affordable housing: Profiles in Urban Redevelopment : Mueller Austin - 12/26/08 08:07 PM
What once was an airport is now an inner city place to live and work. The Robert Mueller airport opened for business in 1936. It served Austin and surrounding cities for 63 years before being closed down.

With Austin continuously growing, it was only logical to develop Mueller into something the community could use to its advantage. In 2002, the city began its Mueller Master Development Agreement, turning this open land into a retail and residential masterpiece.

The city has developed this land into a affordable place to live and work. The Mueller community was inspired by … (3 comments)

affordable housing: Worst Idea Ever to Fix the Housing Downturn - 10/10/07 09:18 PM
Ok so the national real estate market is doing poorly. Many markets are seeing falling prices. When prices are falling, people with low savings that are forced to sell can find themselves facing foreclosure. The credit crunch is lowering the number of buyers further depressing prices. What are some steps to help the market and avoid a record number of defaults?
1) Lower interest rates
2) Help buyers avoid foreclosure by offering buyers flexibility on loans
3) Construct a bunch of houses and dump them on the market further depressing prices.
Wait what? Yes the House is looking … (1 comments)