neighborhoods: Dove Springs-A Quaint, Family-Oriented Community - 08/18/10 04:59 PM
A quaint, tree-lined rural community exists in Southeast Austin called Dove Springs, and it has a unique charm and many opportunities for recreation, housing, entertainment and access to the central city area. Dove Springs can be found by exiting I.H. 35 and traveling east on Stassney, among other routes, and the neighborhood's proximity to the freeway is another advantage to residents.

Most of the street names include the word Dove, such as Dove Meadow, Dove Hill, Dove Wood and others. These streets are tree-lined, quiet, meandering, residential streets, with inexpensive to moderately priced homes and duplexes, as well as numerous … (0 comments)

neighborhoods: Recipe for a Successful Real Estate Investment - 07/05/10 06:53 PM
There are a few wants that home buyers perceive as needs when shopping around for a home. As you're shopping for your next home, you may not have any idea how long you will live there as you may need to sell at some point. With that in mind, consider some practical features potential home buyers look for when buying their next home. That way yours will be positioned for quick sale if or when you decide to put it on the market in the future.

Basic Functions

When you bought your first home, things like central air, a … (1 comments)

neighborhoods: The Pleasures of the South First Street Area in Austin Texas - 09/14/09 04:39 PM
The South First Street area has become a vibrant community lately, especially for pedestrians and bicyclists, since it is so densely packed with new establishments and businesses. The area is very unique and quirky; many of the businesses cater to the music industry and other artistic types.

There are a number of interesting clubs and restaurants as well, most of which offer live music on a regular basis. Two such venues are Jovita's and Freddie's Place, both delightful locations with shady trees with well known as well as new musical acts which usually perform early in the evening, to the … (2 comments)

neighborhoods: The Hancock Neighborhood of North-Central Austin - 07/03/09 09:04 PM
The Hancock Neighborhood of North Central Austin is a historic area just north of the University of Texas Campus and downtown Austin. The Hancock Neighborhood is very close to historic Hyde Park, and some of the streets and borders of the two neighborhoods overlap or are adjacent to each other. The boundaries of the Hancock area include I.H. 35 the east, Duval to the west, 29th street to the south, and 41st street on the northern edge.

One of the earliest settlers of the Hancock area was Susanna Dickinson, who was a survivor of the Battle of the Alamo, and … (1 comments)

neighborhoods: The Brentwood Neighborhood of Austin - 06/26/09 08:49 PM
The neighborhood of Brentwood in north central Austin was originally a cotton farm until about 75 years ago, when the City of Austin annexed the land and land was purchased to build a school, Brentwood Elementary, which opened in the early 1950s. Brentwood is the name used to refer to the area of Austin between Lamar, Justin Lane, Burnet Road and 45th Street, and the school is in the middle of the neighborhood. There is also a tree-lined street called Arroyo Seco which runs through the middle of Brentwood and divides the neighborhood in half, forming what are jokingly referred to … (2 comments)

neighborhoods: The Retirement Community of Sun City Texas - 05/27/09 03:40 PM
Sun City is a retirement community located in Georgetown. It is not the normal retirement home or community. This community offers its residents small town charm, but just minutes from Austin. Sun City was also recently named one of the nations top retirement communities by Retirement Places Rated, a guidebook for seniors wanting to relocate upon retirement.

Its location is excellent, and has extremely affordable cost of living and tax advantages. Currently Sun City has about 5,500 homes and plans to expand to 7,500 homes by 2012-2013.

Most of the homes in Sun City range in price beginning … (3 comments)

neighborhoods: Finding A Neighborhood that Fits - 05/08/09 05:34 PM
Starting the search for a new home can be both exciting and a little daunting. Whether Austin has been home-base for years or a brand new place, deciding which neighborhood to buy a house in can be a big decision. If you could live anywhere, where would you go?

Generally speaking, the house hunt is restricted by factors such as price and commute. But that is only the start. Some other things to consider are schools, crime rate, taxes, traffic, and proximity to shopping or parks. The list of things to mull over when looking for the right neighborhood can … (4 comments)

neighborhoods: Walkable Neighborhoods in Austin - 03/03/09 03:35 PM
What makes a neighborhood walkable? Streets and roads that are accessible for everyone; and have wheelchair ramps, lots of benches with shade and sidewalks on all streets.

Walkable neighborhoods have well designed streets that everyone can use, including bicyclists, pedestrians of all ages and abilities, people getting on and off transit vehicles.

Another thing to look for in walkable neighborhoods are well connected streets that improve traffic and provide many routes to any destination.

Austin has many walkable neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are easy to get around in, and have many amenities that pedestrians can access very easily.

neighborhoods: The Small Town Of Bastrop, Texas - 01/13/09 06:41 PM
Bastrop is a wonderful "little" city to live in. Nestled in the middle of the "Lost Pines" it makes a beautiful place to live and it is convenient to Austin- Bergstrom Airport, Austin and is growing by leaps and bounds! Since 2000, the population has jumped by more than 42% and the cost of living in Bastrop is nearly 22% lower than the rest of the country; no wonder people are flocking to Bastrop.

Since Bastrop is growing so quickly, so is the economy. Jobs have increased by nearly 3.0% and if you have noticed, there are new shopping centers … (1 comments)

neighborhoods: Wells Branch Neighborhood - 01/09/09 06:31 PM
Located in the northern extremes of Austin, the Wells Branch neighborhood is a vibrant community established in 1982. The residential area is quiet and serene, while being in close proximity to the crown jewel of North Austin - the new Domain shopping center. Wells Branch Parkway is one of the main arteries connecting IH 35 and Mopac, making this neighborhood accessible to the employers and schools of Round Rock and the northern areas, as well as to downtown Austin. Their vigorous neighborhood association sponsors many activities, including parades, clubs, dance and exercise lessons and holiday celebrations, creating a true community.


neighborhoods: The Rosedale Neighborhood - 10/17/08 07:34 PM
During the 1800s, the neighborhood now known as Rosedale was farm and dairy land, and even later, in the early 1900s, the area was used primarily for plant nurseries and florist shops, and remnants of those days remain. This lovely area, which retains the look of abundant growth, is still heavily covered with foliage, trees, shrubs, and flowers, and is also quiet and peaceful.
Most of the homes in the Rosedale neighborhood were built in the 1930s and 1940s, and are unique and historic, with numerous cottages, wooden bungalows and brick homes. The Rosedale neighborhood is located in the northern … (0 comments)

neighborhoods: The Travis Heights Neighborhood of Central Austin - 10/12/08 07:35 PM
Travis Heights is one of the most eclectic neighborhoods in Austin, and has a rich history. The neighborhood was originally an exclusive suburb south of the Colorado River, now known as Lady Bird Lake, and the neighborhood was established in 1913 by the Newning and Swisher families, along with General Stacy, for whom the parks in the area are named. The neighborhood was actually originally settled in the late 1900s, informally, but did not really expand or become fashionable until the early twentieth century, when it grew rapidly. The neighborhood's borders are generally considered to be I.H. 35 to the east … (0 comments)

neighborhoods: Central Texas Profiles : Elgin Texas - 07/19/08 12:10 PM
Elgin is a small city which is located 23 miles east of Austin and 17 miles north of Bastrop, and Elgin is also known as the Sausage Capital of Texas! Elgin covers an area of 4.7 square miles, and in the census of 2000, the city reported a population of 5,700 inhabitants. There were 1869 households reported, and 1349 families living in the Elgin area at the time of the census of 2000. The population density was 1214 people per square mile. 36% of the population reported family members being under the age of 18, and 51% were married couples living … (0 comments)

neighborhoods: How To Minimize The Stress Of Moving - 07/12/08 08:30 PM
Regardless of whether it's across the country or across town, moving is a stressful, expensive and time-consuming event. It requires extensive planning, organization, and a lot of physical activity. While there is no easy way to move house, there are several things you can do to simplify the process and reduce the amount of stress on yourself.
First things first: identify a target moving date. You'll want to take a variety of factors into consideration when determining your moving timeframe, such as work schedules if you're changing employment, school schedules for your kids, housing considerations such as rent or lease … (2 comments)

neighborhoods: Austin Hipness Moves South - 06/19/08 06:11 PM
For decades, bumper stickers have adorned cars all over central Austin, proudly proclaiming "78704 – More Than just a Zip Code." The South Austin lifestyle originated there, but as Austin real estate prices rose, and fancy restaurants and shops re-energized South Congress, a migration of hip-ness began. Now, a new bumper sticker is gaining in popularity, reading "78745 – the new 78704."
This is the perfect area for a young couple to start off. The area is roughly bordered by Westgate Blvd. to the west, Ben White to the north, Slaughter to the south, and Congress to the east, and … (1 comments)

neighborhoods: Neighborhood Profiles – Southwest Austin - 06/11/08 05:54 PM
As the Austin Texas real estate market expands in all directions, areas we used to think of as “way out there” are not only seeming closer, but are getting their own infrastructure. Maple Run in Southwest Austin is just one of those areas. Located south of William Cannon, north of Slaughter, west of Brodie and east of Mopac, this little oasis offers quiet streets, attractive and affordable housing, burgeoning businesses and is a hop, skip and a jump to one of the city’s cleanest, newest and nicest parks.
Each street in the area seems to have its own personality. The … (0 comments)

neighborhoods: Austin Neighborhood Profiles : Travis Heights - 03/15/08 11:46 PM
Lying just west of IH-35 and south of Riverside Drive is one of Austin’s most appealing neighborhoods, Travis Heights. Its rolling hills and winding roads have long been a haven for a diverse culture, with a mixture of housing to match: perfectly kept bungalows, a few large estates and smattering of shabby cottages.
Housing in South Austin began later than other centrally located neighborhoods due to difficulty getting supplies across the Colorado river. Once a stone pier bridge was built on Congress avenue in 1883, the area began to flourish.
General William Harwood Stacy, along with partner Charles Newning, … (0 comments)

neighborhoods: Austin Neighborhood : Bryker Woods - 02/07/08 12:15 PM
Just a few miles from downtown Austin, bordered by Westover on the south, 35th street on the north, Shoal Creek on the east and Mopac on the west, lies the old Austin neighborhood of Bryker Woods.
Though the neighborhood was named in the 1930s, the origins of the area go back as far as 1886, when the 14 lot William Thiele subdivision was platted within one block between 34th and 35th streets, which still exists today. In the early 1900s, other subdivisions popped up nearby, like Camp Mabry Heights, which named its streets with a patriotic theme, such as Pershing … (0 comments)

neighborhoods: Austin Neighborhood: Pemberton Heights - 12/23/07 02:41 PM
Pemberton Heights is one of the centrally located neighborhoods located in the central Austin real estate market. High upon the bluffs overlooking Pease park, sits one of Austin’s exclusive, and somewhat overlooked, neighborhood, Pemberton Heights. The Austin Development Company created Pemberton Heights in the late 1920s, and lured potential buyers by offering "fancy $3500-$4000 cottages" as well as "$150,000 mansions." Their brochure touted, "over five miles of paved and shaded streets and sidewalks."
Today, Pemberton Heights is filled with sizable homes that are a wide variety of styles, from mid-sized brick bungalows to revivalist Tudor mansions. As opposed to many … (0 comments)