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Throughout the week I have read a couple of reports that have shed some positive light on the whole housing situation. With the Fed injecting money into the financial markets and banks desperately trying to help out defaulting homeowners, more good news is coming out in regards to the housing mar...
I read an article today which stated that even with the amount of information that is available online for homeowners and buyers, most people still feel the need to consult a REALTOR. Of course I believe that if you want to protect yourself, you need to consult a professional. Most of us love inf...
Does anyone know how to get in contact with any banks about getting an REO account. I have been calling and emailing asset companies with no success. I keep receiving the comment that they have enough REO agents or that they are too busy to investigate anymore. Any good advice would be very appre...
Fast Facts      Calif. median home price - January 08: $430,370(Source: C.A.R.)  Calif. highest median home price by C.A.R. region January 08: Santa Barbara So. Coast $1,135,000 (Source: C.A.R.) Calif. lowest median home price by C.A.R. region January 08: High Desert $234,310 (Source: C.A.R.) Cal...
With the new FHA loans, home buyers can now buy more and homeowners can refinance out of unaffordable mortgages into more secure loans. The Federal Housing Administration raised the limits; these limits will only be effective for about a year. Although, there is legislation in the works to make t...
I am wondering how these inbound links work. I spoke with my website provider and they said that is a good way to get my website brought up in the search engines. Is this true? I was told to search for quality inbound links and I figured this is the best place to start. So anyone who would be wil...
I found this information online at the county website. It states that you may be eligible for a reduction in your taxes. Here is an example of how it works: If you bought your home for $400,000 two years ago an now it is worth $350,000 then you may be eligible for a reduction in your yearly taxes...
In the last couple of months I have received some concerning emails from home owner about their home and the threat of foreclosure. With recent drags on the real estate market a lot of these individuals can not sell their home because they owe more then their home is worth. Some are worried about...
Last week my office took a tour of new model homes in the city of Riverside. I was amazed at the prices of some of these homes. I took some time and spoke with a couple of the sales people at the front office. Each of them said pretty much the same thing, “These builders are desperate and have to...
If you have been watching the news this last week, you noticed there has been a lot of talk about our country's economic status. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke gave an economic outlook for the next coming months: he pretty much stated that it is not going to get a whole lot better. The eco...

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