seller: Dual Agency/ is it worth taking on? - 04/16/17 06:14 AM
Happy Easter to everyone!
Recently, I have been involved in "double bubbles" more than ever, in my 17 yr career in real estate. I have to say that I'm not sure why they have come about more frequently, other than more years in the business provides more of a referral basis. 
I find them very challenging, not to convey that in a bad way but quite the opposite- I enjoy the challenge! Some Realtors I've spoken with don't involve themselves in such situations and just simply refer out one side or the other. I can relate to doing so, but then again I'm a … (6 comments)

seller: A Short note about Short Sales - 02/10/17 09:07 AM
Currently in an offer with a buyer on a short sale which I explained b4 going into it to buyer, that it can be time consuming on awaiting a close date. I tried taking on a listing that was in this situation a couple of years ago, but vowed to never do it again! LOL/ I came to the decision if I take another listing of this sort, I will get a profession negotiator involved or a short sale attorney.
The negotiations with the bank can be both very time consuming and frustrating(depending on the bank).  From a buyer's view, it can also … (7 comments)

seller: But I NEED to sell it for ........ - 06/05/14 10:09 AM
We have all had the experience of a combating a seller on the correct List price of their home. They think its worth X and you show them the comparative sales in the area depicting a value of Y. 
Being in the business for over 13 yrs, I have recently run across my FIRST listing that I really need to very seriously think, if I want to service. It's not like a Realtor to give up easy, and I am certainly one that fits into that category. 
Sellers will say that I NEED to get "this much" out of the sale of … (6 comments)

seller: Tempus Fugit - 05/29/14 10:31 AM
A Latin expression meaning "time flees" or more commonly know as "time flies." This topic came to mind this past week as I married off my Daughter at the ripe age of 25- it is a memory that will be with me for the rest of my natural life!
I think where did 25 yrs go? Funny when u think, a quarter of a century, sounds like a loooong time/but realty is, that it's quite the opposite. I went on a listing appointment this week and the seller indicated to me that he was 50 and was not "wasting" time anymore, as he has a … (0 comments)

seller: Interesting Stats/2013 - 04/10/14 11:55 PM
Well,now that we r well into 2014 thought I’d share some National Statistics on the previous yr. provided from the National Ass of Realtors, on Sellers, that I found particularly interesting.
Typical age of a Seller=53 Medium Income=97500 77% were Married 14% were single Females 61% had no children living at home under age 18 9 yrs was the avg time in present home before selling Primary reasons for selling were 1)home to small 2)job relocation 3)wanted to move closer to friends/family 4)neighborhood decline 5)change in family situation average distance moved was 18 miles 88% used a Realtor 9 % were for sale … (2 comments)

seller: Selling in Colder Months - 01/29/13 10:43 AM
While the warmer months are generally regarded as the time for home sellers to get their property ready for sale, marketing the home in winter and early spring is just as important. Homebuyers are out looking for homes 12 months a yr and there’s no reason to drop the ball on sprucing up a home Dec thru March.
Tips for selling in the winter months:
HEAT IT UP: If u r planning an Open House or have showings scheduled, turn up the thermostat and make the home warm and inviting. A cold home shopper will race thru a house and start … (2 comments)

seller: The Successful smell of real estate - 01/04/13 03:41 AM
Home sellers do everything they can to make their house look as beautiful as possible, yet appealing to home buyers’ other senses can be just as important --  especially when it comes to the sense of smell.
While you may not think your home has a smell to it, freshening the air and filling the home with sweet aromas can do wonders in making a favorable impression.
Most people know the old trick of baking bread or cookies to entice the noses of those looking around a home. That fresh bread smell is achieved by slicing open a large loaf … (2 comments)

seller: Communication/not a thing of the past - 09/30/12 05:27 AM
Recently, I have run into situations in my real estate career that have prompted me to this posting. Communication is a key element in life in general, more importantly in business.
Case in point, Sellers primarily, like to have a correspondence with their Realtor more often than most Realtors do, myself included. When Realtors are working with Buyers the constant contact is already there as it is required to get the deal to closing. Selling/ Listing a home on the other hand does not require that until the time of an offer is in place.
Emailing, texting, are great but still … (0 comments)

seller: Watch as U walk thru - 07/20/12 04:10 AM
There’s nothing worse than finding a great home only to discover that it’s a money pit waiting to happen. Let’s face it, sellers won’t always disclose everything that’s wrong. No house is ever as “perfect” as it may appear, and with an inspection and due diligence on the part of you and your agent, you will learn about most potential problems. Watch for red flags. Start by looking around the neighborhood. Are there many homes for sale? Are local stores and restaurants closing? If you notice that a lot of people are looking to leave the neighborhood, there’s probably a reason … (0 comments)

seller: But I want my home advertised in the Newpaper! - 06/04/12 08:44 AM
With the Profession of a Realtor comes responsibilities of figuring out the ROI of marketing a home for your Client. Newspaper advertising vs online marketing is always a consideration and concern with Sellers. Newspapers were the way to go yrs ago but today’s best investment of time and energy is online advertising.
With 97% (according to NAR) of the public looking on-line for homes and real estate agents, it just makes more sense to utilize this avenue. The Social Media opportunities out there, are endless to enhance the exposure factor.  I find that Open Houses, even though they are put out online, … (49 comments)

seller: Hitting the right price - 05/13/12 12:10 AM
With the current mkt at hand, and the number of short sales that I have encountered, the correct price on a Listing is important more than ever. I have instituted a program in the sh sales, taking into consideration the activity, by lowering the price every 3-4 weeks in order to generate an offer that can get presented to the Lender. The Seller should not have a care as, unfortunately, they are not going to profit from going thru this process. Which leads me to the “normal” sale of realizing a profit. Common sense tells me that this same program of … (0 comments)

seller: Short Sales/ sign of the times - 07/30/11 01:47 AM
This mkt has its challenges, more so, because of the qty of short sales out there. From a Seller point of view, it is a way to unburden them of the monthly mortgage that most time is a slow strangulation of finances, emotions and quality of life. Whether it be: income loss or decrease, divorce, job relocation or downsizing, it can put the homeowner into this unfortunate, common event in these times. Short sales have less detriment on the credit of a person than foreclosure and should be considered seriously before letting it get to that point. Buyers, on the flip … (2 comments)

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