kirk williams: Meanwhile the lobbyist plays on... - 10/14/09 04:03 AM
I recommend you to read the New York Times op/ed piece and then forward it to your Representative. We all need to be pro-active and engage our representation. The days of standing up for your party should be over .... you should be standing up for your family, your schools, your infrastructure your country.
The tiring rhetoric from both fringes leave out the most important group....most of us...the two hundred million plus. Do yourself a favor...quit carrying the water for those that do not care and speak for yourself.
See below:
I wish us all well.


kirk williams: Private Sector beating out Neighborhood Stabilization Act....Surprised? - 10/07/09 04:08 AM
In another impotent attempt to do something (driving blind folded) our government rolled out the 3.9 billion dollar Neighborhood Stabilization Act (NSA) designed to purchase properties going into foreclosure in hopes of stabilizing a real estate market that is declining according to our government. 
This is another example of spending money instead of setting the table allowing the consumer to recover on their own. Every single program implemented from the Bush Administration and by our current Administration have failed miserably and has cost all of us billions. 
Eighteen months of hearings by Frank & Dodd interviewing CEO's of banks and no … (0 comments)

kirk williams: NO...Real Estate Market is NOT improving just limping along... - 09/16/09 05:29 AM
On the usual network or cable network shows the Wall Street pundits continue to push the idea that things are getting better regurgitating numbers meanwhile the day traders continue on making money. On Main Street the middle class continues to get beat up and fleeced. One year later after the bail out of AIG we learn that 93 of the 180 billion was passed on to Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank (and others) with no possibility of seeing any of it again let alone on how it was spent other than some bonuses.
Meanwhile on the real estate front while home sales are … (4 comments)

kirk williams: Free Subscription to "YOU Magazine", a monthly online publication - 11/19/08 05:54 AM
Financial experts in the media are constantly at odds, making it difficult to determine the impact that important news and events could have on your finances. Despite this challenge, it's best to be proactive and to try to stay as informed as you possibly can.
I appreciate the trust my clients have in me and their financial goals and needs are extremely important to me. I sift through all of the hype and uncover the facts that they need to know.
What I offer my clients and what I can extend to you is a free subscription to YOU Magazine, a monthly on-line … (0 comments)


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