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Steven L. Smith, King of the House Home Inspection, is a licensed and working home inspector and lead instructor of home inspection at Bellingham Technical College. Smith was a two-term member of the WA state licensing board and is adjunct faculty for Washington State University and the Washington State Department of Agriculture. ASHI certified inspector. The information in this blog is designed to appeal to residents of the Pacific Northwest.



Bellingham Technical College will be running another 120-hour home inspection training course beginning on October 17, 2011. After that, so students are qualified to sit for the state exam, we will offer the 40-hours of state approved field training. That will begin on November 4, 2011. This will...
Well, after having a nice day yesterday, we are back to heavy rains here in the northwest. I was browsing through my travel photos, trying to think of something to post here at Active Rain. It is the end of the week and, the way it seems to be anymore, I have been so swamped that I am playing cat...
 Few endeavors in history have so captured the imagination of the public, and the world, as has the U.S. space program. From the first manned shot, up and back down, of Alan Shepard  to the last shuttle flights, the space program has provided excitement, interest and productive discoveries. For t...
When those of us who lived through the 1960's think about the music of the era, we tend to think of the British Invasion. That was, certainly, a major influence. But right here, in the USA, the performers who were competing the best with the Brits were the soul or R&B artists. Detroit was the dom...
 I remember oh so well the summer of  1966. That was the year that I first started paying attention to music and the radio. Prior to that time, about the only exposure I had to music was my folks watching Lawrence Welk or Sing-A-Long with Mitch Miller. I much preferred Friday Night at the Fights ...
In a tough real estate market, like we have now, tensions run high. Agents work hard to put together deals. Most agents do not have a problem with an issue, cited on a home inspection report, as long as it is valid and put in reasonable perspective. However, building houses is complicated and the...
It was 1966, the center of the universe in the United States was San Francisco.  Many new music groups were forming in the bay area. But, despite the excitement in the USA, and the words "hippie" and "flower power" the bands from the U.K. were ruling the record charts in the United States. The mu...
They always say, in popular lore, that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. That is not necessarily true. In the last few months, on large or assumed difficult inspections that I book, I have been co-inspecting with Curtis Brown of Curtis C Home Inspections. I am busy enough these days, and ke...
Some time ago, Kristin Johnston, a member here at Active Rain, said that she would like to see a music post in this series that referenced the year in which she was born, 1973. Well, being an old radio guy, of course I do requests. Remembering back to 1973, the blockbuster movie of the day was Se...
As of a few years ago, when the homes inspector licensing law went into effect, it is no longer mandatory for a home inspector to maintain a license as a structural pest inspector.  In years gone by, from a practical standpoint, an inspector was not able to work in this state without the structur...

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