ross: Pacific Union Int’l – Christie’s Great Estates | Marin County, CA Luxury Home Sales (May 2011) - 05/09/11 08:30 AM
Pacific Union Int’l – Christie’s Great Estates | Marin County, CA Luxury Home Sales (May 2011). As expected, April 2011 luxury home sales increased — we had 14 trades (there were 9 in January and just 7 in February 2011). While international events of the past several months have been a roller coaster, it appears the stock market’s rally is unabated. Many believe that the overall economic and housing environments are improving, particularly in the Bay Area where the recovery in real estate is being spearheaded by San Francisco. There are extraordinary opportunities available right now for buyers. Pricing in the marketplace … (0 comments)

ross: Marin County, CA Luxury Home Sales (January 2011 | Pacific Union International) - 01/04/11 09:14 AM
With 6 trades in December 2010, the luxury property real estate market in Marin County (properties and estates over $2 million) experienced one of its slowest months. This, despite the fact most economists and consumers feel that that the overall economic and housing environments are improving. Indeed, for real buyers there are extraordinary opportunities available right now. Pricing in the marketplace (especially for homes that have remained on the market through the Winter months) is softer than ever and “value” is evident in the luxury segment. In line with normal seasonal adjustments, the inventory of luxury homes for sale is very … (0 comments)

ross: Marin County Fourth of July Events (July 4th, 2010 -- Sausalito, Mill Valley, Belvedere, Tiburon, Novato, San Rafael, Larkspur, Corte Madera, Ross, Kentfield, San Anselmo, Fairfax) - 07/02/10 05:20 AM
Marin County Fourth of July Events (July 4th, 2010 -- Mll Valley, Belvedere, Tiburon, Novato, San Rafael, Larkspur, Corte Madera, Ross, Kentfield, San Anselmo, Fairfax)

Celebrate Independence Day in Marin! There are lots of fun options close to home -- and avoiding the weekend traffic to the beaches, Tahoe, etc., is nice too. put together the impressive list below -- check out their site as it is one of the very best and informative sites I have ever run into.
Corte Madera-Larkspur The Corte Madera-Larkspur festivities start off with a pancake breakfast—with pancakes, sausages, fruit, and beverages—at Larkspur's American … (0 comments)

ross: Pacific Union Marin Luxury Homes Report (April 2010) - 04/25/10 03:57 PM
As with many of Marin County's micro-markets, Marin's luxury home market is showing signs of increased velocity and buyer optimism. As reported in previous months, "real buyers" continue to snap up homes in prestige locations such as Belvedere, Ross, Kent Woodlands, etc., along with "value" properties with locational upside, views of San Francisco, southern exposures, knolltop properties. In the $2 million to $4 million price band, sales have eclipsed last year's low numbers, inventory is down significantly and the number of homes with accepted offers (in escrow) is very high. This combination of factors looks promising for continued improvement. And we are not alone - … (0 comments)

ross: Marin County, CA. Real Estate Update — December 2009 (Homes For Sale & Price Ranges) - 12/19/09 02:08 AM
The Marin County, California real estate market approaches the new year with momentum. While the beginning of 2009 was terrible for sellers and the market overall, the latter half of 2009  was quite strong across many market segments, giving brokers and home owners a reason for optimism in 2010. While year over year prices are down in many price segments and locations within Marin, some areas have actually seen prices increase (albeit nominally) year over year. Indeed, I believe that many brokers feel as though absent further crisis, we are at or near the end of the downward cycle - after 3+ years.
As for bread and butter homes … (0 comments)

ross: Marin County, CA. Real Estate Update — May 2009 (Homes For Sale & Price Ranges) - 05/21/09 03:58 PM
The leading indicator of future sales is the number of homes in escrow at a given time. We have experienced over 60 new escrows in five of the past seven weeks and over 70 for the past three weeks. May 2009 new escrows will likely surpass the levels of April and May 2008. As you can see from the below chart (which goes back 6 months), the number of escrow is up 105% and sales are up 30%. 
The upsurge in sales and escrows is seasonal, but also due to low 5% interest rates on conforming loans right now. We are also … (0 comments)

ross: Marin County Real Estate (February 2009 Homes For Sale Market Report) - 02/14/09 09:03 AM
As of this writing, the Stimulus Bill and its apparently watered down home buyer tax credit is being finalized. Yet economists and consumers are grim. Ergo, the Marin County, California real estate market continues its slow and steady march into the teeth of a tireless media storm of negativity. Yes, the market overall is fairly slow, but not as slow as it may appear. Sales in Northern Marin’s Novato were up 30% January 2009 over January 2008–as I like to say, "Give Yourself a Raise–Move to Novato!" 
The chart below shows a 90-day rolling average of Mill Valley’s new listings and … (0 comments)

ross: Film Night In The Park -- Marin & San Francisco - 08/30/07 04:00 AM
For something a little different and definitely fun, head to the movies in an outdoor setting. Below is the schedule of "Movies in the Park" in Marin and San Francisco. Take some blankets and enjoy! All start times are 8 p.m.
See you at the movies!

ross: Marin County Real Estate August 2007 Update (Homes For Sale & Price Ranges) - 08/11/07 03:51 AM
The number of homes for sale (inventory) in Marin County, California continues marching upwards. There are 689 active listings (down from 701 active listings this time last month). We are off the high water mark for the sheer number of homes for sale in Marin-although we are likely to see an uptick of homes on the market in September. 
The graph below breaks down the current number of homes for sale in Marin County, California, as of August 1, 2007, along with the price ranges for each town/city. Also included is a note indicating whether inventory is up or down over the past month:
Marin Single Family Homes For … (0 comments)

ross: Forbes Calls Marin County, California "Best Schools for the Money" - 07/15/07 05:38 AM
There are lots of reasons people love Marin County, California-the proximity to San Francisco, the easy commute, the weather, the dedicated open space, the beaches, the Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, the lack of crime, and the list goes on. But, for many, the biggest reason is the schools. It is well known that Marin schools are outstanding and have tremendous parental involvement.
As reported by the Marin Independent Journal, Forbes Magazine recently identified Marin County as providing the best education relative to per capita spending.  As noted by Forbes, "[m]ore spending doesn't necessarily buy you better schools." 
Forbes looked at property taxes across the country, per-pupil spending in public … (0 comments)

ross: Marin County, California (Luxury Portfolio Homes) - 06/30/07 04:00 AM
Marketing luxury homes requires attention to detail and unique resources and talents. Frank Howard Allen Realtors' inclusion in the Luxury Portfolio Fine Property Collection's stable of extraordinary property purveyors underscores the esteemed regard of Frank Howard Allen Realtors in the real estate community, and more importantly, provides tangible and unique benefits to sellers and buyers of Marin's finest homes.
The luxury properties featured in this esteemed network are among the most exclusive in the world and include fine homes ranging from traditional homes here in Marin, to sweeping estates, to exotic retreats, to country manors, and urban pied-a-terres. Of the 1,000 most … (0 comments)

ross: Marin County Luxury Home Sales (Market Report) - 05/26/07 05:14 AM
The number of Marin luxury homes for sale continues to rise. In the $2 million to $4 million range, the number of active listings is up by 9 for a total of 107 homes. That may seem like a lot. But, 38 homes in that price range sold in Marin last month (up from 23 the month before).  
Mill Valley and Tiburon account for the largest number of homes sold last month in the $2 million - $4 million market segment - 10 homes each (the average days on market was about 52 and the average sales price about $2.8 million). Tiburon and Mill Valley also have the most homes currently … (0 comments)

ross: Marin Mothers' Clubs/Groups - 05/22/07 01:30 PM
Corte Madera/Larkspur Mothers' Club:  playgroups and monthly meetings, 415/451-7234, website MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers): inspirational speakers and monthly meetings, 415/485-1497 Novato Mothers' Club: playgroups, outings, and mixers, 415/458-4203, website Ross Valley Mothers' Club: playgroups and family fun, 415/721-4576, website San Rafael Mothers' Club: meetings, 415/451-7355 Southern Marin Mothers' Club, meetings for moms in Sausalito, Mill Valley, and Belvedere, 415/273-5366 Marin Parents of Multiples Club: education, social, and emotional focus on challenges faced by mothers of multiples, website Other Groups/Sites of Note
Baby Boot Camp Mommytrack'd … (0 comments)

ross: Marin County Population Growth Surges in Novato - 05/04/07 03:27 AM
As noted in a recent news report in the Marin Independent Journal, growth rates in Marin were relatively low over the past year.  Overall, population growth was 0.9 percent last year (for a total population of 255,982). 
In Novato, however, the population grew by 2.4 percent to 52,426, largely due to new housing in Hamilton Field and Atherton Ranch.  Over the past seven years, Hamilton has seen over 2,100 homes built.  The large increase in population (mainly young families) has resulted in rapid increases in the number of children attending Hamilton Elementary School, which has grown from 365 children to 488 … (0 comments)

ross: Marin Luxury Home Market (Sales Report) - 04/20/07 06:40 AM
The past month has seen a significant rise in the numbers of homes entering the market, especially in the $2 million to $4 million range (the number of active listings is up by 26 for a total of 96 homes).  That may seem like a lot.  But, 23 homes in that price range sold in Marin last month.  Mill Valley boasts the largest number of homes sold last month in this market segment - 6 homes sold (the average days on market was 45, the average sales price was $2.76 million,and the average price per square foot was $797).  Tiburon was next - 4 sales (the … (0 comments)

ross: Marin County Farmers Markets (Corte Madera, San Rafael, Larkspur, Ross, Point Reyes, Novato, San Anselmo, Fairfax, San Gernonimo) - 04/17/07 03:46 PM
Marin County Farmers Markets
Nothing beats a sunny morning at the local Farmers Market.  And Marin has some very good ones with lots of seasonal local and organic produce.  Here are some worth checking out:
Corte Madera (Town Center Courtyard, noon to 5 p.m. on Wednesdays, year-round)Civic Center (at the Civic Center, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Thursdays and Sundays, year-round)Downtown San Rafael (on Fourth St. between B St. and Lincoln Ave., 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., April 5 through September 27)Fairfax (Peri Park, Wednesday nights)Larkspur (Larkspur Landing, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturdays, May 19 to October)Novato (Grant Ave. between Machin and … (0 comments)

ross: Marin County Real Estate Update (Homes For Sale/Price Ranges) - 02/26/07 05:38 AM
The graph below breaks down the current number of homes for sale in Marin County, California, as of February 26, 2007, along with the price ranges for each town/city:
Marin Single Family Homes For Sale
The number of homes for sale is edging upwards as the year progresses-countywide, there are 459 active listings.  The high point (in terms of the sheer number of homes for sale in Marin County) will likely be May. While the number of homes for sale has gone up, it is still very low historically (especially in Larkspur, which has only 5 active listings). 
There are a couple anomalies … (0 comments)

ross: Kentifield, Marin County (Profile) - 02/22/07 06:47 AM
The Kent family name is emblazoned across Marin. Family patriarch, Albert Kent bought the 800-acre valley that would later become Kentfield and his son William was a Marin congressman and founder of Muir Woods. Among the area's many attributes: gracious homes, stunning views, wooded neighborhoods and good schools, limitless outdoor activities, and fabulous weather make this one of the most desirable places to live in the Bay Area.  And home prices reflect this. Kent Woodlands is unquestionably one of the hottest real estate locations in Marin, with multi-acre properties that often sell in the $4 million and up range.
When it rains, it pours in Kentfield. … (0 comments)

ross: Ross, Marin County, California - 02/16/07 02:20 AM
Ross is an exclusive area boasting some of Marin's finest homes.  It is tucked in between San Anselmo and Kentfield in the middle of Central Marin's Ross Valley. The town takes its name from James Ross, a Scotsman who came to California during the Gold Rush, made a fortune selling wine in San Francisco, and bought the tract of land where the town now stands in 1857. Among the prominent institutions in town is the Marin Art and Garden Center, a hub for a variety of nonprofit groups.
The small downtown, bordering the soccer fields of Ross School, has a grocery store, … (0 comments)

ross: Marin County Buyers Jumping Off The Bubble - 01/21/07 01:06 AM
In Marin County, over the past few weeks and back as far as mid-November, more and more buyers have made their move and written offers on homes they feel represent good value.  Many of them are bubble sitters who stood back over the past year to see where the chips were going to fall (e.g., hoping prices would fall precipitously). 
Over the past two weeks, anecdotal evidence shows that buyers are confident that prices have found their bottom.  Two modest homes in Tiburon, which were priced to sell, got multiple offers (3 and 5 offers, respectively).  This trend is also being seen in Belvedere, Mill Valley, Larkspur, Greenbrae, … (0 comments)

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