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A Really Expensive Typo I will give you an example of an extreme situation that happened to me early in my real estate career.  The condo had been listed for a long time.  It had recently changed listing agents and the seller disclosure was the same except that a new date was added and the seller...
Are the Washer and Dryer Included with the House? This also goes for the draperies, curtains and rods, the blinds, and any other appliance listed on the seller disclosure.  The MLS sheet for the property has a summary of the included items.  Just because the MLS sheet does not state that the wash...
Buyer Tip #1: Beware of 100% Financing if You Plan to Move in 2 Years! Don't get me wrong.  These types of loans, whether they be conventional, VA, or USDA Rural Development loans, are sometimes the best option for first time homebuyers that have limited funds for a down payment.  And I have many...
So No One Came to Your Open House We did everything right.   We lowered the price this week.   We created new marketing materials for the condo to give it a fresh look. We posted your home all over the internet with the new price and the time of the open house. You cleaned the house and removed t...
Sellers: No, You Can't Leave Your House Messy Once You Accept an Offer It is sort of like the last day of school feeling, isn't it?  The "no more teachers, no more books"...no more showings, no more looks.  Except there will be a few more "looks" and it is very important to keep up your appearanc...
Must See This Weekend in Cedar Rapids!  Carmen at The Paramount! If you have not been to the renovated Paramount Theater or if you have never seen an opera, this is your opportunity!  Hometown singer, graduate of Jefferson High School, Janera Kellerman owns the lead role as Carmen in this beautif...
Seller Would Not Accept Full Price Offer: The Devil is in the Details The buyer's agent called me in a rage.  "My buyer offered full price to your seller.  There was no reason to counter offer.  They should just take the offer and be happy about it." Really?  All things considered the price that ...
You Sold My Home Too Fast! You would think that this is a good thing if you are selling your home in Cedar Rapids.  The market is picking up.  Not much competition. And you did everything that you were told to do including pricing it right.  So why are you feeling blue? Inevitiably, many sellers ...
Do Hand-Written Notes Have an Impact Anymore? When I first started in real estate 10 years ago, my broker told me to never underestimate the power of a handwritten thank note.  And I used to write 10 a day....to everyone that did something for me.  Occasionally, I write notes now.  I would say 10...
Attention First Time Home Buyers in Cedar Rapids! Must Read! Today's information comes from Nathan Seyfer with University of Iowa Community Credit Union.  His contact information is listed at the bottom of this post.  For more information, please contact Nathan to see which programs you would qua...

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