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                 Fall is coming! How can I tell you ask. By the cooler nights, the days that are only warm and not roasting and because Kingman is hosting the Mohave County Fair this weekend (September 15th thru the 18th) and Andy Devine Days is hosting the Turquoise PRCA Rodeo will be the weeken...
  Flags, rodeos, fireworks - what wonderful ways to enjoy this holiday weekend! We have so many freedoms in America that we take for granted. Every time that I see a flag flying against a blue sky, I attend a rodeo or I sit in my front yard to watch the magnificent fireworks display that my city ...
After a four year absence due to the economy, the Kingman Air & Auto Show will return to Kingman, Arizona in October. They are anticipating the dates of October 8 - 9 at the Kingman Airport & industrial Park. Approximately 20 planes will be there and 10 of those planes will be giving rides to the...
      This last week Nucor Steel opened their doors in the old North Star Steel building off I-40. It was only a partial opening as they are looking to increase the number of employees and increase the amount of production in the next couple of years but it shows that industry is looking to expan...
     I had the strangest thing happen the other day. An agent in my office had asked if I would be willing to work with a client of hers as the client wanted to look at homes in the Kingman area that I work and that agent didn't know that area. Always ready to please, and not to mention there wou...
      Welcome to the year 2010! This is going to be a great year for REALTORS and for consumers as well. The outlook is definitely looking up -  at least in inches if not in yards - but up is UP!       Every year that I have been in realestate, an end of the year Awards and Installation Banquet i...
I have to admit that I was one of the REALTORS that sat back and let the buyers walk in the door and give me an offer on any of the mulititude of properties that were on the market back in 2004-2006. Now I am like so many others that have to actually work for sales. I knew that that was what I wa...
Janet has put in writing everything that I have been thinking. Why is it that we seem to think that we are "owed" anything more than "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness"? Read this blog are think about what is being said. I think we need to see a new direction to the way we look at this l...
                             Kingman, Arizona just held its annual Andy Devine Days (in honor of its local celebrity) Rodeo and Parade the end of September. Andy Devine, for those of you not familiar with him, was a western movie star, sidekick for Wild Bill Hickcock among other highlights. He wa...
Kingman, Arizona is the ideal area for creating "green" or sustainable programs. In the last few months, probably the last few years, there has been a huge amount of development that wants to create solar farms, wind farms and biodiesel plants. This week has been an extremely active week trying t...

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