realtor: How and why of Customer service/experiences - 09/07/17 09:04 AM
  Being in the people business I pride my self on response and always being positive if at all possible. With this mindset, I look for it in my own personal experiences with services, I utilize.
For Instance: The difference it makes in a conversation over the phone with a person if they are upbeat in their voice, as it is contagious and makes whatever it is we are dealing with, a more pleasant experience.
- My Local Dunkin ( my day starter) has an order taker that is awesome in how he performs his position! You can feel it in … (2 comments)

realtor: Real Estate- Myth or Real? - 07/16/17 06:02 AM
Real estate has many different facets connected to it. Over the course of their Real Estate career, most Realtors can attest to the following statements:
Realtors make a lot of money/ Could be true, but most People don't realize the work ethic a Realtor needs to achieve this...
Realtors make their own hours/ true to some extent as we are self employed individuals, the realization is though, our Clients determine our work hours....
When selling a home you need to list higher than what it will actually sell for to allow for negotiating room/ my opinion- to some degree, but the closer you can … (0 comments)

realtor: Selling from a Seller's point of view - 07/10/17 05:23 PM
Being a Realtor, as I'm sure other Realtors will attest, we've experienced quite a few seller's emotional, points of view. Selling a home is a stressful thing to go thru and depending on the circumstances, it can certainly pull on emotional strings.
Selling a family home that has been in the family for a number of years
Medical Hardship
Financial Hardship
All of these listed are means of additional stress that can be added to a home retailing situation.  Realtors normally experience these emotions that are emitted from our sellers.
The writing of this post was prompted by recent events, exactly depicting the list mentioned. … (1 comments)

realtor: 2016 news in CT for Real Estate - 01/18/17 09:50 AM
Well, diving into 2017 I thought I'd cap some info for the previous year, derived from our Berkshire Hathways 4th qtr Market report......
Average days on the market was less than 92 days for the nearly 10% more homes that sold under 1 million Mortgage rates rermained low, lowest since 2012 -which is great news Unfortunately, Residents moving out of state were a disturbing high number/60% of state moves were outbound Gen X and Baby Boomers created a demand for more Townhouse & Condos, including some new construction start ups Unemployment rate decreased in Nov to 4.7% which was the 5th … (2 comments)

realtor: Connecticut Housing Market Snapshot - 08/08/14 02:17 AM
In a recent newsletter supplied by Berkshire Hathaway- I found the info there interesting and thought I would share-
Litchfield County-home sale prices up 18.5 % over last yr
Fairfield County-again, sale prices are up 7.8 %
Hartford County-ironically, sale price had same surge of 7.8%
Middlesex County-increase of 16.5% in NUMBER of sales and an increase of 27.3 % total dollar volume
New Haven County-total dollar vol DOWN 3.7 %
New London County-total dollar volume up 9.3 %
Tolland County-total dollar vol up 6% / avg sales price up 1.5 %
Windham County-avg price up 2.9%
all in all, CT … (2 comments)

realtor: Is there money to be made in flips? - 07/30/14 06:09 AM
In the current real estate mkt, Realtors get approached many times with this question.Auction property, Foreclosures, bank owned, REO(real estate owned),short sales are all out there. 
An investor and or his/her Agent need to do their due diligence to see if the numbers work. My general opinion is that there are opportunities but they are not as plentiful as one might think. My area is Central CT so it might in fact be different outside of that. 
Of course, it is all from point of view, too. One investor/contractor may think $20000 profit over 6-9 months is a good investment, others … (1 comments)

realtor: Home Buying psycology - 07/03/14 07:17 AM
In a recent video based on NAR statistics, the biggest fear with first time buyers was the paperwork involved in doing so. I for one, would have never thought-
Having that implemented in my mind, I thought I would pass on some thoughts I have in being a Realtor, on the psyche of a potential buyer, and suggestions to possibly ease the anxiety.
accept that buying a home is a big commitment and a little stress in the process is inevitable there is really no "right time" to buy, awaiting price drops, interest rate changes, may cause an outcome not desirable to the buyer on … (3 comments)

realtor: Sincerity..... - 06/26/14 04:57 AM
The thought came across my mind the other day about how the topic of this blog is sometimes lost in this crazy world we live in. For instance, when we meet someone and say "How are You?" do we really listen to the reply?
Or "have a great day!" do we mean this in sincerity or do we just say it? I'll be the first one to admit that sometimes in this hurry up, multi tasking society we reside in, that it escapes me.
Being a Realtor, and living out of our cars, it gives us lots of time to think, being on … (0 comments)

realtor: Real Estate is a contact sport - 06/22/14 10:56 AM
The other day in the office/ one of my co-agents said these words. Funny, I never heard in all the 14 yrs of doing this, this expression!
Boy, aint it the truth though! Case in point, just a few happenings as of late to me that proves the theory. 
I always make it a point to wear my name plate everday, and getting gas recently, the attendent in the store spotted it and asked about my services as he was looking for investments a week or so ago I attended a grad party and one of the guests that I hadn't … (3 comments)

realtor: But I NEED to sell it for ........ - 06/05/14 10:09 AM
We have all had the experience of a combating a seller on the correct List price of their home. They think its worth X and you show them the comparative sales in the area depicting a value of Y. 
Being in the business for over 13 yrs, I have recently run across my FIRST listing that I really need to very seriously think, if I want to service. It's not like a Realtor to give up easy, and I am certainly one that fits into that category. 
Sellers will say that I NEED to get "this much" out of the sale of … (6 comments)

realtor: Tempus Fugit - 05/29/14 10:31 AM
A Latin expression meaning "time flees" or more commonly know as "time flies." This topic came to mind this past week as I married off my Daughter at the ripe age of 25- it is a memory that will be with me for the rest of my natural life!
I think where did 25 yrs go? Funny when u think, a quarter of a century, sounds like a loooong time/but realty is, that it's quite the opposite. I went on a listing appointment this week and the seller indicated to me that he was 50 and was not "wasting" time anymore, as he has a … (0 comments)

realtor: To do or not to do Open Houses - 05/18/14 10:55 AM
One of the age old questions in real estate is can an #Open House be beneficial to selling a home that a realtor has listed? My position as a 14 yr “veteran” as they say, is YES. Does it happen often/ no….but-
A #realtor‘s responsibility to their#Seller is to expose the home to as many potential Buyers, in the event to locate that one, that decides to put pen to paper and write-up an offer. In today’s technological world, when an #Open House is put in a newspaper, it also is syndicated to many websites, so it may catch the interest of a possible Client.
It … (6 comments)

realtor: Realtors- a different Breed - 05/09/14 10:41 PM
Ok, time to be a little boastful on the topic of my Profession and the individuals in it called Realtors. To be in this Biz called #real estate U need to have the personality trait of a person that likes to help persons!
Case in point, we r one of a kind being that we answer the phone at 10:00pm in the event there is a concern with our Clients.
Just this past week, I took my chain saw to a #Clients home to help cut up some branches that had fallen.
A #Realtor that I am currently doing a deal with located a rental that I had … (2 comments)

realtor: Teamwork of Mortgage Officer & Realtor - 05/08/14 10:29 AM
In the real estate world, Having a good team to assist a Buyer is paramount. Each position in the Blog’s title, is equally important in achieving the goal of reaching the closing table. 
Trust, responsiveness, efficiency are all traits that need to be in tact between both professionals.Trust as the saying goes,Trust is earned, respect is given,& loyalty is demonstrated/ betrayal of any of these is to lose all 3.  In this instant gratification society we r involved in, timely response impresses buyers. I can’t blame them as I have said in the past to Clients, I put myself in their spot and I would … (0 comments)

realtor: Floor Time vs Open Houses - 04/30/14 10:20 AM
 In the career of a Realtor, there are many different avenues that a day’s time can be spent. The 2 topics in the subject heading are considered by some agents as “wasted time.”
I would beg to differ, as the phrase goes. Floor time or phone time in the office, is a necessity of responsibility to the Realtor’s office and co- agents. It could be a loooong 2 or 3 hrs, if in fact the phone doesn’t ring, which is unusual, especially in this Spring market that we r in. This time spending task,including the Open House, allows a busy agent, time … (0 comments)

realtor: Daffodils,dafodils,daffodils - 04/24/14 04:36 AM
I have to put a great shout out to my local town of #Meriden- born and raised and still reside here, it is a great town with a lot of great people! From a Realtor's point of view, it is a great town to buy in as the surrounding towns are more expensive to purchase real estate in.
From a Resident point of view- this weekend marks our annual #Daffodil Festival, taken place in Hubbard Park, celebrating the unending number of the bright yellow flowers that pop up this time of yr. It really is a great time with "fair food," … (2 comments)

realtor: Think u are cut out to be a Realtor? - 04/19/14 09:56 PM
Over the past 13 yrs in my Profession, I have come across comments, questions on being a Realtor that I thought I would share/
Comment- you must have a lot of patience Question- what are your hours of working? Comment-it's 10PM and you are answering your phone? Question- how does one become a Realtor? Comment-You sound tired Question- how many homes have you sold in the last 6 months? Comment-Thank you for all you did to make this happen Question- How long will this short sale take? Comment-I see your signs(company) everywhere Question- Can we see this property of interest on … (2 comments)

realtor: Learn,Learn,Learn - 04/18/14 03:49 AM
An intricate part of Life, in my opinion, is to educate yourself everyday. The role of a Realtor, especially, comes with a demand to do so in being successful.
Along this regard I went to a seminar the other day, on the topic of bamboo and the possible intrusion that occurs with bordering neighbors. There is a law that has been put in place  as of this past Oct because of the, again, possible nuisance that can occur.
It is Public Act No. 13-82 if u care to view the actual document. It was quite interesting the extent this seemingly harmless looking plant … (0 comments)

realtor: Interesting Stats/2013 - 04/10/14 11:55 PM
Well,now that we r well into 2014 thought I’d share some National Statistics on the previous yr. provided from the National Ass of Realtors, on Sellers, that I found particularly interesting.
Typical age of a Seller=53 Medium Income=97500 77% were Married 14% were single Females 61% had no children living at home under age 18 9 yrs was the avg time in present home before selling Primary reasons for selling were 1)home to small 2)job relocation 3)wanted to move closer to friends/family 4)neighborhood decline 5)change in family situation average distance moved was 18 miles 88% used a Realtor 9 % were for sale … (2 comments)

realtor: How quick should a Realtor respond? - 06/23/13 01:41 AM
In this instantaneous gratification society we live in, one would think that a Realtor, would have a reaction to a lead as quick as possible. I can't put a number on the amount of times that it's been brought to my attention how fast my response is compared to my competition. I don't want this to come off as "blowing my own horn" as that is not the reason behind this post at all. It is just something that I believe needs to be stated.
It is unimaginable to me, with the exception of emergencies, why this delayed or worst yet, non … (3 comments)

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