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The Holidays are Around the Corner...But Not at My Listing!   There are too many posts of agents persuading people that listing during the holidays is the best idea ever.  Depends on how you decorate.  We don't want Clark Griswold type houses on the market.     Maybe I am a Scrooge, but all of th...
I Don't Want to Date You There are scary similarities between online dating profiles and homes for sale.  Hear me out on this one.  When I meet a perspective seller, I am interested in creating a partnership, a relationship.  And hopefully, that is the seller's intent as well.  It is not my inten...
Tick Tock Tick Tock! The Waiting is Killing Me!   Okay, so I am exaggerating....a little.  But really, whether you are forced to wait for a doctor's appointment or for your car to get its oil changed or for a seller to respond to your offer, it can be tough to wait. We all get so used to instant ...
I May Not Be the Agent for You   Now, you may be asking yourself, why would any agent say that?  Don't you want all the business that you can get? The simple answer is no, I don't.  Sometimes, I am not the best fit for you.  Let me give you some examples.   If you think that your home is worth mo...
Have You Heard Anything Yet?  A Seller's Anxiety After a Showing The Waiting Game...Not So Much a Game as Absolute Torture for the Seller. Is it an unwritten rule that after a second showing, the seller's clock must stop working?  Or maybe it just seems to drag by sooooo slowly that they call, te...
I Am Going to "Man" This Place Up!   This is the hilarious one liner that I heard from the buyer of my listing this morning at the closing table.   I mean, he means NO disrespect to me...after all, his LADY friend really liked the house and was a huge reason that he made the offer.     But it was...

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