video: YouTube SEO Successful Videos - Not Just Cute Animals - 04/11/17 09:47 AM
YouTube SEO Successful Videos - Not Just Cute Animals
Recently, I was going to post this as part of a run on video. However, I ran short on time and I was having problems uploading graphics so, I will do my best to tell you about what you should be doing to get the most SEO success from your videos.
When I stopped writing before, I was talking about ways to use video. I left off with making neighborhood videos but I didn't get the chance to tell you how to make it successful.
People like neighborhood videos, especially if they just want a quick … (2 comments)

video: Successful Video Marketing - 03/30/17 09:07 AM
Successful Video Marketing
Well, are you a Successful Video Marketing Agent? Here we are...
It's Friday. Been outta town last week playing cowgirl . Oh, And I visited my parents too! And last week was overwhelming. You guys keep me hopping!
Today I thought we would delve into the wide-wide world of video marketing. Can you believe that video marketing actually takes talent? Unless you can land on a railing on your insides and roll around for a while. Those usually go viral. Seen too many to even cringe anymore.
As with many of the topics I bring up, this will probably be more than one lesson … (13 comments)

video: Video Syndication 101 - 03/02/16 07:22 AM
What You Need to Know About Video
Video Syndication 101
By now, I would hope you have all had the chance to create and post a video or virtual tour on one of the online platforms (YouTube typically being the most popular). Your kids, grandkids, dog, cat, whatever, I'm sure you have at least one out there! Have you ever syndicated your video? Video Syndication 101 is your first step to getting noticed.
So what did you think? How do you think you did? Do you think you made it SEO friendly and searchable? Believe it or not, there is a method to posting … (6 comments)

video: Simplify Blog Posting? Step III - 10/08/15 03:49 AM
I am excited to say that I have heard from several folks about this blogging concept and how we can Simplify Blog Posting. Step I to Simplify Blog Posting,  IMHO, laid out the basic floor plan. 
To quickly review: Step I is to Make Your Plan, Decide WHY you are blogging, and figure out what your readers want to know about.
STEP III - Let's start sorting it out.
Years ago when social media became the "new black" of marketing, the message was that you should be on every single platform out there. That meant MySpace Facebook, Twitter, ActiveRain, FourSquare, Yelp, and LinkedIn to … (0 comments)

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