staging: Why do some Realtors suggest NOT to stage a property? - 03/03/10 04:33 PM
Why do some Realtors suggest NOT to stage a property?
After years and years of staging properties it still amazes me how some realtors still discourage sellers from staging.
Is it because they didn't suggest staging right away and the house has sat unsold for so long they don't want to admit they could have done more?
Or is it because they think that it honestly doesn't work?

If so I ask why have home builders been "staging" their properties forever. Why do the statistics tell us that staged properties sell faster for more money than non staged properties?
Bottom … (20 comments)

staging: Stager House Hunting!?!?! - 02/15/10 04:37 PM
We recently started house hunting for our family. With a growing family (3 girls....need more bathrooms) and a busy lifestyle we've outgrown our home.
Being a stager / designer makes it especially difficult when were looking at a house for us.
I thought I could be more objecive and look past all of the personal items and weird paint but guess what I'm looking at the houses for myself and not as a stager.
It seems that I'm just like every other buyer and wish a stager would have visited the house before us. I don't want to see dirty clothes … (7 comments)

staging: Update to Prestigious SAM award house (staged by Restage) - 01/09/10 05:09 PM
I came across some more pictures of the property I had recently blogged about and that all of you would enjoy some nicer shots.

Yes they are a million times better....and that's why we alway's include FREE photography (professional) in our staging packages. Yes, it means we make less but the house cannot be shown to it's full advantage without it.
As you can see from my previous posts....

I also included some more pictures of this amazing house...

Above pictures is of the walkout games / media room - I placed the iron plates on the wall … (4 comments)

staging: Upcoming 2010 Creb Forecast Tradeshow - Calgary - 01/09/10 08:01 AM
We once again attending and displaying at the 2010 Creb Forecast Tradeshow.
This is our 3rd year at the trade show and every year we have won for best display at the tradeshow.
I'm trying to come up with some new and innovative idea's to win again this year.
It's so much fun to meet new people and see current customers.
I can't wait to see if we can win again!
I'll keep you all posted to see if we can keep our winning streak going - There's quite a few new staging companies this year as well so it will … (3 comments)

staging: One of my favorite Before and Afters - 01/09/10 07:42 AM
This house was quite amazing - you can't tell from this shot but it was actually up for a ton of awards for the builder. It has an elevator, dream master bath, wine cellar and ton's more. I love before and after's and thought everyone might enjoy some as well.

This was a quick shot and not totally complete...but you get the idea.

Before - Dining Room
Beautiful Room but it looked tiny.


If you want to see more before and after's from Restage let me know.
Thanks so much for all of … (13 comments)

staging: Surprise! Your going to Maui!!!! - 01/05/10 07:42 PM
My husband's Birthday falls on Jan 1 and this year was a big one (40th). I wanted to do something special for him and not just the normal party.
I thought since it's Winter and we really needed a vacation why not surprise not only him but my 3 girls as well (not to mention a nice little trip for me).
So I went ahead and started planning and planning and planning....I asked family and friends to join us on a trip and our best friends decided to as well. We settled on Maui (my husband and I had … (1 comments)

staging: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! - 12/26/09 05:30 AM
Merry Christmas to all!
I wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season!

I hope that all of you have a happy and successful New Year!


staging: Decorating for Christmas while selling....Should you...or not??? - 12/13/09 08:57 AM
Decorating a house for Christmas has alway's been one of my favorite activities. It's different than normal decorating and let's me go wild...
I love all the different options that are available and for me Christmas decorating is always more is more instead of the old adage of less is more.
That being said what do I tell my clients trying to sell their house?
Do they put up the tree or not? Do they add lights or not...and on..and on...
My opinion is that if they live in the house while selling - of course. I want the sellers to … (4 comments)

staging: Training the competition? - 11/24/09 01:42 AM
I recently started receiving quite a few emails and phone calls from new stager's requesting to apprentice with our company.
What would you say?
I personally felt that it was a conflict of interest as why would I train my competition and supply insider information?
How does our company benefit?
Besides the obvious free labour for a short term the downsides I felt far outweighed the positives. I would not ask another company to train me so I could learn how to start my own company it seems unethical.
We do not offer training courses or our policies may have been different.

staging: Competition - Healthy or Not? - 11/23/09 03:51 AM
Is competition healthy in the home staging field or not?
In the past when I had heard about a new staging company my first response was always great another one. Staging is such a new field in Canada that not everyone has heard of it. Pricing is all over the place, quality is all over the place and customer service is often not always the best.
Allot of new staging companies only offer consulting services and not furniture rental as well as are newbies to the field and learn as they go. Thus the pricing difference. 
Now though my attitude has … (13 comments)

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