short sales: Happy Valentine’s Day – The Facts about Loan Modifications - 02/18/13 12:09 AM
Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone  the facts about loan modifications!!
Today is a great day to tell anyone and everyone you see and know Happy Valentine’s Day. Many of the Sellers that are upside down on their home are stressed out and don’t know what to do.  First off, I want all Sellers to know that when they got a loan from the bank their money was given to the bank from an investor.  This investor could be a trust, reit, or maybe the government.  The bank guaranteed the investor or group of investors a set interest rate.  Many Sellers are attempting … (2 comments)

short sales: Parents who co-sign take a stand on Short Sales - 08/13/12 12:19 PM
Parents who co-sign on a mortgage need to take a stand on short sales.  Many parents have co-signed for their son or daughter helping them purchase their dream home.  However, the co-signer never intended to become liable on the mortgage as their son/daughter promised to make the payments on the mortgage.  With the change in our economy, many co-signers are left holding the bag or should I say the debt from a mortgage on a home that is upside down.  Everyone has mixed feelings as to how to proceed in this situation.  Co-signers never intended to be completely liable on the … (3 comments)

short sales: Foreclosure mistakes by banks allowed these Sellers to win with a short sale - 09/20/11 06:55 AM
Have you heard that the Banks make foreclosure mistakes when they foreclose on Sellers?  Well, they do!  On Monday, September 19, 2011, Sell Fast Realty assisted Sellers who thought that the bank had taken their property to foreclosure and they didn't own it any more by selling the property on a short sale.  Let me tell you what happened.
The Sellers had their property for sale with Sell Fast Realty for over a year during the time when 60 minutes announced all the Banks foreclosure mistakes.  We had a buyer and were working the short sale, however; the bank did … (2 comments)

short sales: Seller Sold Florida Short Sale house with Full Satisfaction - 09/13/11 11:22 AM
for large difference owed to Citimortgage on his home loan.  He started off last year using an in experienced Realtor to sell his house on a short sale.  After months and months working with that Real Estate Agent, he was referred to Kimberlee Frank at Sell Fast Realty.  I have done over 500 short sales and teaches realtors how to do short sales.   After receiving the file we had found out that the listing agent didn't even meet the appraiser from the bank which ended up with a very high value on the property.  We couldn't sell the property until we provided proof to the … (0 comments)

short sales: What is a Short Sale by Kimberlee Frank of Sell Fast Realty - 09/13/11 11:18 AM
Many home owners truly believe they already know exactly what a short sale is based on information provided to them from a friend, newspaper or even your lender.  However, I find that they know part of what a short sale is but are still missing all the facts.
A short sale is where the lender is willing to take less than what is owed on the property leaving a short fall for the balance owed on the property.
Example:  If you owe $150,000 on a house that is worth $90,000 our team of short sale experts will negotiate that debt down … (0 comments)

short sales: Home Buyer Tax Credit - 02/18/09 11:16 PM

Proposed Home Buyers Tax Credit
As part of the President's economic stimulus plan, there is a proposed change in the $8,000 tax credit that was passed by Congress last summer as a part of the Housing Recovery Act, giving first time home buyers a $8,000 credit that would require that the tax credit be repaid over 15 years. Basically a no-interest loan.  Unfortunately, it did not seem to have much impact on the housing market.  However, the new stimulus bill which was approved by the Senate this week would allow a tax credit of 10% of the value of … (4 comments)

short sales: Home Sales Are Up and Inventory is Starting to Drop - 02/01/09 11:44 AM
Home Sales Are Up and Inventory is Starting to Drop
The National Association of Realtors just released their latest report on December 2008 home sales, and there is good news.  Home sales rose 7% in December 2008 compared to November 2008.  Inventory dropped 11.7% to 9.3% months of supply at the current sales pace.
Reasons Behind the Increase In Sales
Investment opportunities in Florida, California, Nevada and Arizona and other speculative markets can be attributed to the increase in home sales because prices in those areas have been declining for awhile and unemployment is rising.  Lower interest rates and affordable homes … (0 comments)

short sales: Starting Over or Going Full Force - 01/11/09 07:08 AM
Starting Over or Going Full Force!
Many investors are asking me Kimberlee what should I do right now? Invest in more property, wait, try and sell what I have? Give the property back to the bank?  I recommend taking time to re-educate yourself about your marketplace. Figure out your mistakes and look for new strategies and solutions to avoid making those same mistakes again. Right now is a great time to buy and start your investment strategies with fresh and new ideas.
Buying Strategies
Buying discounted properties is an investor's dream and with so many properties available on the market … (0 comments)

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