helpful information: What are you really "negotiating" and why? - 06/28/11 04:29 AM
What are you really "negotiating" and why?
" teach me about negotiations!" Why?"Well, because my prospects always want to negotiate the deal."No, they want to negotiate your price."Well, yes." REALITY: People that want to negotiate your price are in reality negotiating your profit. Any time the word "negotiate" appears in a sales situation, it means both your price AND your profit are going down. RETHINK NEGOTIATION: Where's "value negotiation?" Where's "customer profitability negotiation?" Where's "customer productivity negotiation?" Where's "customer improved morale negotiation?" Uh, they're nowhere. That's because negotiations in sales have "lower price and loss of profit to the seller" at … (0 comments)

helpful information: Always give your customers more than what they expect - Service Tips - 06/28/11 03:30 AM
Service Tips
•·         To give real service in our industry you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.
•·         Always give your customers more than what they expect.
•·         If you love your customers to death, you can't go wrong!
•·         If you don't care, your customer never will.
•·         Although your customers won't love you if you give bad service YOUR COMPETITORS WILL!
•·         Your customers don't expect you to be perfect.  They do expect you to fix things on their files when they go wrong!
•·         If you are not serving your customers, you need … (1 comments)

helpful information: Never project your buying prejudices into the sales process - 06/24/11 06:42 AM
Never project your buying prejudices into the sales process.
The objection that you will tend to have the most difficulty answering successfully is that objection that is the most consistent with your own value system.
If you are a price buyer and your prospect objects to price you will tend to accept their objection. If you are the type of buyer who tends to think decisions over before making a purchase and your prospect says to you, "We need to think this over." Again, you will tend to go along with their objection as rational or making perfect sense (because that … (1 comments)

helpful information: In a slump? 2 ways to energize your daily routine! - 06/22/11 10:55 AM
In a slump?  2 ways to energize your daily routine.
The most seasoned sales professionals will occasionally deal with slumps.  They happen for a number of reasons, but the most important part is finding a way out!  Here are two ways to focus your efforts and get back on track:
Become the early bird.  Granted, you may have entered a slump because you are feeling burnt out, but there is a clear difference between working hard and working smart.  One way to working smarter could be to get into the office an hour earlier to organize your day, establish your goals … (3 comments)

helpful information: A shoeshine and a smile are never out of date - 06/21/11 02:04 AM
A shoeshine and a smile are never out of date
Styles change, and your shoes may not be the kind that should shine, but if they are, they should.  That is a part of the packaging of the product and service you sell.  The smile is a universal component of all sales. Get good at it and you will earn a good living as a result.  People like to do business with people they like, and having a sunny countenance makes people like you.  Few people like a sourpuss.  Given the choice of being happy or sad, why not smile on … (5 comments)

helpful information: What makes you so good? Do more of it! - 06/16/11 08:15 AM
What makes you so good?  Do more of it!
Few of us will live long enough to fix our weaknesses. Relax; life is too short to focus on our shortcomings.  What has God given you that works?  The more you know about what you do best, the better you will be able to do it.
Do a little research with your friends who are also your customers.  Ask them in a positive moment why they buy from you.  Some answers will surprise you, but you will find that several people will tell you the same things. Those are the things that … (3 comments)

helpful information: What do you do and what do you have that your competition doesn't? - 06/15/11 10:07 AM
What do you do and what do you have that your competition doesn't?
We all have little things that we do that no one else does for customers.  Be sure you know what they are.  It might be a special thank you.  It might be flowers for a great quarter.  It may be a consultative sales approach that offers real value to your clients business. It may be the way we greet our customers and our customers' customer when they walk into our office.  Whatever it is, it is part of why people buy from you and not someone else.
What … (2 comments)

helpful information: What is the objective for the next call? Be one step ahead! - 06/15/11 05:13 AM
What is the objective for the next call?  Be one step ahead!
The sales cycle often takes several calls or a number of steps.  Don't be afraid to skip to the close whenever it seems like a good idea to do so, but when you do get agreement on phase one, be sure you plan what your next move should be.  Write it down so that you don't have to try to remember exactly where things were left hanging. (Folks this is value proposition #1 on call reports and call logs)  Who said yes?  Whom else do you need agreement from?  … (0 comments)

helpful information: Even superstars hit for average. Keep on swinging!! - 06/13/11 02:27 AM
Even superstars hit for average. Keep on swinging
We are told not to take rejection personally.  No one has ever explained how not to take it personally.  A sports analogy is often used which says that a Hall of Fame baseball player strikes out seven out of ten times at bat.  You might wonder how they would handle going zero for fifty or a hundred, which is the norm in many selling fields.  Regardless of the numbers, there are tricks of the trade to help deal with the built-in adversity of the world of selling.  First, you can't take things … (2 comments)

helpful information: Know thy enemies as thee know thyself - 06/09/11 03:58 AM
 Know thy enemies as thee know thyself
How do you go above and beyond to really know your competitors and develop strategies for winning more business?
Your customers are a great resource.  It is extremely likely that many of your customers know more about your competition than you do.  That is because they have likely conducted business with our competitors in the past.  They may be intentionally doing a split of business for fear of putting all of their eggs in one basket.  You can learn from their experience by scheduling a routine meeting with them.  In the course of … (2 comments)

helpful information: Keep your car ready for inspection - Clear Lake Texas Sales Tips - 06/09/11 02:28 AM
Keep your car ready for inspection.
Or as the artillery unit of the U.S. Army says: "If it don't shine, it won't shoot." 
** For a couple of you, you will likely fondly remember the "spot car inspections" way back when! :0)
Each new finance trainee at United Parcel Services must look at the cost of washing their trucks each day and say that considerable savings could be gained by washing the fleet every other day.  They miss the point that being bright and shiny every day is part of the esprit de corps of an effective business enterprise. Everyone … (3 comments)

helpful information: A Sale Is Not A Sale Until It Is Opened, Closed and Paid For! - 06/09/11 02:19 AM
A Sale Is Not A Sale Until It Is Opened, Closed and Paid For!
Have you ever walked away from a meeting or presentation with a great feeling and a commitment to do future business (my next deal is yours!), but you felt that something was not quite right?  Maybe the presentation went too smoothly, or closing the deal was just a tad too easy?  You shoot an email off to your broker or sales manager "we've got Jane Smith as a client!".  Three weeks later you hear back from the broker "how did it go with Jane Smith?"  And you realize … (0 comments)

helpful information: The less you say, the more it appears you are listening - 06/08/11 01:50 AM
The less you say, the more it appears you are listening
Many of us were hired into sales because we are talkers. We have the gift of gab. We want to work with people. These were all the wrong reasons for getting the job. As it turns out, you have to be concerned about others, not yourself. We have to listen to others, not to ourselves, or we will begin to starve! What to do? Take a deep breath. Lots of them! We have to learn to let the other, less interesting people talk. This is a tough business we are … (3 comments)

helpful information: DO YOU HAVE A YOUTUBE VIDEO?? - 06/06/11 10:43 AM
Did you know that 13 hours of videos are uploaded on every minute and 100 million videos are viewed daily.
If you don't have any exposure on YouTube please take a look at my 35 second video that you can create in 5 minutes. 


helpful information: Don't take the givens for granted. - 06/06/11 10:25 AM
Don't take the givens for granted.
Not to be paranoid, but things change, and if you are not in favor of big surprises, it is best to test all major waters on a regular basis.  There might be some good surprises waiting to be discovered.  If you don't get to them in a timely fashion, perhaps somebody else will.  If it's good news-wonderful.  If it's bad news, the sooner you know, the better, and better you know first before everyone else knows the sky is falling.
It may be as simple as confirming appointments or checking by phone to … (1 comments)

helpful information: Impatience is a virtue- Push a little harder - 06/06/11 01:57 AM
Impatience is a virtue.  Push a little harder.
No one likes to be pushed, so we all try to be gentle with our prospects and customers. Unfortunately, that's really not good for them-or for us.  We are paid to help them move forward (with our product or service).  We have to move the question.  We have to do it politely, but persistently. We must do it with a smile, but we must keep the sales process moving.  "Give me a call when you are ready," or "Let me just leave some information for you," are not acceptable sales sentences.  We are … (5 comments)

helpful information: 3 Ways To Keep Someone's Attention - 05/31/11 05:05 AM

helpful information: The Art of Social Listing Exposure - Clear Lake Texas Real Estate Tips - 04/26/11 11:05 AM
The Art of Social Listing Exposure  If you're looking for the article that tells you how to blast your listings out to everyone on the Web, this isn't it. If you're looking for the article that gives you a list of all the Facebook apps that auto-post listings to your business page or wall...this still isn't it. But if you want to know how to share your listings in a socially engaging manner on Facebook or even Twitter...then you indeed came to just the right place!
Nearly every time I teach a Facebook class to real estate professionals there is usually … (0 comments)

helpful information: A new perspective on winning... and losing - 04/26/11 10:58 AM
A new perspective on winning... and losing.
Simon has autism. Simon loves to win. Actually Simon needs to win, and thrives on coming in first. Simon also HATES to lose, and some of his autistic symptoms manifest themselves when he can't claim, "I WON!" or even, "I DID IT!"
You know how kids are. They'll yell, "Race you to the tree!" when they're already half way there, and in full stride. When they reach the tree they triumphantly scream, "I WIN! I WIN!" without regard for how they won. Simon is the epitome of that scenario.
Simon is eight years old. … (0 comments)

helpful information: BUSINESS TIP OF THE WEEK... - 04/19/11 07:51 AM
Two of the most powerful words in business are "thank you." Let your customers and employees know how much you appreciate them. Say "thank you" often. Even better, write them a note--not an email, text or Tweet, but an old-fashioned, hand-written, personal note!


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