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Steven L. Smith, King of the House Home Inspection, is a licensed and working home inspector and lead instructor of home inspection at Bellingham Technical College. Smith was a two-term member of the WA state licensing board and is adjunct faculty for Washington State University and the Washington State Department of Agriculture. ASHI certified inspector. The information in this blog is designed to appeal to residents of the Pacific Northwest.



If you are thinking about moving to Bellingham, one thing is certain. You should be happy with the cultural activities and the Bellingham Public Library. For years now, Bellingham has been ranked near the top in the nation as far as highest per capita use of the public library and it's collection...
I remember being a kid in grade school, here in Bellingham, nearly 50 years ago. In many ways Bellingham is more sophisticated, and certainly bigger, than it was back then.  While it was more rural, and more rugged, back then, one change that is interesting is the amount of wildlife I see in town...
 Sometimes it is amazing where certain individuals choose to sleep. So, in this case, could this bathroom legally be classified as a bedroom? And could the sink be considered a bed that is thrown in for free? It seems to me this would be really uncomfortable and it makes it hard for other people ...
      Believe it or not, the image above and the link below, are promotional material depicting the soon to be Bay View Tower in Bellingham.  After some local debate, among residents and planners, people in Bellingham have been learning more about this new high rise condo that is going in by the ...
I have only been here a week. I accidentally stumbled on the site while checking my search engine placement and finding that active rain was supplying hits for a number of inspectors, and pretty high placement too. So I was pleased to see it was a free membership. And I was doubly pleased to see ...
There is an ongoing debate about whether new homes should have home inspections or not. This debate goes on with buyers who wish to save money where they can, with realtors and with the builders themselves. I think it appropriate to make a few comments.  I am sure that it can happen but I do not ...
Those of us, who teach home inspection to new inspectors around the state through the state community college system and Bellingham Technical College, also try to create better communications and understanding between inspectors and real estate professionals. That includes offering an affordable ...
As a working home inspector, and an instructor of home inspection for the state college system, people often ask me if they should do their own home inspection. Usually, even if someone has worked as a carpenter or a builder, it is still a bad idea. A competent home inspector, in Washington State...

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