One of the best things about being a member of this community, no I take that back, the best thing, is the people.  I've been here 5 years now and the love and friendship that oozes out of you all is something special.   Waking up today to learn of Maya Angelou's passing hit me hard.  There are n...
Some of my favorite childhood memories were made at my Nanny and Pop-Pop's house in Bay Shore, NY.  My mother is one of 6 children and that meant lots of cousins!!
Even my dog Henry knows who the best team in the MLB is!  GO YANKEES!!
t that mis-conception to rest and be truthful. It's also time to honor Feng Shui and all those who have been pioneereing the way. So yes, Feng Shui incorporates principles from Interior designing but it is not Interior Designing. We are working "life force" energy. This is described as a stream o...
ActiveRain Contests have been going on for years.  They promote camaraderie throughout our community, good blogging and work habits, fun as well as a great ways to share ideas. Any time of month you can find 2, 3 or 4 contests running on ActiveRain. Thanks to the lovely hosts, these contests are ...
Let's start sharing Throwback Thursday pictures, they're so much fun!  It's just like our Wordless Wednesdays but a picture from back in the day.   Here's my older sister Tracie and I waaaaayyy back.  Doesn't my sister look like she has man hands? Hahahaha
What a fantastic trip it was! We were gone for 10 days and packed a lot in. My cousin married his love in a beautiful ceremony and let me tell you, the Italians know how to do it right!  Man oh man, the food, the dancing....the was just absolutely massive!  It was so good to see my Nan...

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