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Real estate in South Lake Tahoe and Northern California. First time buyers, relocation, second home buyers, mountain resort, ski resort, lakefront property, move up buyers. Clients looking for an experienced agent who is active in the community, relocation, referral fees for agents and enjoys family, friends and the great outdoors.
Good Morning Fellow Readers: It is interesting to read all  the blog posts, well as much as possible anyway!  Some posts are personal, some are more technical.  All in all, its a way for the readers and visitors to meet and greet the industry from their lap top!  For me, I get to experience this ...
  Good Morning Tuesday Active Rainmakers: My daughter, a senior at SAC State and a journalism/government major is experiencing the world of blogging.  In her recent request, she said, " I want to be able to write a column and its so interesting you forget you are reading something. Any suggestion...
Much has occurred since that time in our Real Estate market.  We were blessed with a strong market where most of us thought we were in "Bay Area Heaven".  Sellers were happy with offers, and buyers were excited to jump into the market and make lots of instant cash like everyone else!  Yes, things...
When was the last time you sent a client, friend, family member a card "just because"..  Do you think this would make a difference? Do you think if you received a hand written card from your mortgage broker, insurance broker, hair stylist, priest, dentist office, chichiropractor that you would pu...
Wow!  We were doing so great in 2008 with home sales.  Buyers were ready and willing with not only cash on hand, but solid financing.  I actually was beginning to see some hope in our future economy. It appeared as though sales were increasing, prices of homes were solid and life was going to be ...
Hello REO World: After spending 8 months in the REO Division of buyers and sellers, gaining new clients and losing a few, I felt it was time to address this unsettled REO Market and how we can be successful with our clients. It has dawned on me, that purchasing a home in today's market is much di...
 You would think I could sell a 4/2/2 just two miles from Travis Air Force Base.    $199K.....  What a deal!  You can't beat the price.  A great rental property and opportunity.   Now is the time to take advantage of those incredible deals in the market place.  Banks will negotiate terms with you...
 Don't you find that you attract the same type of clients that you do in friends?  I met a client two years ago in the Bay Area.  They were in the very beginning of their home search.  First time buyers, with no true knowledge of the market except it was hot!  This was in 2006.  Still a growing m...
 We have come a long way....We experienced the 1999 computer upheavel as we dove into 2000.  We experienced some amazing events after the dot com crashed.  Lots of money and a pent up demand for Real Estate drove our communities in a frenzy of home sales as if we had a "Blue Lite" special blinkin...
I think one of my greatest gifts is to stay focused on my clients and their needs throughout a listing and/or transaction.  We tend to deal with more than one client at a time, juggling our time and energy while gracefully managing appointments.  We could be preparing for a listing appointment, p...

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