short sale information: Are Homeowners Relived Of All Debt Obligations When Doing A Short Sale, Series 8 - 03/07/12 08:18 AM
If your home is considered residential 1-4 units, then yes, according to CAR legal series you are relieved of debt obligations. However, be aware, that there are many changes happening on the local and national level each month. They are in favor of the homeowner's doing short sales. Make sure you hire a seasoned short sale agent and potentially speak to legal counsel. A good short sale agent will have these resources for you. See below for exact info, part of an on-going series:
II.  Effect on Borrowers of Short Sales
Q 8.  Is the seller in a short sale … (11 comments)

short sale information: Have You Ever Wondered, "Why Would A Lender Agree To A Short Sale?", Santa Monica, CA Series 7 - 01/26/12 07:47 AM
As an agent I can tell you that houses sell better with someone living in them.  Even if it’s not an entirely clean house.  It has a warmth and personal feel to it.  Vacant houses tend to have a cold empty feel to it.  In terms of a business decision it’s better for the lender to work with a homeowner doing a short sale.  See below for more info, Series 7, from CAR legal issues on short sales. Q 7.  Why Would A Lender Agree To Accept A Short Sale? A  Lenders may have ample incentive to negotiate a short sale … (2 comments)

short sale information: Gov't orders 14 lenders to reimburse homeowners! - 04/13/11 01:29 PM
Government is ordering lenders to reimburse homeowners for botched foreclosures.  How much farther can the government put it's head in the sand.  WHAT ABOUT NOW, WHAT'S BEEN HAPPENING AND STILL IS...
As you may know we do quite a bit of short sales.  There are very few homeowners that actually want to do a short sale.  Why are we going back a few years?  Why not help those in need now?  I'm really sorry about these foreclosures.  But, they are in the past.  How about putting your glass of kool-aid down and be here now.  Help homeowners now, doing loan modifications … (2 comments)

short sale information: Homeowners, "How Much Is This Short Sale Going To Cost Me?" Question #3 - 02/10/11 04:07 PM
This is a series of 5 frequently asked questions about short sales.  We love getting this question since most homeowners considering a short sale are under financial stress.  It's really important to know the costs.  You want to know how much especially if you have already spent every last dollar on paying your mortgage.  Let me first share with you what our clients have had to pay, if anything.  The costs have ranged from $0 to $10,000.  The norm being $0 to $1,000.  We have had one client pay $3,000 and another pay $10,000.  Both of these clients were high income … (5 comments)

short sale information: I'm selling my home as a short sale. What can I expect? Question #2 - 02/09/11 11:39 AM
Here is a broad overview of the short sale process:
This is Question #2 in a series of the most frequently asked questions in a short sale.  Our clients want to know what is expected of them and the timeline.  We have created a general overview of each step.
 Step 1 Prepare package for each lender.-complete short sale bank forms-provide documentation,    Federal Tax Returns all pages, last 2 returns   2 Most recent bank statements, all pages   2 Most recent pay stubs   Financial Hardship Letter Of Explanation   Copy of mortgage statement for each lender Step 2 Marketing and Listing of PropertyReceive Offer Step 3  Present Offer with entire short sale package … (4 comments)

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