gary thomas realtor: 10 Lowes Ln Key West, Florida - Just Listed - 04/29/22 03:12 AM
Just Listed by Laurie McChesney at Preferred Properties Key West - 10 Lowes Lane. This will sell fast so move fast down this slow lane or you will lose your chance. There a lots of lurkers out there waiting to pounce. 
First, I did not misspell the name of the lane. There are several spellings including Lowe Lane, Lowes Lane, Lowe's Lane. All are correct. The mailman and UPS driver will find you. Lowe''s Ln is located adjacent to 525 Grinnell Street or two buildings north of Southard Street. 
The house is located at the far end of the lane and next to … (4 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Follow Us to the Open Houses in Key West - today - April 24th - 04/24/22 06:12 AM
None of the following listings are mine. I do hope that you will go and checkout the new listings and see what you can get for your dollars. I know prices are high. Nobody ever expected them to get this high. But I never expected a $100,000 cigar maker cottage in Old Town selling at $500,000 either. They are fetching over one million dollars today.  Let's venture around  the island including Key West by the Sea, Old Town, Casa Marina Area, Casa Marina East, Mid-Town, the Key West Golf Club, and the waterfront house located on the former Key West drive-in … (2 comments)

gary thomas realtor: The Least and Most Expenseve Homes Sold in Key West in the Past Week - No. 1 - 04/21/22 10:19 AM
Since there are few new listings to discuss, I thought it would be interesting to note the sale of the least and most expensive single family home sales in Key West during the prior seven days. I got this idea from a Realtor I just started to follow on TikTok who by the way discussed the concept of slandering particular neighborhoods. I understand exactly what he said and meant. I try not to do that but sometimes fail miserably. Anyway, let's see what happened last week.
Only four single family homes closed during the past week. The least expensive was 312 Amelia … (1 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Tom Foolery in Key West - 04/20/22 03:55 AM

I actually cursed at myself on Monday when I saw a new MLS listing in the 1600 block on Johnson Street in Key West. I thought it was a joke. Tomfoolery. But it wasn't. I am not really familiar with that block. I have driven it but do not recall anything memorable about homes located there other than they are normal 1960s houses. Some have been renovated but that specific area has not been upgraded. Period. I have no prior history with the specific property, the owner, or the out of area Realtor. Nothing. But the listing stirred genuine passion in … (11 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Julia - 04/10/22 03:17 AM
A few weeks ago I saw the trailer of Julia on HBO. I knew in an instant it would be must see tv for me. I binged the first two episodes and have been seen all four as of now. 
I was a Publix on Friday afternoon. I was waiting for the bagger to load groceries. The clerk asked "What are your plans this afternoon? " I played along. I said I would probably watch something on Netflix. He said something and then I asked "Do you have HBO?"and suggested he watch Julia. He had a puzzled look on his face. I … (7 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 317 Whitehead Street, Key West - Dream Small - 04/08/22 03:54 AM
Robert F. Kennedy said "Some men see things as they are, and say why. I dream of things that never were, and say why not."
Senator Kennedy was not talking about houses. I know that. Nor was Martin Luther King Jr when he said "I have a dream."
Neither was talking about real estate. They were exploring what might be, what could be, what should be. Aspirations. 
I applied for a job one time. The lady interviewing me asked me why I was not involved in more civic activities. I told her I was doing the best I could taking care of myself and … (3 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Key West Real Estate Throwback Thursday No. 45 - 04/07/22 02:37 AM
from May 26, 2017
5 Brothers Key West - An Homage
My friend Ronny Bailey dropped by my office a few days ago to show me his latest piece of folk art, a wood cutting depicting 5 Brothers Grocery and Sandwich Shop located at 930 Southard Street in Key West. Ronny is a native Key Wester, a multi-generation Conch. He was a carpenter by trade until he retired a few years ago. He hung up his saw, stowed the hammer, and began the second phase of his life as a folk artist. I don't think he started out to become an artist … (3 comments)

gary thomas realtor: The Projects of Key West - Spring 2022 - 04/04/22 02:38 AM
I started The Projects of Key West series in July 2011 to commemorate the renovation of the historic homes of Key West and document the construction of new homes and commercial buildings across our island city.
I have been photographing some of the current projects for nearly three years. The Covid pandemic initially slowed the pace of renovation and then reduced numbers of workers. Later shortages of lumber and building materials produced outside of the United States prolonged the delay. Later home appliances produced in foreign lands were trapped at sea or in storage depots. 
When the public was allowed to return to … (3 comments)

gary thomas realtor: TIME OUT- WHO LET ALL THE FOOLS RUSH IN? - 04/02/22 04:36 AM

TIME OUT! Somebody has to call it. It might as well be me. The Key West real estate market is officially gone bonkers. People who bought homes a year ago and putting them back on the market and selling them at even higher prices. Not a few people. A lot of people. A lot of Realtors are complicit in this. Greed has taken over. What is going right now is insidious.
I am not saying all houses are over-priced or that all Realtors are greedy. Many. Not all. I am referring to Realtors on the second point. I have thought for a … (6 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Mid Town Queen - Key West - 04/01/22 03:11 AM

Attention buyers lurking on the Internet in all the wrong places for a piece of Key West that you can call your own.
There is more to Key West than the high priced houses in Old Town and Casa Marina. You need to venture out. Open your eyes. Go places you have never been before. 
Take a walk on the wild side. Or ride your bike or drive your car. But do not go at night. Just sayin!
This is the before photo. Before it got reshaped and resided. Gypsies lived here or whatever they called themselves. It got queened up, ... Er cleaned … (4 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Key West Real Estate Throwback Thursday No 44 - 03/31/22 03:44 AM
from February 6, 2014
Key West's Newest Beach
 A tourist recently captured a couple of photos of Key West's newest beach - The Fleming Street Beach located opposite the Monroe County Public Library.

If you would like to buy a place in Key West that has a pool and more privacy, contact me, Gary Thomas, 305-766-2642.  I am a buyers agent and a full time Realtor at Preferred Properties Key West. Let me help you find your place (with a pool!) in Paradise.

Update A few weeks ago I was driving on Fleming Street and saw the same guy still tanning on Fleming Street. A … (4 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 513 William Street, Key West - SOLD - 03/30/22 10:54 AM

Congratulations to the Seller, the Buyer, the Listing Broker Brenda Donnelly, and the Buyers Broker Terri Spottswood on the sale of 513 William Street, Key West. The closing price was $6,950,000. 
I blogged about this incredible home in November 2021. CLICK HERE to read the blog and view photos of this wonderful property. The Williams Street and Pinder Lane property were purchased separately and at different times. The "Seller"and their team of architects, builders, craftsmen, and landscapers set the high water mark for what could be done with a quality renovation. 
Way back before I had any idea of writing a blog I … (6 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Key West Real Estate Throwback No. 44 - 03/24/22 03:54 AM
from February 14, 2018
Strange Love in Key West - A True Story
I always preference my little tales of Key West by telling my Dear Readers that the stories are true as opposed to stuff that comes out of Washington and reality television. You can't make up the truth, and, sometimes, the truth hurts.
A few years ago on the week before Christmas, I was setting up a listing of my office to host a Saturday afternoon open house. I turned on the lights and opened the door to the pool at the rear. I placed my open house signs out in front … (5 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Key West Kmart - Another One Bites the Dust! - 03/21/22 01:06 AM
One of my earliest memories after moving to Key West in December 1993 was the day I was standing in the checkout line at Kmart. I spoke to the young lady behind or in front of me. I told her how cute her child was and asked if she lived here. (That's a fair question: we have lots and lots of tourists.)  She said yes to which I replied that her kid was a cute little Conch. She said her husband was in the military and they were leaving as soon as possible She was HORRIFIED at the prospect her child … (6 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 806 Pearl Street, Key West - Better Be Quick - 03/18/22 02:18 AM
Jack be nimble, Jack be spry
Jack jump over the candlestick
Jack be spry
Jack buy this Legal Duplex
Before somebody else does! 
Just Listed by Preferred Properties Key West is this cute two stories duplex located at 806 Pearl Street in The Meadows Area of Key West. This has been the craziest real estate market I have ever seen. Houses get listed for sale and then go under contract a day or two later. This place is a duplex, does not have off street parking, and it does not have a pool. But it is in good condition and it is located in a great … (4 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Key West Real Estate Throwback Thursday No 43 - 03/17/22 02:41 AM
from March 17, 2009
614 Greene Street - Old Town - Key West
 They've already started the party without you folks. I just went down to take a photo of 614 Greene Street and the area is a bustle of activity with people wearing O'the green. How appropriate they are doing it on Greene Street. If you think I jest, look at the photo above with the couple in green t-shirts that read "St. Patrick's Day 2009". 
Anyway, St. Patrick's Day or someday soon may be your lucky day if you were to buy 614 Greene Street which is located at the epicenter of … (4 comments)

gary thomas realtor: 1215 Truman Avenue, Key West - Just Listed - 03/16/22 06:15 AM
I have written about 1215 Truman Avenue, Key West a couple of times over the years, including in my Projects of Key West series.
Locals refer to this style of house as a Conch House. It is large impressive house with the strong architectural lines identified elsewhere as a Classical Revival. In his book The Houses of Key West Alex Cammerer described Conch Houses as "...a simple rectangular block of more than one story. It has a low-pitched roof; the main entrance is on the gabled end. The attic story extends beyond the vertical plane of the vertical stories, forming a portico. … (4 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Key West Real Estate Throwback Thursday No. 42 - 03/10/22 02:50 AM
from April 7, 2016
1521 Seminary Street, Key West - Affordable Home in Paradise
The newly listed home at 1521 Seminary Street in the Midtown neighborhood of Key West just may be the answer to the impossible dream that so many would be buyers have. What's that - you ask.  It's a cute little place with character with a large yard that you could add to over the coming years to create your version of the perfect place in paradise and to do so at an affordable price. The listing Realtor at Preferred Properties describes this unconventional delight this way:
"Lovely Mid Town Artist … (3 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Emotional Support Dog for Real Estate Sales - 03/04/22 04:37 AM
Selling a home, buying a home, dealing with inspection issues, structural defect or boundary line issues, unpleasant renter issues, code violation issues, fake news issues, and more can make anyone go half-crazy. Some sellers, buyers, agents, neighbors, renters, city officials are crazy to begin with. Many become more crazy if given the chance. 
I'm sure you have seen TV ads with actors pretending to be real people discussing how much money they saved by using a "Perfect Realtor"website where they saved thousand of dollars in real estate commissions. After all that Realtors do is put up a sign and collect the commission. … (3 comments)

gary thomas realtor: Key West Real Estate Throwback Thursday No. 41 - 03/03/22 04:36 AM
from January 16, 2014
3529  Sunrise Drive,  Key West, Florida
Matthew Broderick and Tom Cruise were born in 1963.  3529 Sunrise Drive in Key West Florida was built in 1963.  Each will become 51 years old in 2014.  The two movie stars take good care of themselves and probably look better than a lot of people their age.  Men and women who workout and take care of their bodies, skin, and hair normally look better than those who don't.
A lot of my buyers are in their fifties. Many probably grew up in a house built in the 1960s when contemporary design was the … (5 comments)

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