were ...

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