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Trent Chapman, short sale genius, joins us today with an interesting parallel between the sports world and short sales. Imagine that you are playing football and you're in the locker room with your coach. The coach on the other team probably isn't going to come to your locker room and tell you ho...
Today we are joined by Brandon Tracy, the head of GRoup 46:10's buyers department. We want to talk with you about shifting from just listing and negotiating short sales to running a full real estate business. We are actually filming today at KW Family Reunion. When we started a few years ago we o...
It's mindset Monday and we thought that we would talk about thinking with the end in mind. People ask what Group 46:10 stands for all the time. The inspiration for our team name comes from thinking with the end in mind and i can't think of any other real estate transaction where thinking with the...
In all of the short sales that we have ever done, we have never had a first and a second loan that we both in the recovery and both needed to be handled via short sale. For your information, a recovery department is a department in the bank where they have charged off the loan and give that loan...
We're joined by Coach Collard today and speaking about the mindset of a short sale negotiator working on behalf of the sellers. We take some heat sometimes about how tough we are on banks and the employees that we are negotiating with. Being able to have that tough conversation is important to th...
We've had some people that have criticized our content over the last few episodes. Sometimes we get a bit resentful towards the bank at times. We understand that the short sale is a "priviledge" that the bank offers homeowners. However, it saves the bank money over foreclosure. We are advocating ...
ING has a hard time understanding loss mitigation. In a conversation the other day, Fred and the negotiator at ING disagreed on the BPO value of a home. Basically, ING wants to use comps from six to nine months ago that put the value of this particular home at $85,000. However, there have been si...
First and foremost, let's get the announcements out of the way. Friday, April 1st we are offering our Short Sales Uncensored in Las Vegas, NV. Ask any agent who attended the first presentation of Short Sales Uncensored and they will tell you just how valuable it is. We also have Crush It Short S...
It's freaky Friday today and we've got a freaky story about Nationstar Mortgage. Here's the deal. We had a viewer who reached out to us and asked if we had heard what Nationstar is doing. Nationstar is requiring buyers in a short sale to qualify for financing with them before they will process th...
Persistence is a tactic. Most of you might consider persistence to be a mindset. However, in the short sale business, believe me! It's a tactic. Let me give you a quick overview. We had a file with Flagstar, sixty days into the contract. Our file had been denied 5-10 times. It would get to the ma...

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