purchase: Thank you, New Mexico! - 10/22/14 04:45 AM
As the end of this year approaches, I'm feeling this enormous sense of gratitude for all the wonderful people, both personally and professionally, in my life.  I'm also truly grateful for living in a wonderful and beautiful state.  Life is good! 
I was lucky enough to go with a friend to the 'Diner en Blanc Albuquerque' (Pictures Here!) event on the evening of October 9th and had a wonderful time!  It really reminds me to stop and celebrate the beauty of life as often as possible. 

As far as the New Mexico housing market is concerned, we … (0 comments)

purchase: How to buy a new primary residence and turn existing into a rental! - 01/31/14 01:36 AM
I get asked all the time about buying a new primary residence and turning an existing primary residence into a rental, so I thought I'd put out some tips on how to accomplish this. 
Here are the 5 main things to consider:
Is the new home you're buying more expensive than the value of your existing home?  If not, you'll need a good explanation why you're moving 'down' in home quality instead of moving 'up.' Can you qualify for a new 2nd mortgage with your existing reportable income?  If so, no problem at all... Proceed ahead and skip #3! If you … (0 comments)

purchase: My conscience... - 06/11/10 07:33 AM
Just need to get this off my chest.
Currently been working with several very marginal buyers who, by the skin of their teeth, qualify for a mortgage.  Very low FICO scores, high debt to income ratios, very low reserves, but really want the house. Some have other good compensating factors like a non-qualifying spouse with income that will live in the property but will not be on the loan.  That helps some, but... geez!
If this were my personal money, I'd never lend it to these borrowers.  However, this is not my personal money; these are government secured notes and will … (5 comments)

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