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This was an email that I received this morning from one of my buyer clients: Hi Karen!  We are so excited that the sellers have accepted our offer and we want to get started on what we need to do.  Can you tell us what to expect next?  Is there anything that we should be doing?  Thanks! In the sp...
This question usually comes up after we have met with the lender.  This will be a charge that is between $175.00-$225.00 and it will be listed as one of the closing costs on your good faith estimate from the lender. What is a Title Opinion? Title Opinion is the opinion of the title to the propert...
Here is Cedar Rapids, there are HUGE beautiful flakes flying outside as I type this blog.  It is a winter wonderland of flurries and it is so beautiful.  We all forget how to drive it seems when the first snowfall happens...and although this is not the first snowfall of the winter, we have not ha...
Is there just no rest for the weary anymore in our society?  I would love to be able to go back to a simpler time where there was nothing to do on a Sunday but go to church and then spend time with the extended family.  I was reminded of this in the church sermon this morning that God intended us...
Before you sit down to write a purchase agreement, we will sit down and fill in what is called a buyer's net sheet. What is a Buyer's Net Sheet? Buyer Net Sheet is a list of all of the costs associated with buying a home.  Not only does this include the lender fees that were estimated on the good...
Or something else that would be ridiculously futile in the whole scheme of things.  We all try the baby steps to fixing a problem, but sometimes there is no point.  If you have that many holes in the boat, it ain't gonna float!!!! I took a call from a panicked new agent today that made me smile.....
We discussed this yesterday in regards to the difference in the possession date and the closing date.  Some buyers may assume that these two dates are one and the same, but in some cases, they are not.  If the seller would like to stay in the home an extra couple of days after the closing to give...
When I first meet a buyer in our initial home buyer consultation, we discuss their current living situation and the time frame that they need to move.  Here is a possible scenario: Your current home is sold and you must close on your existing home in order to close on a new one.  You have to have...
This is a question that typically comes up as we are searching for homes.  Sometimes it is discussed in the initial home buyer consultation particularly if there is a need for the ability to store a boat, camper, or trailer on the property, if they need to have fencing, or if they have a number o...
At certain times of the year, and in certain price ranges, and in certain neighborhoods in my city of Cedar Rapids, open houses can be a great way to both showcase a home that is listed for sale AND a way to attract buyers to you as an agent. All over the country, there are THOUSANDS of agents ha...

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