Thank you to all who showed up on AR's Facebook page and shared a picture of yourself watching RainCamp, Best of the Best!  We're so lucky to have had you all in attendance and had a great time seeing all those lovely faces! Enjoy the show....      
Charlie and Rene were pretty fly to set up the Seattle MeetUp.  14 'Rainers showed up for an early breakfast at the 14 Carrot Cafe.  Greeted with smiles, hugs and introductions to the new faces was so cool.   Charles Buell is an angel.  Period.Rene Fabre always cheery and so very kind.Maureen Fuk...
It's a whole new game out there folks.  On our way to Sun Lakes the other weekend we stopped by Subway in some small town for a quick bite.  5 young girls in pink cowboy hats on their way to a concert at the Gorge got out of this car next to us and I noticed their car detail.  No longer do the yo...
We went to brunch at Tom Douglas' Dahlia Lounge this past weekend.  Amazing, fresh and quite filling.
Hi my name is Kerrie and I'm addicted to coffee.                                       I admit it, I know it's so cliche living in Seattle and all but I do love my coffee.  I love my big grande cup with the little mermaid on it and although I hate to think of how many "beans" I spend monthly at S...
The list is here, mark your calendars and MeetUp with other ActiveRain members in your neighborhood!  RainCamp is on August 30th and what goes better with RainCamp than MeetUps!?!?  Everyone who's experienced getting together with other 'Rainers can attest to the fun.  We have quite the list of s...
MeetUp Time is Here Again!! A MeetUp is an informal get together for those interested in connecting and informally hanging out with other ActiveRain members and real estate professionals in their area.  AR used to travel around the Country bringing RainCamp to one city at a time and the greatest ...
  This week's Keeping it Fresh is brought to you by Thom Abbott.   How long have you been in business?                                                                Been in RE since 2004 -- 8 years. Describe your style. I describe my style as urban hip....I deal with all types of people, but Mi...
Baby George is confused as Auntie keeps shouting "Go USA" but his Dad (who is a Brit) put him in this Great Britain Olympic outfit.  Whomever he chooses to root for he sure does look cute doing it!!  

Kerrie La Guardia

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