preferred properties key west: 1003 Seminary Street, Key West - Casa Marina Area Redux - 01/23/22 02:09 AM
1003 Seminary Street, Key West. Casa Marina Area. All new exterior. All new interior. Pool. Guest Cottage. Two bricked off street parking spaces. Near the beach. Near Old Town. Near Perfect. Furnished. Interiors by BEN TEAGUE DESIGN
SUNDAY    11:00 to 2:00 
$2,300,000 Furnished
Offered by Gary Thomas Realtor at Preferred Properties Key West

preferred properties key west: 58 Golf Club Drive, Key West - Killer View - 01/21/22 02:02 AM

Just Listed 58 Golf Club Drive in the Key West Golf Club Community. The original developer selected this and the adjacent unit as model units because of their prized views of the second fairway. The 2,449 Sq Ft lot is larger than most and features a gorgeous private pool. Most homes do not have pools.
Styled as a "cottage, this 1,060 Sq Ft town home has two bedrooms, two and one-half bath."s. The home has a recently updated kitchen and bathrooms. But it is that killer view that commands attention as soon as you enter the front door. What a killer view … (6 comments)

preferred properties key west: Buying a House in Key West Isn't Easy - 01/18/22 04:59 AM
There are dozens of not a few hundred people out there who live on their computer searching the Key West MLS, Zillow, Trulia, and websites for new listings in Key West. I have been writing about this phenomenon for years. Like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, they seek to find a home in Key West to replace the locals and take up living in Paradise. They make an annual pilgrimage to Key West to search in person walking the streets, looking for For Sale signs, taking phone numbers, calling agents, attending open houses, and talking to locals in bars- they … (3 comments)

preferred properties key west: 1221 Margaret Street, Key West - Old Town - 01/12/22 09:46 AM

I got a chance to preview 1221 Margaret Street a few weeks ago. I was really impressed. Really! I have written about this small group of single family homes built at the edge of Old Town in 1999. Some share a rear driveway which allowed the developer to build big houses on smaller lots than official building code required. Note the two off street parking spaces on either side of the front entry. Let's look inside.
All of the houses replicated the revival style architecture of our historic homes. The builder created new interiors that had the look of older homes. The … (5 comments)

preferred properties key west: 526 William Street #1, Key West - Delancey Hall Condominium - 01/09/22 07:47 AM

If you have been living on the Internet searching for a place to call your own in Key West, the new listing at 526 William Street may be the place you have been hoping to find. While I expected many new listings around Christmas, that did not happen. This Delancey Hall two bedroom main floor condominium is the exception and is an exceptional one at that. I have written about other units in this building before, and I sold a similar second floor unit several years ago.The building was renovated in the early 2000's by Toolbox Construction, one of the best … (5 comments)

preferred properties key west: 2021 That Was the Year That Was in Key West Real Estate Sales - 01/07/22 07:05 AM
Pardon my absence these past few days. I have not been away or ill. Instead, I have been super busy selling houses - thee in a week and working on another. That;s enough about me, let's take a look back at 2021 - the year that was in Key West Real Estate Sales. 
There was so much apprehension when the world shut down at the beginning of the pandemic - especially from Key West Realtors who feared their livelihoods would be crushed. I was optimistic because I was sure the people who loved Key West would return. Florida has a lot of … (1 comments)

preferred properties key west: 2021 - It was a Very Good Year in Key West Real Estate - 12/30/21 03:22 AM
2021 started out real shaky. January 6th scared the hell out of me. And a lot of people. Then the Inauguration happened and things started to go back to normal - at least as normal as we could get at the time. I think most people have an optimistic outlook on our future. Of course the people I come into contact with are successful people. Achievers. Winners. That is why they have money to spend. And never forget this: We live in America. Even when we are down, we get back up and thrive. I really believe we can achieve anything. … (5 comments)

preferred properties key west: 811 Washington Street #103, Key West - Just Listed in the Casa Marina Area - 12/29/21 08:28 AM

Just Listed: 811 Washington Street No. 103, Key West. I snapped the top photo of 811 Washington Street ten years ago. The lower photo shows it today. I have sold this home twice and it is now my good fortune to be the listing agent again. In fact I have had four sales nine unit Casa Marina Area enclave. These are the best located and among the very best built properties just as the 2007 recession trounced America. America came back and Key West came back extra strong. Today the Casa Marina Area is as much in demand as Old Town. … (3 comments)

preferred properties key west: 907 Packer Street, Key West - Fixer-Upper Hit the Market with a Bang! - 12/13/21 03:20 AM
This past September I took notice of 909 Packer Street, Key West while taking photos of a different house two doors to the north. I said to myself "Self take a couple of photos of this house. It's gonna get listed one of these days:"And it just did.
I went home and shuffled through my old shoebox and found a photo of the same house taken more than fifty years ago. The old photo shows off the house a bit differently than current. The house was painted white then. The clam shell shutters in front are like giant eyebrows protecting the residents … (5 comments)

preferred properties key west: Key West Renters & Owners Who Knew We Were Coming... - 12/10/21 04:49 AM
... but didn't care.
Below are photos I took while showing rental apartments and investor owned homes offered for sale in Key West  All tenants were notified in advance their places would be shown on a particular day and time. 
A mother, small daughter, and a stinky cat lived here. I specifically mention the cat because the odor lives on in my memory.
A large family lived in this Bahama Village rental. The listing Realtor gave them cash to leave, He and I hired cleaners to remove the heaps of crap they left and clean the filth..
The listing agent insisted this was a … (4 comments)

preferred properties key west: If It's Monday, It Must Be Laundry Day in Key West! - 12/06/21 03:48 AM

Last week I blogged about a new listing on Chapman Lane. I mentioned the laundry hanging from the front porch. That would be an oddity in most places in Key West today, but it was common place half a century ago. I decided to rummage through my old shoebox to see if I could find similar photos. I did.
Undisclosed Key West location. Taken in 1962. 
1209 Packer Street in 1965.
This same property sold in  2017 for $1,2000,000.
801 Virginia Street in 1965. No recorded sales.
1009 Windsor Lane in 1965. 
1009Windsor is currently listed for sale for $3,477,000.
1202 Royal Street in 1965. Rear … (6 comments)

preferred properties key west: 715 Chapman Lane, Key West - Just Listed - 12/03/21 06:51 AM

Just Listed, but not by me, 715 Chapman Lane, Key West. Buyers looking for the charm of an old home and the convenience of contemporary stile need to see this place. But before we go inside, let's look back at the no so distant past.
I found this photo of 715 Chapman Lane in my old shoebox. I have a bunch of similar photos showing laundry hung from the front porch of houses all over Old Town. Times have changed. Most people have washers and dryers and air conditioning now. That was not always the case.  
The above photo was taken in … (1 comments)

preferred properties key west: Key West Real Estate Throwback Thursday No. 36 - 12/02/21 01:24 AM
From June 19, 2011
Ï Hope You Are Not French!"
Outside my kitchen window last year - hoping I'm not French  Many of my readers and customers who send me emails know that I have a terrible sleeping problem which stems from a fall I took a couple of years back while showing a bank owned property in Key West. I ended up in the Lower Keys Hospital with a concussion. I'm okay, now, but I did take a big spill. Damned cheap banks that don't take care of their bank owned homes! Anyway, if you have ever suffered a concussion you … (10 comments)

preferred properties key west: 522 Elizabeth Street, Key West, Fl - 12/01/21 05:18 AM
I have been waiting for a long time to see 522 Elizabeth Street, Key West listed for sale. The day has arrived. I got a chance to take a look earlier today. This is a project house - a major renovation. It will require a buyer with great imagination and deep pockets. The reward will be substantial. This will once again be a beautiful home in a great Old Town location.
I searched around in my old shoebox and found a photo of the same property that was taken nearly sixty-two years ago. The black and white photo shows the second … (6 comments)

preferred properties key west: Happy Thanksgiving 2021 - 11/24/21 03:21 AM
I found this photo of Thanksgiving celebration in Key West dated 1954. The first thing I saw was the turkey, then the ham, and then the lady on the far left with a cocktail glass in her right hand with left arm raised and index finger pointed. The woman next to her copies her pose as if making some secret Key West salute. All of the other mothers have their arms raised holding cocktails as well. I saw the hot plate and the over-sized pots. I remembered the lunch ladies in my grade school cafeteria and the aroma of mystery meat. They are all drinking alcohol. … (7 comments)

preferred properties key west: Key West Real Estate Trivia No. 3 - Updated - 11/20/21 01:10 AM
Where is this?
Come back tomorrow for the answer. I took this photo in 1986 or 1987. As an aside HARC does not allow owners in Old Town to add dormers to their homes. This property was built prior to 1889 with the dormers.  The answer is 600 Fleming Street, Key West. It has been many things over the years including...  
The site of Fausto's Grocery and a survivor of the October 1944 hurricane. A greeting place when our boys returned from saving the world. 
The Q Rooms in 1987 when the building was purchased for $270,000. It was renovated and became The Marquesa … (4 comments)

preferred properties key west: 513 William Street, Key West - 11/19/21 08:07 AM
513 William Street in an eyebrow house. It is the most beautiful home in all of Key West. And it is for sale. In his book The Street of Key West J. Willis Burke describes the Key West eyebrow house as architectural eccentricity with "windows fitted up high, dropped just beneath the eaves, for shade and to capture the sea breeze and efficiently circulate air within."
I started to take photos of this house in 2006 soon after renovation began. Unfortunately, most of my photos were stored on a defunct website and are lost. Fortunately for the person who buys this home, the owners who did the renovation … (4 comments)

preferred properties key west: 1621 Sunshine Drive, Key West - Open House - 11/14/21 03:31 AM

 Key West has been alive with tourists and wannabe homeowners ever since the barriers were removed from US 1 and the Key West International Airport started to allow outsiders inside. I thought we'd get a rest after Fantasy Fest. Nope, they are still here or replacements keep coming in. I have never seen anything like this. There are a lot of potential buyers for Key West properties waiting for something nice to buy. I have just the place you may be looking for. 
OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY November 14 12:00 to 2:00  
1621 Sunshine Drive
Offered at $1,300,000 by Preferred Properties Key West
Gary … (6 comments)

preferred properties key west: 1621 Sunshine Drive, Key West - Just Listed - 11/13/21 03:48 AM
Just Listed by yours truly: 1621 Sunshine Drive, Key West. This is a Two Story Three Bedroom / Three Bath 1,672 Square Foot Home built new in 2012. It is located two blocks from the White Street Pier and the Atlantic Beaches. 
But you won't need to go to the beach because you have your own heated pool and tropical garden located right outside your living room or which can be viewed from the deck off your second floor master bedroom.
There is more to this home than its excellent location and heated pool with tropical gardens. Let's take a look starting from the front door.
The … (7 comments)

preferred properties key west: Just Listed 809 Washington Street #102, Key West, Florida - 11/08/21 03:42 AM
Just Listed: 809 Washington Street #102, Key West, Florida. I have sold four units in this nine unit town home development located in the tony Casa Marina Area of Key West. I have lived in the Casa Marina Ares for 27 years and love it. We are close to just about everything that Key West has to offer but far enough removed not to be in all the hullabaloo except when we want to be.
The listing Realtor describes this 1800 sq ft town home this way:
Located in the much sought after Casa Marina neighborhood and set back from the street with mature … (7 comments)

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