clients: Sellers.. Tell All....What Happend Behind the Scenes.. Has This Happened To YOU? - 09/22/10 04:33 AM
As I was sitting here this am, I was thinking about some clients I just met with regarding their pending short sale.  It was an interview situation, but they were so thrilled to actually meet with an agent that was more compelled to exploit their awful financial situation to the newspaper regarding the lack of compassion on the "lenders part not disclosed). 
As I sat and read through the papers of the loan modification that was signed in 07, I realized these people were being taken to the bank!  Literally!  The loan was set up for failure no matter what!  In 07, … (2 comments)

clients: Are You Actively Building Your Business & Enjoying It? - 05/06/10 09:16 AM
Good Morning Fellow Entrepenuers:
It seems my interests keep bringing me to the "Back To The Basics" of getting in touch with my past clients and prospective clients.  We tend to be so busy that making the extra efforts of driving to the store, or calling a service to help us re-connect with our network, it simply becomes overwhelming or too costly.
We live in a world in the INTERNET!  It can be great for obtaining information, performing research, documenting through email, but is it really the way we should "cherish our Number 1 clients"?  Sending "Thank Yous" via email has lost it's touch.  … (1 comments)

clients: My Client Will Stick With Me..My Client Will Leave Me..My Client Will Stick With Me...In Fremont, CA - 11/17/09 01:53 PM

My Client Will Stick With Me..My Client Will Leave Me..My Client Will Stick With Me...
Is this market changing the Loyalty of our clients?
I had a serious conversation with a buyers agent working so hard in the industry today just to make a sale and help her clients be successful.  As an REO Agent in the Bayeast area, Fremont, Hayward, Dublin, Newark and surrounding areas, I feel the pain of the buyers agents today.  We are showing homes, working 7 days a week, and hoping that the buyers don't walk. 
Buyers, appreciate your agents.  They are working on your behalf.  It is challenging to … (5 comments)

clients: Fremont Friday - 11/13/09 05:16 AM
Good Morning Fellow Readers:
It is interesting to read all  the blog posts, well as much as possible anyway!  Some posts are personal, some are more technical.  All in all, its a way for the readers and visitors to meet and greet the industry from their lap top!  For me, I get to experience this from our local hang out in Fremont called Suju's.  A local coffee shop that is spacious, has lots of tables to congregate at, comfy couches and chairs and a  ambiance. Best of all, the coffee is freshly roasted in the back of the room and the Internet is FREE! 
In most … (3 comments)

clients: It was Hit and Miss...But we made a GrandSlam... - 04/23/08 07:17 PM
Don't you find that you attract the same type of clients that you do in friends?  I met a client two years ago in the Bay Area.  They were in the very beginning of their home search.  First time buyers, with no true knowledge of the market except it was hot!  This was in 2006.  Still a growing market with high prices to bare.  He was approved for a $400K purchase which would allow room for 2 bedrooms and maybe two bathrooms if we were lucky.  Time passed, new jobs came and went, graduate school began.  Life evolved and a home purchase went to the way side … (2 comments)

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