gary thomas realtor: Nanny Cams in Key West - 04/29/21 05:20 AM

The first time I encountered a Nanny cam was ten years ago. I remember seeing various cameras throughout the house. I "knew" the owners socially.  They bought the house when it was a bank owned property and the renovated it. They furnished the place and rented it as a monthly vacation rental. As I looked around the house I thought it very odd that there were Nanny cams located everywhere. I immediately determined that I would feel violated if I rented a house like this and knew that someone could be watching and or listening to what I did and said. … (4 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 719 Petronia Street, Key West - GONE - 04/27/21 06:21 AM
One of the many things that makes Key West so much different than many towns across America is the fact that we have so many of our original houses still in place. On my first trip to Key West in 1985 I did what most tourists do, I looked around at the old houses and noticed many were in a deplorable state of disrepair. I remember the houseboy at the guest house telling me that old houses were protected and could not be torn down - they could only be rebuilt. I thought that was a waste of money. I thought … (2 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Key West - The Difference Between HERE and THERE - 04/26/21 01:59 AM
Several weeks ago I was sitting on the far chair of this front porch on Elizabeth Street waiting to start a Facetime video with potential buyers. We had to delay the start because we can't always do what we want when we want. I sat there looking across the street. At this location Elizabeth is a quite narrow one-way street with parking on the west side. The highest point in Key West is located across the street and to the north - maybe 150 feet. The area was called Buzzards Roost on the old Sanborn Fire Map. That day I could … (3 comments)

gary thomas realtor: The Man Who Knew Too Much - Not the Film, That Guy from Wall Street - 04/24/21 12:57 AM
A few years ago I worked with a buyer who left Wall Street soon after the 2008 Crash and landed in the Florida Keys. He wanted to use his business acumen to purchase a business and live the good life in Key West. I will call my buyer "Wilbur.
Wilbur told me he had an uncle in New Jersey who owned a bar. Wilbur initially wanted to buy a bar. That would be the perfect after Wall Street job. Few bars are actually listed for sale in our MLS. I nosed around and found one, got the sales package, and sent it … (4 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Key West Real Estate Throwback Thursday No. 18 - 04/22/21 02:03 AM
From: November 18, 2017
The Case of the Gremlin Chasing Home Inspector
Three weeks ago I wrote a blog where I recounted my experiences as a law clerk in the Jefferson County Colorado court system while I was attending law school in the early 1970s. Judge Joseph P. Lewis was one of the judges I worked for. One day shortly after a criminal trial had begun, the judge gestured to me to approach the bench. When I got up there, the judge put his hand over the microphone and instructed me to call the Colorado Supreme Court to verify that the young attorney … (4 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Retired Lawyers - 04/18/21 04:35 AM
Trues Story:  I wrote a blog about trying to sell a house listed by a Realtor who was also a retired lawyer. She had to lawyer-up the deal so much my buyer decided to forgo the house he loved and settle on another place just to get peace of mind. He was later shot to death inside that house. I blame the former lady lawyer-real estate agent as much as the guy that pulled the trigger.
I have sold several homes to sitting judges, practicing attorneys, and retired lawyers. I don't recall any of them trying to lawyer-up an offer I … (6 comments)

gary thomas realtor: So You Think Key West Real Estate Prices Are High, Check This Out - 04/17/21 01:58 AM

I woke up earlier than usual today and was passing time on Twitter when I saw a couple of photos from a house for sale at 702 Fremont Avenue, South Pasadena, California. The poster commented about prices being out of control. People are saying the same thing about the price of houses in Key West. So I decided to GOOGLE the house. 
A couple of photos of the house, to wit:
Doesn't look so bad to me.  
Okay, it needs some roof and drywall work done.
So it needs a lot of work. Offered for sale at $1,395,000. 
I searched the Key West MLS for … (6 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 733 Poorhouse Lane, Key West - 04/16/21 11:15 AM

JUST LISTED by me, 733 Poorhouse Lane, Key West. A few boards from the original house remain, but in actuality this is a brand new house from pier to rooftop, from front porch to pool cottage at the rear. Everything in between and side to side is new and perfect.
The owner working with architect Matthew Stratton created a contemporary masterpiece replacing all but a few of the old bones of the original house. Everything is essentially brand new but the front is still "technically" a renovation. The entry hall two Dade County Pine drama walls to remind guests this is an … (4 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Key West Real Estate Throwback Thursday - No. 16 - 04/15/21 03:52 AM
from August 16, 2015
Real Estate Photography for DUMMIES - A True Story
 This is a true story. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. I get most of my business from people who read my little blog about Key West real estate. Most of my customers are buyers, but I also get a few listings throughout the year. About a year ago a buyer called me to ask about a new listing she had seen in our online mls. The Key West Association of Realtors mls website is open for all to see. You don't need to send an email to … (7 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Help Protect Our Hippie Grandparents - 04/14/21 05:00 AM
I got my real estate license and started to sell houses in Key West in 1996. Most of the people I worked with were my contemporaries - they were foremost baby boomers and several came with a dash of hippie. The closet I ever got to being a hippie was a pair of bell bottom jeans, hair a bit over my ears, and a mustache. 
My customers grew up in the fifties and sixties. Some of my buyers did well for themselves. Some did exceptionally well. And it wasn't just my buyers, but the slew of people who came to Key West … (5 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 1215 Grinnell Street, Key West - Developer Home Now Available - 04/13/21 05:49 AM
Just Listed by Preferred Properties Key West, that is where I work, but this is not my listing:                   1215 Grinnell Street. This stand alone home is located at the center rear of the Grinnell Gardens Compound created in 1990. This home was retained and lived in by the developer who created this unique community of three stand alone houses built on postage stamp lot and two side-side town homes that replicate Grand Conch Revival architecture found throughout Old Town. The compound has a secured front entrance and mailbox station. The focal point upon entering the compound is the shared community pool … (1 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Sarge - 04/10/21 05:55 AM
A very pretty but assuredly run down house was listed for sale several years ago. Unlike so many the houses located in the Historic District of Key West, this property actually had an historic past. I mention this because much of nothing ever happened in most of the homes real estate agents list as "historic". This property actually had a pedigree and story. And when it was listed also had a disengaged owner who only wanted money and lots of it for his prized but ill-treated property.
I wrote about the property in my blog and showed it to several potential buyers. … (4 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Staying Alive - 04/06/21 04:52 AM
If you watched any of the HALLOWEEN or SCREAM movies you know never to investigate strange noises in the woods; never to search for a missing friend by yourself; never to go upstairs or to the basement when the lights are not working; never to leave leave Jiffy Pop on the stove, and so on. In general you learn never to do dumb things. You learned valuable life lessons by witnessing what happens to people who do dumb things. Doing dumb things can have really bad consequences.
My dad was born in 1908. He was the oldest of three boys. His little … (6 comments)

gary thomas realtor: FOR SALE BY OWNER in Key West - Are You Tempted? - 04/05/21 02:57 AM

Have you ever been tempted to buy a house from an owner? I think the theory owners use is that they know their property and can sell it as well as some real estate agent, save the commission thereby increasing the cash in the seller's pocket. That sounds reasonable. 
Last week a customer who is looking for a new place in the Key West area sent me a link to a house she found on Trulia. Truila is a real estate search engine acquired by Zillow. They share the same information but put it out in the universe just a bit differently. … (5 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Will He or Won't He? - 04/04/21 04:06 AM

Key West is filled to the brim this weekend. There are thousands of people here - everywhere. I have not seen so many people in town since Christmas two years ago. It may or may not be a good day for an Open House. We have had a couple of cooler than normal days with a bit of wind. The skies have been sunny with an occasional cloud.
724 Windsor Lane
11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Let's see if he appears. Regardless,

gary thomas realtor: The Pie Hole - 04/03/21 05:21 AM

I often write about the charm of living on one of the slow lanes in Key West where there are cute little cottages, little to no traffic, and peaceful surroundings as contrasted to the hullabaloo associated with Duval Street. There are a few streets which provide the same type of serene environment including the one shown above. It's not just the lanes and streets that makes life in Key West so appealing, it is the way we live. A lot of us came here from somewhere else to find a better life. To be accepted. To be less judgmental of others. … (15 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Key West First Quarter 2021 Real Estate Sales Report - 04/02/21 05:07 AM
I am better at making pies than pie charts. I did not make the apple pie above. I found the photo and added the graphic to show I can do elementary math. The pie looks delicious.
The first three months of 2021 were extraordinary in so many ways. I was watching MSNBC on January 6th when I saw live footage of the first protesters walking around inside the capitol. I was shocked by the first views and transfixed by what happened for the next few hours. I watched late into the night trying to understand what and why what happened was … (4 comments)

gary thomas realtor: In Honor of April Fools Day I Present - 04/01/21 01:33 AM
This is a real photo taken in Key West way back when - when there were not as many tourists as there are today. Speaking of today, the Island of Key West has been invaded by thousands of people seeking a few days away from the reality of the pandemic. Singles, couples, families, and herds of spring breakers are here. Some are wearing masks and others are oblivious to anyone but themselves. The Key West International Airport has planes jammed up with no place to park.  Go to BOOKINGS.COM to see what one night in Key West will cost you today. … (5 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 1200 Whitehead Street, Key West - Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda - 03/29/21 06:15 AM
Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda - The Key West Real Estate Lament
Key Wester Shel Silvertein left us with many  memories including Woulda-Coulda-Shoula to which I add  the Key West Lament
All the Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas
Layin' in the sun,
Talkin' bout the things
They woulda-coulda-shoulda done...
But those Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas
All ran away and hid
From one little did.Yesterday afternoon a new listing popped up on my Key West MLS. The first image was so startling I had to study it for a few seconds and then I realized what house it was - 1200 Whitehead Street. I had written about the property when it popped two years ago when it was listed for … (1 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 724 Windsor Lane Key West - Open House Not on the Prairie - 03/28/21 01:57 AM

This is the deal. 724 Windsor Lane is bigger than the little house on the prairie - a lot bigger. It is a  460 square foot one bedroom, one bath house with large eat-in kitchen with vaulted ceiling. The bathroom has an old fashioned claw foot tub with shower surround. It has a great front porch for people watching and a sunny rear deck for sunning (no neighboring views). Plus it has off street parking. A lot of million dollar-plus houses in Old Town would love to have parking. They don't. This does. 
People have lived in this house since before 1889. … (5 comments)

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