harriman real estate: Wednesday Winners! - 07/13/11 05:46 AM
Wednesday Winners...
This group of boys are winners in my book.  They work hard at playing baseball.  They practice great teamwork.  This group of boys, ages 7 & 8 will be playing in the Tennessee Dixie Youth State Championship games.
The game starts in less than 25 hours and man these boys are pumped!  But, they aren't near as pumped right now as they will at 8:00 tonight.  Their fearless coach, Josh Igou has a pep rally planned tonight to really get them going!
Everyone in the community is invited.  If you're in the neighborhood be sure and stop in at the Kingston … (8 comments)

harriman real estate: Take Me Out To The Ballgame... - 07/01/11 05:06 PM
Take Me Out To The Ballgame...
Seth's big #9 was yesterday and he and several of his buddies went to the Smokies Baseball game in Sevierville Tennessee. The Smokies are a farm league team for the Cub's. We celebrated #8 the same way and Seth thoroughly enjoys the fun time he and his buddies have.
Part of the festivities include throwing out the first pitch, having his name in the big lights and singing happy birthday to him while he's standing on top of the Smokies dugout.
The Smokies played the Carolina Mudcats and rallied at the end to win 7-5. … (13 comments)

harriman real estate: Wordless Wednesday...Goofy Boys - 06/29/11 03:19 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Goofy Boys
I've had both of these goofy boys since Monday. Seth is mine and I have him ALL the time. C.J. is a friend that stays with Seth from time to time. Seth's sister Daesha is at 4-H camp this week so Seth has had C.J. with him since Monday.  This is the third night in a row that C.J. has spent the night.
Last night I was the coolest Nan ever. I built them a fort in Seth's bedroom by pulling the twin beds apart and placing the mattresses across both sets of box springs forming a cover over the … (5 comments)

harriman real estate: Thankful For a Jack of ALL Trades... - 06/29/11 02:31 PM
Thankful For a Jack Chris of ALL Trades...
The following is a list of things that make me thankful for a wonderful Hubby:
He can do anything He knows everything (or at least I make him think he does) He's a plumber (we probably have more dripping faucets than anyone) He's a preacher (most of his sermons are directed at me) He can fix/repair most anything in the house He's a great gardener (veggies and flowers) He's put up with me for 31 years (but who's counting) Really, Hubby is a great guy and tonight he's in the hospital with chest pains. I … (7 comments)

harriman real estate: Celebrate Good Times, Come on! - 06/28/11 07:58 AM
Celebrate Good Times, Come on!
Just like Kool & The Gang from the 1980's, I'm celebrating today too. My celebration is for exceeding 100,000 points!  (Can I get a way to go Kim)?
I'd like to thank my friend Cindy Edwards from Northeast Tennessee for finally twisting my arm hard enough to make me take the plunge.  By taking the plunge I've met many members that feel like long lost friends.  Members like Joni, Judi, Gwynn, Kristine, Jennifer, Barbara, Gabrielle, Billi, Brenda and last but not least Richard and Charles.  I hope that in the months to come many more names will be added to … (33 comments)

harriman real estate: Historic Charmer in Cornstalk Heights - 06/28/11 06:01 AM
Historic Charmer in Historic Cornstalk Heights...Listed in This Old House in 2010 as one of the top 50 Historic neighborhoods in the United States.
This charming two-story was the first brick home built in Historic Cornstalk Heights, built in 1890 this jewel has hardwood floors, claw foot tub, covered front porch, and character galore.  Located in Downtown Harriman, Tennessee and within walking distance to church, shops, theater and more.  Unbelievably priced at $94,900.
For additional information please call Mountains to Lakes Real Estate at 865-285-9042.

harriman real estate: Hard Times? Owners Beware! - 06/27/11 03:48 AM
Hard Times?  Owners Beware!
In difficult times people may do what they normally would not do. I'm here to remind you, Owners Beware!
With the unemployment rate hanging in around 9.1%, many people not able to find work, many young people out of school and bored, drug use at an all time high...I'm here to remind you, Owners Beware!
Agents, if you have a vacant house and your owner resides out of the area...I'm here to remind you, Agents Beware!  Make sure either you, your owner, or someone is keeping an eye on the vacant property.
Thanks to a cautious neighbor I … (8 comments)

harriman real estate: On the Road Again... - 06/27/11 02:43 AM
On the Road Again...
Three sweet girls on the road for 4-H camp along with about 200+ other children.  This is Daesha's second year to attend 4-H. She loved it last year and was so looking forward to this year.
Each day is packed with fun things to do however visiting the emergency room should NOT be on that list. But that is exactly what happened last year. Daesha ended up with a twisted ankle but she mended well and still had a great time.
This picture is of Madolyn, Madolyn and Daesha.


harriman real estate: Speechless Sunday - 06/26/11 03:23 PM
Speechless Sunday...
Hubby and I celebrated 31 years of married bliss this past week.  The only problem is, Hubby forgot.  Now, I don't have a problem with his forgetting...he's getting old, has much on his mind, etc.
Hubby has always go overboard on gift giving. He likes to surprise me and I like to be surprised.  Well, needless to say he was stunned that he had forgotten our anniversary. 
So...we're taking a much needed trip. I can't wait to get away! 
I want to thank each of you that gave me wonderful suggestions but we ended up reserving something totally different than … (6 comments)

harriman real estate: Calgon, Take Me Away... - 06/23/11 02:47 PM
Calgon, Take Me Away...
I'm sure this dates me somewhat. I believe that commercial ran back in the 70's.  Mom would lock herself in the bathroom with a tub full of Calgon bath bubbles and feel transported to another place and time. A peaceful place without the hassles of everyday life.
So, I'm shouting 'Calgon, Take Me Away'.  Take me somewhere with cooler temperatures, some place where cellphones have NO towers, someplace where I can sleep in if I want to, drink coffee until noon and then finish the day off with a nice bottle glass of wine. I can lounge … (14 comments)

harriman real estate: Wordless Wednesday...Not - 06/22/11 02:50 PM
Wordless Wednesday...Not
This is the Kingston All-Star AA baseball team.  These boys played their hearts out this past weekend. They played a total of five games on Father's Day and were at the ballpark for 7 1/2 hours.
This is a picture of the team at Pizza Hut after the games.  Hubby and I had planned on going to Redbones for some good seafood but the 'team' decided we should ALL go to Pizza Hut.  Man, what we do for the 'team'.
Not to worry, Hubby and I got to enjoy Redbones last night, all by our lonesome. It was a … (9 comments)

harriman real estate: Happy Anniversary to Me and to Hubby - 06/21/11 09:39 AM
Happy Anniversary to Me and to Hubby...
Thirty one years ago today, Hubby and I said I do. When we said I do, we said it for the long haul. Now mind you, it's not always been a bed of roses. We have most definitely had our ups and downs. 
I'm so thankful that God gave me a Godly husband.  He's not perfect and neither am I.  He loves me with ALL my faults and let me tell you, I've got some faults!
Hubby and I have raised two lovely, strong women. Courtney is 30 and Megan will be 28 next … (10 comments)

harriman real estate: Wordless Wednesday...Sisterly Love - 06/15/11 04:16 AM
Wordless Wednesday...Sisterly Love
This is a good picture for me to keep, to remember that there is brother and sisterly love, even when most of the time it appears that there's not.
When she screams that he's touching her or he hollers that she won't play with him.  It will help to have this picture knowing that deep down they DO love each other and one of these days when they are older they will learn to get along and to be kind to one another. 
I'm not going to hold my breath because as I see it, that time may … (10 comments)

harriman real estate: Totally Tight Tuesday - 06/14/11 04:02 PM
Totally Tight Tuesday...

This is C.J. and Seth. They're standing in front of C.J.'s Dad's Barber Shop, Kingston Barber Shop.
C.J.'s Dad is Jamey, you may have read an earlier post with a picture of Seth and Jamey. Jamey was the boy's baseball coach this season. It was a fantastic season and so much of that had to do with Jamey and how he worked with the boys.
C.J. and Seth are part of the Kingston All-Stars.  They are getting ready for the Tennessee Dixie Youth State Tournament which will be in our county the weekend of July 14-17. The … (9 comments)

harriman real estate: Good Night Active Rain and Good Night Joni... - 06/13/11 04:14 PM
Good Night Active Rain and Good Night Joni... 
After a fun packed birthday afternoon for 11 year old Daesha, it's time for me to call it a night!
Eleven of us celebrated eleven year old Daesha's birthday with a movie, pizza and an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. 
With ALL I had to eat, I should have walked the 30 miles home!
Here's a picture of the party!


harriman real estate: Speechless Sunday - 06/12/11 03:39 PM
Speechless Sunday...
One of the most pleasurable things about hiking or backpacking is seeing all of the beautiful wildflowers and breathtaking views. I shared a few views with you yesterday and will have more flowers to come but did want to share the lovely Yellow Ladies Slippers. I hope you enjoy!


harriman real estate: Silent and Extremely Sore Saturday - 06/11/11 04:57 PM

 Silent and Extremely Sore Saturday...
I'm silent because I'm thankful to be in my own home and sleeping in my own bed!  I'm sore because I've hiked (backpacked) 23 miles in the last two days.
I actually bit off a bit more than I could chew.  Having been a very active hiker in the past and having backpacked a few times, I could typically cover 13-18 miles in a day. Since it's been a couple of years since I've hiked like that, along with the extreme heat (95 degrees) it would have been best for me to plan 10-12 mile … (11 comments)

harriman real estate: Are You Ready Boots? Start Walking!! - 06/09/11 08:52 PM
Are You Ready Boots?  Start Walking!!
My boots my not be a snazzy as Nancy Sinatra's and I'm not going to walk on anyones heart. However I am lacing up my hiking boots today and taking off for a 37 mile backpacking adventure on the Appalachian Trail.
My friend Donna and I will be out for three days and two nights.  We will hike from South to North on the Appalachian Trail.  Normally this would not be the weather I'd pick for backpacking but a girl must do what a girl must do. We originally had this planned for April but … (5 comments)

harriman real estate: Happy (hot) Trails This Weekend... - 06/09/11 04:35 AM
Happy (hot) Trails This Weekend...
Call me CRAZY...weather here is in the mid 90's. I am a fair weather hiker. I can hike with the best of hikers. I've hiked as much as 24 miles in one day. My last backpacking adventure was 88 miles in 6 days.
I love love love to hike, especially when temps are in the mid 70's up to the mid 80's.  The weather is clear and crisp, the wildflowers are in bloom and everything is right and peaceful with the world.
I'm pretty sure that's not what's in store for me over the next three … (5 comments)

harriman real estate: Wordless Wednesday - 06/08/11 07:26 AM
Wordless Wednesday...
This has been a fantastic baseball season for Seth this year. His team finished first (championship pictures to follow) in their league.  He made all stars and is practicing several times a week for all stars.
This is a picture of Seth and his coach Jamie Davis.  Jamie made this year really special for the boys.  He's alot of fun and taught the boys how to have fun and play like a team.  Instead of trophies the boys were given T-shirts with their team name on the front and pictures of baseballs on the back with their name and … (10 comments)

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