restaurant: The Grove Wine Bar & Kitchen: Austin's New Wine Bar on the Block - 11/16/08 01:59 PM
Austin's booming economy has always been a draw for restaurateurs and bar owners, offering tantalizing new opportunities and a constant desire for something new and different. The latest craze to hit the hip Texas capitol is wine bars "both older, established places that have been around for years, and newer, funkier alternatives are drawing in crowds like never before. This trend is particularly noticeable in Austin's popular downtown warehouse district, where several new wine bars and restaurants have cropped up in the past year, and have found success and popularity among Austin's young professionals and older patrons alike.
But downtown … (1 comments)

restaurant: How to Eat Well Without Overspending - 08/27/08 08:21 PM
With living costs rising at a seemingly constant rate, simple, everyday expenses are getting more and more difficult to accommodate, and many people are finding their budgets getting tighter than ever. While there are plenty of areas people can trim their budgets, such as spending on entertainment or shoe shopping, the rising costs of necessary items like food and gasoline make it harder and harder for people to cut enough spending elsewhere in their budgets to accommodate the increased expense of these everyday necessities. And despite the need, it's simply unrealistic to eliminate all extraneous spending in order to make room … (2 comments)

restaurant: Farmer's Markets - 07/31/08 06:24 PM
With the recent push towards local, sustainable eating, Austin residents are lucky to claim quite a few local farms. Many of these farmers bring their freshly harvested produce in to town periodically as part of one of the farmer's markets located throughout the city. Not just produce, Austin's farmers markets also feature locally made products such as cheese, tamales, breads, jams, soaps, and other handicrafts. With live music, entertainment for the kiddos, and an air of celebration, these bi-weekly events provide sustenance for the spirit as well as the body.
Austin Farmer's Market: With two locations, this aptly named market … (1 comments)

restaurant: Austin Hot Sauce Festival - 06/09/08 05:28 PM
With almost two decades under its belt, the Austin Hot Sauce Festival is a time-honored tradition featuring some of the most defining characteristics of life in Austin: hot sauce, hot weather, live music, great food and a fantastic way to give back to the community.
A major fundraiser for the Capital Area Food Bank, the festival boasts free admission, with a donation of three healthy, non-perishable food items or a cash donation to the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. Always held in late summer, the weather is guaranteed to rival the sauces in hotness, but this popular event consistently … (2 comments)

restaurant: Austin Burger Places - 03/11/08 08:54 PM
Though many in Austin consider themselves to be health conscious, there are still moments in each of their lives when a good hamburger sounds delicious. Austin is home to many burger joints, and some have been around for over half a century.
Hut's Hamburgers has been around since 1939. Homer "Hut" Hutson opened his establishment originally on S. Congress Avenue. That same year, Sammie's Drive-In opened on W. 6th Street. In 1959, Hut moved his burger joint to the current location of GSD&M's Idea City on 6th, and a decade later bought the Sammie's Drive-In lease. Though the Drive-In was … (1 comments)