buyer: Dual Agency/ is it worth taking on? - 04/16/17 06:14 AM
Happy Easter to everyone!
Recently, I have been involved in "double bubbles" more than ever, in my 17 yr career in real estate. I have to say that I'm not sure why they have come about more frequently, other than more years in the business provides more of a referral basis. 
I find them very challenging, not to convey that in a bad way but quite the opposite- I enjoy the challenge! Some Realtors I've spoken with don't involve themselves in such situations and just simply refer out one side or the other. I can relate to doing so, but then again I'm a … (6 comments)

buyer: A Short note about Short Sales - 02/10/17 09:07 AM
Currently in an offer with a buyer on a short sale which I explained b4 going into it to buyer, that it can be time consuming on awaiting a close date. I tried taking on a listing that was in this situation a couple of years ago, but vowed to never do it again! LOL/ I came to the decision if I take another listing of this sort, I will get a profession negotiator involved or a short sale attorney.
The negotiations with the bank can be both very time consuming and frustrating(depending on the bank).  From a buyer's view, it can also … (7 comments)

buyer: Home Buying-1st Step - 07/07/14 07:52 AM
Ok, so you have made the plans of purchasing a home, maybe tired of paying rent, maybe tired of living @ home, or maybe it's just time!
A little vision ahead can be a positive thing.......a Down payment is crucial,of course. How do u set aside $ for a down payment, though? Well, there again, a future "look ahead" is smart.
Deadlines are a serious requirement for any goal to be achieved. Set your time frame on paper and STICK to it. Create an account in a bank designated solely for your monies to purchase. Just like a vacation fund, swear jar, or savings … (0 comments)

buyer: Can your Attitude really make a difference? - 06/13/14 09:30 PM
In a closing yesterday, I experienced one of the happiest #Buyers I have ever had the opportunity to work with! She was estatic that on her final document sign, she was a homeowner-  :) 
This excitment rubbed off on everyone in the room.....and even with the heavy rain occuring outside, the happiness in that moment, far exceeded any "dampness" that could have developed! 
This just reinforced my belief in that a positive attitude at all times, whether internal or  experienced external, can have amazing effects. Life is full of unknowns and challenges. The best way to handle these is with a … (2 comments)

buyer: Learn,Learn,Learn - 04/18/14 03:49 AM
An intricate part of Life, in my opinion, is to educate yourself everyday. The role of a Realtor, especially, comes with a demand to do so in being successful.
Along this regard I went to a seminar the other day, on the topic of bamboo and the possible intrusion that occurs with bordering neighbors. There is a law that has been put in place  as of this past Oct because of the, again, possible nuisance that can occur.
It is Public Act No. 13-82 if u care to view the actual document. It was quite interesting the extent this seemingly harmless looking plant … (0 comments)

buyer: But, I'm not in a hurry - 05/17/13 03:17 AM
Ah Yes, I met a new Buyer recently that once again uttered that famous line- “I’m not in a hurry.” It used to be I would take that literally and expect the timing to locate something to be elongated.
Experience has taught me though, most times, the “not in a hurry line” means absolutely nothing. I just chalk it up to a buyer not wanting to be pressured into a quick sale and I can respect that, as I am not high presssure anyway.
I do find it comical just the same, as sometimes the first time out with the Client(s), we find … (2 comments)

buyer: Communication/not a thing of the past - 09/30/12 05:27 AM
Recently, I have run into situations in my real estate career that have prompted me to this posting. Communication is a key element in life in general, more importantly in business.
Case in point, Sellers primarily, like to have a correspondence with their Realtor more often than most Realtors do, myself included. When Realtors are working with Buyers the constant contact is already there as it is required to get the deal to closing. Selling/ Listing a home on the other hand does not require that until the time of an offer is in place.
Emailing, texting, are great but still … (0 comments)

buyer: Short Sales r everywhere - 06/29/12 09:09 PM
In the current real estate mkt the phrase short sale is certainly a predominate one! When u r a Buyer’s Agent you cant help but run into them. My philosophy on them is that they r here to stay for a while so accept the challenges that come with them and look at it as another opportunity in the Entrepreneurial world of a Realtor. Buyers can certainly stand to gain as they may b able to “land” a home at well under the market value if they are patient. That seems to be the key word- patience. Given the fact that … (0 comments)

buyer: Hitting the right price - 05/13/12 12:10 AM
With the current mkt at hand, and the number of short sales that I have encountered, the correct price on a Listing is important more than ever. I have instituted a program in the sh sales, taking into consideration the activity, by lowering the price every 3-4 weeks in order to generate an offer that can get presented to the Lender. The Seller should not have a care as, unfortunately, they are not going to profit from going thru this process. Which leads me to the “normal” sale of realizing a profit. Common sense tells me that this same program of … (0 comments)

buyer: Critiquing a Home - 08/22/11 09:46 AM
In the Business of Real Estate, a Realtor representing Buyers can certainly attest to the difference in them. One Buyer can see thru the possible clutter of a home or condo, and another Buyer has difficulty in experiencing that vision. Buyer “A” wants open floor plan and hard wood floors, Buyer “B” doesn’t care about the floor plan as long as it has a Garage and Basement. In either instances, Human nature possesses the need to critique our domains to our own likings and rightfully so, given a 30 yr attachment to the investment! In this current mkt, sweat equity should … (2 comments)

buyer: Short Sales/ sign of the times - 07/30/11 01:47 AM
This mkt has its challenges, more so, because of the qty of short sales out there. From a Seller point of view, it is a way to unburden them of the monthly mortgage that most time is a slow strangulation of finances, emotions and quality of life. Whether it be: income loss or decrease, divorce, job relocation or downsizing, it can put the homeowner into this unfortunate, common event in these times. Short sales have less detriment on the credit of a person than foreclosure and should be considered seriously before letting it get to that point. Buyers, on the flip … (2 comments)

buyer: Closing Day - 02/19/11 02:27 AM
So, the buyer’s closing day is fast approaching and the anxiety is flying in getting all done for the important day. Movers, homeowner’s insurance, last minute docs, funds to close, and switching utilities, are all part of the finalization of the home searching process. The Movers should be someone that should be researched as early as possible, because of availability, pricing and service. End of the month, of course, is the busiest time for moving companies and should be given serious consideration in the planning. Each company may offer different options on what they wrap, how and what they move, and … (3 comments)

buyer: Professional Home Inspections - 01/13/11 06:42 AM
Professional Home Inspections Posted on January 13, 2011 by kgreenrealestate Mr/Mrs Buyer have been looking for the right home and now have solidified an executed contract on said residence. And so, the process begins of a Real Estate transaction! One of the key items is to have an Inspection on the property as to alert or educate the Buyer of existing or future problematic situations. I honestly have to say being a Realtor in my 11th yr., that I learn something new during this process almost every time( or maybe it’s renewed in my over 50 brain,not sure!) Anyway, I always … (0 comments)

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