activerain community: The Community of ActiveRain is Strong - 10/10/13 04:25 AM
I've had the pleasure of talking to many members this week.  My phone has been ringing off the hook and the best part is I don't know who or what is on the other end.  Every time I've talked to someone, whether they had an issue we were able to resolve or what not, the sincere praise and love for ActiveRain was undeniable.  
It's easy to see we have something special here, it's kind of hard to explain in words but I think some of our members did a good job of it below.
And...if I haven't told you lately....Thank … (51 comments)

activerain community: ActiveRain Cookbook is Piping Hot! - 12/11/12 04:58 AM
It's here, it's here!! Ladies and Gentlemen, the very 1st, extra special, secret sauce Cookbook is ready!!!

Gene Mundt birthed the AR Cookbook idea and I quickly jumped into action.  We know what a wonderful community we have and we all eat so why not come together and bring your best recipe to the table.
You can download your ActiveRain Cookbook ebook today for $5. takes a small percentage but the remainder of the money automatically goes to Habitat for Humanity.  Yes that's right Rainers, not only will your kitchen be stocked with new ideas from your AR family … (77 comments)

activerain community: The ActiveRain Fam Bam & 1,000 Points - 11/19/12 06:14 AM
With Thanksgiving fast approaching I've got family on the brain; my own and you, my lovely AR Family too!
Do you ever wonder how many hours per week you spend with your AR family?  As an employee I know I spend a ton of hours doing what I do but what about the rest of you?  I see you all on here morning, noon and night so it's almost like we spend our days together. 
I know your faces, usernames and emails by heart.  I know your titles, cities and experiences.  I've had the pleasure of digging deeper into many of … (153 comments)

activerain community: How to Write Your First Blog Post - 07/31/12 07:54 AM
To all those newbies out there that took the Orientation class...way to go!  You've jumped in, well maybe just your toes are slowly entering but hey, you're here and you're ready to write your first blog post.  Congratulations on doing it, many are too timid of the unknown to do so.  I promise you that it does get easier as you go and even our most seasoned members look back at their first post and laugh so this journey will be a fun and fruitful one.
For your first post there is no wrong or right way.  When you start targeting … (40 comments)

activerain community: MeetUp Successes!!! - 09/16/11 09:23 AM
I am beyond elated, joyful, moved, and grateful for all of you that attended a MeetUp in your area.  The best part of the old RainCamps was getting to meet you face to face and embed that feeling.  When I get a call or email from one of you that I have personally met, it brings me back.  And that my friends is why the MeetUps are so very, very important.  Whether 4 or 40 people showed up I knew it would be a success!
Many of you thought more members would have come out; and you still expressed having … (80 comments)

activerain community: MeetUp Locations Announced! - 08/17/11 10:51 AM
Ladies, have you been waiting for a special occasion to bust out those new shoes?  Gentlemen, still dying to show off your new ascot?  Well the time has come!
In honor of our inaugural virtual RainCamp on September 8th, we are honored to have AR members hosting MeetUps around the Country and Canada too!
The very best feeling is meeting you lovely beings face to face.  We all know each other virtually but if you get the chance to meet a member in the flesh you must jump on it.  The relationship becomes even more real and deepens the bond with … (152 comments)

activerain community: My AR Collage - 05/19/11 09:48 AM
I learn so much working for ActiveRain and through this amazing Community of people.  The opportunities, friendships, knowledge, triumphs, stories, memories and life-lessons will be carried with me throughout my life.  For that and so much more....I am thankful.

If you haven't made your AR Collage yet you should.  Check out Niki's post.

activerain community: Planes, Trains & Automobiles...and RainCamp!!!! - 04/07/11 09:17 AM
We returned last night from our kick off RainCamp of 2011.  Literally took a train to a plane to an automobile to get home….and it was fantastic!  Except of course our little delay due to Mr. Obama flying in to Philly real quick. 
RainCamp is the best aspect of my job.  I was able to hug so many familiar faces and connect with a bunch of new ones.  I laughed, cried and left feeling amazing about this Community we work so hard each day to maintain.
The 2 day event was jam packed of exciting information.  A ton of new information was … (19 comments)

activerain community: Success in the Rain - 12/31/10 04:57 AM
Bring it on 2011!!!
This has been an AMAZING year for me in the 'Rain and from the emails and calls I get to the inspiring successful posts I read, I believe many of you can say the same.  We've got a rare thing here people, a rare community that continues to inspire everyday.  You, the members, never cease to amaze me.  You freely share your knowledge with the community to inspire and help your fellow associates.  We've been through marriage, death, tears and joy....and we've done it with heart. 
I am blessed to be a part of this AMAZING community.  … (68 comments)

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