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2008  www.RockyPointKim Kim Barber, Re/max, Puerto Penasco/Rocky Point,  602-334-4359      I blogged the other day about how pleased I was with the price of getting my car cleaned, here in Puerto Penasco/Rocky Point.  I mentioned that in Phoenix they charged anywhere from $26.00...
0 Comments 602 334-4359  Re/max Legacy, Puerto Penasco/Rocky Point Mexico      I hope this is the worst story I ever tell about Puerto Penasco/Rocky Point Mexico.  It's not a bad reflection on the town, but rather, some American visitors.      It was a very hot ...
0 Comments  Puerto Penasco/Rocky Point Mexico 602 334-4359     As a child, growing up in the bread basket, fish was a meal I rarely encountered, when I did, it was usually served in the form of a tuna fish sandwich.      This result was that I never acquired a ta...
How to Read a Tide Calendar - Kim Barber, Rocky Point/Puerto Penasco Re/Max      If you visit a place with a tide and look in the back of nearly any magazine directed at tourists, you're likely to see a tide calendar.  Since moving to Rocky Point/Puerto Penasco, I've seen probably a dozen.  They ...
It's Cheaper in Mexico - Kim Barber Puerto Penasco/Rocky Point Re/max      I recently, again, had my car in to be cleaned.  It cost me just under $10.000.  The wash and waxed the outside by one of those drive through machines, then they decended upon the inside.  They wiped and vacuumed and perfu...
Don't Be a Secret Agent - Kim Barber Puerto Penasco/Rocky Point Mexico RE/MAX      Being somewhat new to real estate, I was a bit reluctant about getting my face out there.  I can't explain it exactly, but it's related to the belief that I think I'm not very photogenic.      Then I heard a couple...
Biker Rally Chili Cook Off for Charity - Kim Barber, Puerto Penasco/Rocky Point Re/max      What a great idea, a cook-off for Charity.  Recently some of us Realtors in Puerto Penasco/Rocky Point did just that.      We were lucky to be having a bike rally at the right time, and we were able to hol...
Drop Christmas Donations at Rocky Point RE/MAX Legacy Mexico     Members of Puerto Penasco/Rocky Point's real estate community (AMPI) will be sponsoring a Christmas party for the families of the men at CIDA.  And RE/MAX will be a donation collection area.      Many of these people have nearly not...
Before:   After - MUCH Better!: 602 334-4359
     My daughter is dating a boy she met in college.  I'm just getting to know him.  I decided today that I like him, in part due to the fact that he's buying a house.      I think the decision to buy a house at such a young age (20) says a lot about him that I like.  He's willing to work hard - ...

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