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Real estate in South Lake Tahoe and Northern California. First time buyers, relocation, second home buyers, mountain resort, ski resort, lakefront property, move up buyers. Clients looking for an experienced agent who is active in the community, relocation, referral fees for agents and enjoys family, friends and the great outdoors.



I listed a home in Hayward, Ca about three weeks ago!  It was in an area called Prospect Hills, a once very prestigous location in the town of Hayward.  It was home to many affluent architects, lawyers and doctors.  Back in the day, it was the "place" to be! Today, Hayward has taken it's toll in ...
As I was sitting here this am, I was thinking about some clients I just met with regarding their pending short sale.  It was an interview situation, but they were so thrilled to actually meet with an agent that was more compelled to exploit their awful financial situation to the newspaper regardi...
Good Morning AR!  I have come  across an amazing home in Port Orchard, WA that is well worth more! Huge home brand new construction, built in  05. It is NOT on the MLS.  I wish I could move to Port Orchard, WA just to live in this home!  Simple amazing opportunity!  It comes along one in a life t...
Hey  There Bulk Investors:  It is a rare opportunity to actually be able to share some info about some bulk sales coming down the pipeline.  Most often we read posts or blogs or newspaper articles or see it on Facebook and say to ourselves. "Really.....Seriously?"  I  have worked for two years me...
Do you get results from thinking outside the box ?  I have been in the REO sales end of things for over a few years now. I have had the priveldege of working with some great teams, great banks, and some no so good investors!  That is all well and good, because one bad apple lead me to a tree ful...
BOFA Short Sale is now working it's way to a 4th month mark.  Just heard that we have been moved from one stage to "Valuations"....  Does this mean we are close?  If only the system was a bit easier, more hands on.....  Less computerized, our sales would begin to flow and sellers could find closu...

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