santa monica short sales: Are Homeowners Relived Of All Debt Obligations When Doing A Short Sale, Series 8 - 03/07/12 08:18 AM
If your home is considered residential 1-4 units, then yes, according to CAR legal series you are relieved of debt obligations. However, be aware, that there are many changes happening on the local and national level each month. They are in favor of the homeowner's doing short sales. Make sure you hire a seasoned short sale agent and potentially speak to legal counsel. A good short sale agent will have these resources for you. See below for exact info, part of an on-going series:
II.  Effect on Borrowers of Short Sales
Q 8.  Is the seller in a short sale … (11 comments)

santa monica short sales: Santa Monica Short Sale, 1144 10th St, Foreclosure Stopped at the Eleventh Hour - 02/15/12 08:50 AM
Santa Monica Short Sale, 1144 10th St, Foreclosure Stopped at the Eleventh Hour!   This North of Wilshire condo has had an offer for the past few weeks, and we knew the foreclosure date was approaching. In the past, an offer submitted to Bank of America's Equator system will stop a foreclosure date within a few days. Not true. We have been diligently working to stop this foreclosure every day, utilizing all of our channels and contacts with Bank of America.    Last night, we still did not have confirmation the foreclosure sale for 11 am today was still not postponed.  After … (8 comments)

santa monica short sales: OWN, Suze Orman Money Secrets Revealed: Loan Modifications - 01/11/12 04:46 AM
So if you're considering a loan modification on your home in Santa Monica? Watch this video: Did you watch this show? The show goes on, and Suze recommenced this woman, Dierdre, let her house go to foreclosure. Dierdre is unemployed, underwater in her home, and in a trial period for a loan modification.
You'll hear what happens to your credit when you work toward a loan modification or loan forbearance. If you're in a trial period, that does not mean you will be granted a loan modification. You could owe the difference between your lowered payments and full payments after … (4 comments)

santa monica short sales: Santa Monica California Condo Short Sale! North of Wilshire - 1144 10th St - 10/05/11 10:04 AM
North Of Wilshire, Santa Monica, Short Sale … (1 comments)

santa monica short sales: What Is Chase Bank Doing With Your Bail Out Money? - 09/16/11 02:05 PM
What are bank executives doing with your bail out money, TARP?

Besides getting rich, Cherry picking luxury homes for their own enrichment.
This is the most difficult short sale of my career, even worse than the Bank of America short sale in 2008 that took a year for approval. I have never had a bank so insistent on foreclosing on a homeowner. From day one, the home was assigned to a special high balance department who have since been adamant on foreclosing. When speaking to this department, they believed foreclosing is in their best financial interest. Every time … (7 comments)

santa monica short sales: Highest Priced Short Sale in Santa Monica - 07/07/11 01:02 PM
North Of Montana, Newer Tuscan … (2 comments)

santa monica short sales: Zombie's at 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica, Coming Soon Near You! - 04/18/11 05:02 PM
This past Saturday I was enjoying a lovely day leisurely shopping at Santa Monica's outdoor Third Street Promenade.  In between stores doing some window shopping a large group of Zombie's took over my sidewalk.  I thought to myself,"OK now what movie is being filmed? and where is the film crew?"  I looked all around and did not find one single film crew member, nor camera's. 

There was no movie, no Hollywood extra's since this is a group of local Zombies that do public walks. They have public walks all over the world. Watch out for Zombies in your neighborhood.  Coming … (4 comments)

santa monica short sales: Gov't orders 14 lenders to reimburse homeowners! - 04/13/11 01:29 PM
Government is ordering lenders to reimburse homeowners for botched foreclosures.  How much farther can the government put it's head in the sand.  WHAT ABOUT NOW, WHAT'S BEEN HAPPENING AND STILL IS...
As you may know we do quite a bit of short sales.  There are very few homeowners that actually want to do a short sale.  Why are we going back a few years?  Why not help those in need now?  I'm really sorry about these foreclosures.  But, they are in the past.  How about putting your glass of kool-aid down and be here now.  Help homeowners now, doing loan modifications … (2 comments)

santa monica short sales: Simply Wishing You A Beautiful Sunday... - 04/03/11 07:22 AM
As I'm getting ready for our open house today in Santa Monica, North of Montana.  I'm reflecting on the recent events in Japan.  I chose this video today from the Black Eyed Peas.  It was filmed in Japan 1 week before the earthquake and Tsunami hit.  My thoughts go out to all the people in Japan for a quick recovery and ethical rehab of their community.  Please enjoy the music and have a beautiful Sunday!


santa monica short sales: Simply Wishing You A Happy Sunday... - 03/27/11 12:07 PM
I'm watching American Idol this year.  It's really great to see Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony judging and helping the singers out.  Seeing him this week on the Idol reminded me of a Salsa class I took at my gym Spectrum Club.  One of the songs we danced to was the Marc Anthony song I have posted below.  It can be stressful calling the banks non-stop then waiting for crucial decisions to be made.  Explaining and supporting our Sellers & Buyers about this short sale proces.  It's a lot of exta work, worth it in the end. But, still A LOT … (2 comments)

santa monica short sales: Simply Wishing You A Beautiful Sunday... - 03/20/11 02:07 PM
Happy Birthday!! to me and any other March babies. :) I really had a great day today. It has been raining all day. Not the typical So Cal showers, that start in the morning and stop in the afternoon. It's raining consistently in buckets sometimes. I went to a great little popular Italian restaurant. We usually have to wait to eat and end up sitting in the tiny hall way by the bathrooms. Not today! The rain kept most people inside. I had an excellent birthday meal and birthday desert was Tiramisu. Yummm! Have a beautiful day! :) Kristine


santa monica short sales: Simply Wishing You A Beautiful Sunday... - 02/27/11 06:18 AM
Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!  I'm getting ready for my open house and will be silently singing, John Lennon.  It's important to sing especially when the weather isn't typical.  Also, there is a pretty big awards show on later today.  Her's to the cold and sunny weather in Santa Monica.   We are all looking foward to watching the Academy Awards tonite.  Off to Whole Foods for wine and cheese after the open house. 
Let's sing!  (and learn some Spanish)

Kristine :)

santa monica short sales: Surviving Your Serengeti, Must Read If You Are Going To Expand Your Business - 02/23/11 01:19 PM
The Serengeti is here in our every day lives whether we want to admit it or not.  I know first hand in terms of real estate.  I'm part of a family team with my sister here in California and our mother in Arizona.  Our business is increasingly more and more short sales.  So much that we need to consider expanding our team.  We have been resistant, or maybe I should say cautious about bringing on someone new.  Part of this is about familiarity of doing business with my sister and mother.  They are a solid support for me.  Which is greatly needed when doing short sales and foreclosures.  Also, … (10 comments)

santa monica short sales: Top Five Questions Asked When Buying A Short Sale. #1 Who Pays For Closing Costs? - 01/25/11 05:41 AM
I wanted to share with you the most frequently asked questions a buyer has when purchasing a short sale. This is the first article in a series of five.
Question #1: Buyers want to know who pays the closing costs in a short sale? As a buyer you want to ask your agent this question before you write an offer. The best time to ask it is during your first meeting. In a short sale all terms, conditions and closing costs are subject to lender approval. Sounds pretty vague, right?
Let me tell you what closing costs you should ask for … (7 comments)

santa monica short sales: Need To Know Short Sale Laws, CA Senate Bill, Deficiency Judgments Are Not To Be Pursued. - 01/10/11 01:36 PM
There is a new Senate Bill, SB 931. The Sentate passed it late 2010 then our Governor passed it, effective January 1, 2011.  "Purchase Money" loans and "Refinance" loans are viewed the same, no deficiency will be pursued in a short sale.
This is such great news for homeowners that are in the process or considering a short sale.  In California homeowners with "Purchase Money" loans of homes that are 1-4 units that have been occupied as their primary residence are protected.  Since we are a non-recourse state. However, homeowners that did refinance were not always covered.  The banks were not clear … (0 comments)

santa monica short sales: What's Selling In Santa Monica? - 11/19/10 02:03 PM

The most recent sales activity for the last 30 days, 11-19 to 10-19, 2010.
Homes, Condos, Income Property
Sold: 64
Average DOM: 77
Average Price: $1,172,793
Average Price per Square Foot: $577.23
Average Sales Price to List Price: 93.28%
14% of these sales were distressed properties, 4 short sales & 5 foreclosures.
The highest number of sales were 32 condo's with an average of 76 days on market.  Next, are single family residences with 25 sales and 69 days on market.  Finally, income property had 7 sales with the average days on market 114.  More people are buying … (0 comments)

santa monica short sales: Santa Monica Townhouse: Short Sale, Priced to Sell - 05/21/09 10:46 AM

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